Saturday, October 30, 2021

Around the Tubes: October 30, 2021


I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting.  This post includes blurbs on Hip Hop 50, The Real Charlie ChaplinCarol Ades, Benee, Olivia Vedder, Of Monsters and Men, Glass Animals, and Conan Gray.

This December, SHOWTIME will kick off HIP HOP 50, its multiyear, cross-platform programming initiative celebrating the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop in collaboration with entertainment company Mass Appeal, with the premiere of three documentaries celebrating the storied history of the music genre. Directed by Emmy and Grammy Award-winning music legend and Mass Appeal partner Nasir “Nas” Jones (Survival 1), VIDEO MUSIC BOX (w/t) will premiere Friday, December 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. RICKY POWELL: THE INDIVIDUALIST, directed by Josh Swade, will premiere Friday, December 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. And ROLLING LIKE THUNDER, directed by Roger Gastman, will premiere Friday, December 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.  HIP HOP 50 will continue to run over the next three years and will encompass unscripted series and features, podcasts and digital shorts by and about some of the foremost names in the genre, culminating with the 50th anniversary of the genre in 2023. The initiative is driven by Nas and Mass Appeal Chief Creative Officer and Emmy-nominated partner Sacha Jenkins (WU-TANG CLAN: OF MICS AND MEN, BITCHIN’: THE SOUND AND FURY OF RICK JAMES).

SHOWTIME announced THE REAL CHARLIE CHAPLIN, a kaleidoscopic portrait of a man who became an immortal legend, whose life was as extraordinary as his art, will premiere Saturday, December 11, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. From award-winning directors Peter Middleton and James Spinney (Notes on Blindness) and narrated by Pearl Mackie (Doctor Who), the feature-length documentary begins its theatrical run at Cinema Village (New York) and Laemmle Monica (Los Angeles) on Friday, November 19.  To watch and share the trailer, visit  Having unprecedented access to the Chaplin archives, THE REAL CHARLIE CHAPLIN blends dramatic reconstructions with never-before-heard recordings, intimate home movies, behind-the-scenes material, and newly restored classic films to reveal a side of the worldwide icon that – until now – has been shrouded in mystery. Tracing back a century ago – when Chaplin first stepped onto the screen – the film recounts his meteoric rise from the slums of Victorian London to the heights of Hollywood superstardom to his scandalous fall from grace. For decades, he was the most famous man in the world. But who was THE REAL CHARLIE CHAPLIN?

Globally successful singer-songwriter Carol Ades arrives today with the release of her debut EP. Through (AWAL) is a culmination of six deeply reflective songs from Ades, marking a powerful reclamation of personal artistry and creative control for the New-Jersey-born, LA-based rising star, who has penned fan-favorite hits by Demi Lovato, Benny Blanco, Ava Max and more. Years in the making, Through is finally available today at all DSPs HERE.  Two new songs are available to hear for the first-time today, including “Brunette Caroline” and the EP’s title track “Through,” co-produced by Mike Crossey (Wolf Alice, The 1975).

Marking a momentous return, New Zealand’s platinum sensation BENEE proudly presents her new single entitled “Doesn’t Matter” today via Republic Records—listen HERE.  On the track, BENEE opens up like never before. Steady drums beat through dreamy guitar as her voice comes in and out of focus. The lyrics depict her mental health struggles with raw detail and poetic poise. Above this delicate musical hum, she confesses, “I know it doesn’t matter.” Shining light through the cracks, she asks, “there is a way through.”  BENEE recently announced the single on World Mental Health Day with a vulnerable post on Instagram—see HERE.

At this year’s Ohana Festival, Olivia Vedder gave her first-ever live performance of “My Father’s Daughter”, her original, Oscar-contending song from the Flag Day soundtrack, which was written by her father, Eddie Vedder, and Glen Hansard. The film from director Sean Penn, MGM and United Artists Releasing was adapted from Jennifer Vogel’s memoir Flim-Flam Man: The True Story of My Father’s Counterfeit Life. The film also stars Sean Penn’s daughter Dylan Penn, with Katheryn Winnick, Josh Brolin, Norbert Leo Butz, Dale Dickey, Eddie Marsan, Bailey Noble and Hopper Jack Penn rounding out the cast.  My Father’s Daughter” Live from Ohana

- Multiplatinum Icelandic collective Of Monsters and Men release My Head Is An Animal (10th Anniversary Edition) including two never before released songs: new single “Phantom” and “Sugar In A Bowl.”  Stream My Head Is An Animal (10th Anniversary Edition) HERE and watch the official music video for “Phantom” HERE!

- Critically acclaimed, global-hit sensations Glass Animals made the late night television debut of their latest single “I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)” on The Late Late Show with James Corden—watch the performance and frontman Dave Bayley’s interview with James Corden HERE.  Following the exciting performance, this morning, Glass Animals were nominated for two 2021 American Music Awards—“Favorite Pop Duo or Group” and “Favorite Rock Artist.” The news arrives following the band’s biggest year of their career thus far, with their global and  Double Platinum smash hit “Heat Waves” becoming the UK’s biggest export from a British contemporary band and making Glass Animals the biggest band in the world right now.

Gen Z pop king Conan Gray shares his new single “Telepath” today.  The new single is co-written by Conan Gray alongside powerhouse collaborators, Julia Michaels [Gwen Stefani], Ilya [Ariana Grande], and Caroline Ailin [Dua Lipa].  Listen to “Telepath” HERE via Republic Records.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

57 Channels and Only This Is On: October 24, 2921



Fear the Walking Dead:  So Strand is just a full on heel now?  But how did Alicia get to the main cult’s lair?  I thought the cult leader locked her up in the basement of a mansion and then everyone who knew she was there died before telling anyone else.  And, really, how did the Senator’s aide get there too?  Is this just a ploy?  And just how do all the horses survive the radioactive fallout that humans need gas masks to survive?


American Rust:  Oh hey, a Giant Eagle reference.  That is where I do my shopping.  But it was weird seeing Billy in a suit without his mullet looks like a completely different person.  Without context I probably would not have recognized him.  Still, what was Grace thinking?  Her husband is significantly better person in every single way.  This is like a Divine Brown situation.


The whole diversion to Pittsburg was weird.  Where was the rest of the Brotherhood?  Why did the dude shoot himself?  Is Jeff Daniels sure she got all his DNA and prints? It was dark and he did not even check to see if any blood dripped before he put something on the cut.  Are we even sure that was the right guy?  Dude flees town, but he has now been working at a diner in the same town for about a year?  And why do they need to kill him?  If the Brotherhood went after people who got away with crimes, dude was right there, arrest him.  All of this seemed strange to the point I think I may have missed something.


The Walking Dead: World Beyond:  Okay, I like those new people who kidnapped the nerd and the conman.  It was funny they knew who they were but chose not to explain that since they tried and steal from them.  Unfortunately everyone else is still pretty boring. 


Y: The Last Man:  Kind of weird to have a show where the titular character does not show up once.  It is interesting to see a bunch of females going Ladies of the Flies in the juxtaposition of the storyline where the government is trying to keep everything together, but it is not very interesting enough to fill a full episode.  I cannot say I was disappointed to hear the show was canceled.


Only Murders in the Building:  I was a little irked that they started the show with Selena Gomez standing over a bloodied Tye-Dye Guy and that did not even tie into the Tim Kono murder… or seemingly it did not.  Amy Ryan did poison Tim, put the gun in his mouth, and even pulled the fire alarm.  What are the loose ends Steve Martin mentioned how could Bunny being murdered tie into it?  It seems like everything wrapped up nicely.


But I cannot ding the finale that much for that because drugged Steve Martin was forking hilarious.  Plus it looks like my Tina Fey commits murders to keep her podcast in business theory is still in play.  Maybe jealousy of the Only Murders podcast made her want to set them up.  Could her assistant be the one that texted them knowing of her plan?  It is going to be a long wait until next season.


Stargirl:  Wait, so The Shade is dead now after going through all that trouble to get his powers back?  Is there going to be a new Shade now?  Don’t they kind of need the guy to defeat Eclipso?  Well, they do have the real Dr. Mid-Nite back who spent all that time in the shadow dimension.


La Brea:  So how did everyone get to the ground safely?  The new guy needed a parachute, it seems like all the cars got damaged in the fall, how does someone fall out of the sky and can just start walking around like nothing happened?   But we should get some answers next week as that group seems like it is going to run into people who have been there for a while.  Maybe they have some answers.  And just what can the new ship do that the old one cannot?  I feel like the father and daughter are just going to end up stranded with the mother.


Supergirl:  If they destroyed the Hope Totem, why bother trying to stop the imp from getting the other totems? 


Wu-Tang: An American Saga:  It was interesting to see how the songs came together in the last couple episodes, but it kind of fell flat in the making of C.R.E.A.M.  We saw Deck come up with his verse a couple of episodes back.  Raekwon getting evicted did not really seem to tie in very well. Then Method Man walks in, RZA says the song needs a hook and Meth heads into the booth and pulls one out of nowhere.  I wish they gave the song more time and spent less time on the label stuff.  I already knew where they were going.


Dopesick: Well, Michael Keaton punching the pharma rep certainly was cathartic.  Not too surprising he got hooked because he did come across as a little shakey during the trail from the first episode.  Now someone needs to punch the person going to N.A. meeting and selling people there Oxy.  This whole show is just infuriating. 


Survivor:  I think this is the first time they have not shown someone getting the Idol until after letting us know they have one since Guatemala which was one of the first seasons with an Idol.  They really should do that more often.  But Naseer was lucky, as the one dude had to say the same dumb phrase every week; Shan had to repeat someone else’s dumb phrase, being as confused as a goat on AstroTurf is kind of an actual response one might say to the two other dumb phases.  And given his accent, people could just assume it is a local saying.  But next week buffs will be dropped, but Probst at least makes it seem like it may not be for a merge.  Could there be a swap, or will they just combine the two smaller tribes?


The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies: Well, the mid-season promo spoiled the winner since we know Kyle will beg Devin not to send him in.  Which means it is very likely that Devin’s cell will win yet again in two week.  These mid-season trailers really need a better job not spoiling big things like this.  It seemingly happens every season.


Doom Patrol:  I was wrong that the Indian chick did not make it to the current time line, but the bird guy did not.  But I am not entirely sure what was going on with that giant bird cage.  What came out of it almost looked like flying butts with teeth.  But what exactly was Rita doing while the rest of the Sisterhood of Dada was rotting in a cell for decades?


Titans:  Not surprisingly a dumb ending to another dumb season.  And we did not even get a teaser to foolishly get our hopes up that the next season might be better before having our hopes dashed when the season actually premiere.  Though we did get a Roy Harper name drop.  Maybe we will get him and more A.R.G.U.S. next season. 


Big Sky:  Why exactly would the waitress not rat out the cartel people?  Did they promise to let her go if they set up the cop?  But then why kill the cop, which is what I assume what they are doing?  And why not tell the waitress to wait so the cops do not drive up before you can do it?  But it seems safe to say the cop is going to die, but whom else?  The two PI’s a pinned down by the psycho while the one kid is tied up with the other three lurking around.  It will be a shame if after all that just the cop dies and nothing else moves forward.


The Blacklist:  So Red is dying so he has Lizzie shoot him but she dies before that happens and two years later Red it still walking around?  This show has gotten so bad.  Since no one is in the field anymore except inexplicably Demmbe (who do you manage to become a field agent deep undercover in two years) so is there just going to be a rouge task force going forward?  The show really should have died with Lizzy… or really a few years before that.