Saturday, April 04, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 4/4/15

Once Upon a Time: I remember back when we saw Emma's back story saying that it was surprising that her friend did not turn out to be a fairy tale character. Well, it turned out she was in fact from the fairy tale world and apparently Malificant's daughter. Except wasn't Lily Hispanic? Or was I thinking of someone else?
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Shameless: Even though I thought it was the case, I still laughed at the end when Sammi started banging on the storage bin revealing she was not so dead. I do wonder if that is the last we see of her, it does seem like that character has run her course and this show has no problem getting rid of characters they do not know what to do with anymore.

The Walking Dead: During the final commercial break I was thinking, are they really not going to kill anybody off in the season finale. Sure Glenn somehow made it out of the zombie dog pile, Daryl somehow was saved by one dude as about a hundred zombies surrounded his car (no one thought of at least trying to hot wire it). Things got even more surprising when Glenn and his nemesis and Sasha and the Reverend were all seen in some weird friendship montage. Of course that was all red herrings for the finale when the evil doctor stabbed the politician's husband who gave Rick the okay to kill him right in front of his old friend Morgan who just got done telling Daryl "Every life is precious." There has been a lot of discussion this season about how Rick has morphed into Shane. Does that make Morgan the season one version of Rick to Rick's Shane? We will have to wait until fall to find out but first up we get to see how the outbreak broke out with Fear the Walking Dead this summer! Starring Matt Saresen's mom!! Hopefully that show does not take four to five seasons to get good.
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Revenge: So Courtney Love pops up in one scene as a hit man who services will not be needed? Alrighty, I have a feeling this will not be her only appearance. Does she still go after Emily Amanda or go after Margot for knowing her identity? This is just getting too silly, hopefully this is the end of the show, just let Courtney Love and Louise kill them all.
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Marvel's Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Finally a showdown between Bobbie and May, and it certainly lived up to expectations. But the feuding SHIELDs is a little silly, you are both on the same side, there is no need to act so covertly against each other.
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Justified: Rarely is there is a scene that is extremely shocking but Mikey Michael strangling Katherine to death while she keeps shooting him had my jaw dropped for a couple minutes.
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Survivor: Wow, an Immunity Idol actually worked I cannot remember the last time that happened. Not that it matters much if it stays six versus four. I am surprised the White Collar went with the Blue Collar who is full five, why not go with the easier No Collar tribe?
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The Americans: Finally Paige learned who her parents were after teasing that she was on to them way back in the first season finale. Of course right went something interesting was about to happen when CIA Agent Stan showed up to diner, the episode ended. Meanwhile Henry got more lines this week than in his entire run of the series to date.
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Friday, April 03, 2015

Around the Tubes: 4/3/15

I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on American Odyssey, EPIX, Hubble's Cosmic Journey, Callaghan, Skee TV, and House of Lies.

- NBC and Google have teamed up to create an extended world for the show with an online companion site Explore American Odyssey, powered by Google Maps, that will focus on key cities and destinations from the show and allows fans to uncover hidden secrets, make new connections and view exclusive content. Fans can check back after new episodes have aired on NBC to view new content and discover the latest leaks and interceptions.

- EPIX brings you action, drama and inappropriate comedian Jim Norton this upcoming April! Watch SNL favorites Bill Hadar and Kristin Wiig in indie drama The Skeleton Twins next Friday, April 3rd at 8:00. Continue the weekend fun with Sylvester Stone in thrilling action film The Expendables 3 on Saturday, April 4th at 8:00. Jim Norton returns to EPIX for his third comedy special Jim Norton: Contextually Inadequate on April 24th at 10:00 and to end the month, Hercules with Dwayne Johnson is on April 25th, 8:00.

- Since its launch in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has captured thousands of stunning images of space, revolutionized our understanding of the universe and become a global icon. To mark its 25th anniversary (#Hubble25), National Geographic Channel tells the definitive story of NASA’s most successful science project ever, in Hubble’s Cosmic Journey, premiering Monday, April 20, at 10:00.

- Nashville based singer/songwriter Callaghan has just released the video for “Crazy Beautiful Life, the first single from her second album, A History of Now. The video can be viewed here: Crazy Beautiful Life. Crazy Beautiful Life goes for adds at Triple A radio in the U.S. on April 6th. Her first U.K. single from the album, “Best Year 2015,” is currently in rotation on BBC Radio 2 there.

- Award-winning DJ, producer, digital media pioneer and entrepreneur Scott Keeney aka “DJ SKEE” will launch his new, hour-long television series, SKEE TV, on Fuse beginning Thursday, April 9th at 10:30. The premiere episode of SKEE TV will feature a live performance from rapper Machine Gun Kelly and an interview in the hot seat with DJ SKEE as well as original segments featuring indie artist Marina and The Diamonds, rapper Fashawn and DJ Alesso. All new line-ups will be featured each week. Hip hop artist Common, electronic music group Phantogram, rapper Action Bronson and R&B/country artist Sam Hunt have also been confirmed to appear on the first season of SKEE TV.

- Showtime has renewed House of Lies for a fifth season to air in 2016 with 10 episodes.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Previewing Olypmus

Syfy is a weird channel that I sometimes am not sure what it is trying to be. One thing that ties all of its programs together is they all look fairly low budget, just a step up from Ed Wood type movies. But sometime they try to make legitimate television show that just fail (like last year's Ascension), sometimes they make movies that are meant to be bad (they are on their third Sharknado) sometimes they just buy Canadian show to fill up airtime. Speaking of trying to make legitimate television shows, I do not think they have produced a new one that had any sort of acclaim since Battlestar Gallactica and that ended six years ago.

Their latest attempt at scripted programming is Olympus and to be honest I am not entirely sure if Syfy produced it as a legitimate program or if they are in on the joke like a serialized version of Sharknado. If you do turn in I highly recommend you go into it with a Sharknado state of mind because watching ironically may be the only way anyone can find any enjoyment of it.

The story follows... some dude. No I did not forget the name between watching the first episode and by the time I wrote this. The main protagonist's name is never spoke because, as he explains, anyone who speaks it turns to stone and he does not want to test if that he would also turn to stone if spoken. Was he cursed by Medusa? Are they withholding the name so they can shock you that he will turn out to be Hercules or some other famous name in Greek Mythology? You will have to let me know if they ever bother to reveal the name?

So random dude has been tasked to rescue an Oracle from Cyclops (Syfy is finally putting the Face Off contestants to use because Cyclops is kind of creepy especially where they put his one eye) to take her back to the Temple of Gaia. There is also a secondary political plot that seems like it is trying way too hard to be like better shows in the genre like Game of Thrones, but Olympus is not even Spartacus. Maybe it should be as it is a bit distracting as it go from fantasy type CGI background with piratical background. But again, if this is meant to be a Sharknado type farce that is so bad it starts to almost be good, they are doing a pretty good job at it.

Olympus airs Thursdays at 10:00 on Syfy.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

I Want My Music Television: 4/1/15

Can't Deny My Love - Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers first solo album was met with a resounding yawn. After an album back with The Killers, he is giving going alone another try and the first single may actually be worse than the songs from the first. And no unnecessary dialogue with Rachel Evan Wood is going to save the music video either.

St. Jude - Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine have already released three music videos for thier upcoming album and this song may be my favorite of the best because it is the rare song where Florence does not seem to be singing at 10 the entire song. And just like the other videos they have released, this one is kind of weird, not dancing with your doppelganger weird, but weird nonetheless in a why is the Smoke Monster in the video kind of way.

Peaches N Cream - Snoop Dogg featuring Charlie Wilson

Well it looks like the Snoop Lion era is thankfully over. But then again, Snoop Dogg really has not had many great songs since Drop it Like it's Hot. But like that song, this song was produced by Pharrell. But now I have to wonder, what was the last great song Pharrell was a part of? It certainly not this song. Didn't some crappy third tier RnB group from the nineties already have a crappy song called Peaches and Cream?

Work Song - Hozier

It looks like Hozier is going with the spaghetti approach (throw a bunch at the wall hoping one sticks) in hoping to land a second hit releasing his third music video in as many months this year. Doubtful this will be the one that lifts him out of one hit wonderdom especially since this one does not feature any hot chicks from Game of Thrones, just a bunch of weird people dancing.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 3/29/15

Once Upon a Time: So if the good guys are going to pick off Mr. Gold's cabal one by one with kindness, does this mean they are going to give Cruella Dr. Hopper's Dalmatian as an appeasement to her at some point?
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Shameless: Oh no, Sammy called the Army to report Ian. Which begs the question how did it take a tip from someone to catch him, Ian was hiding in his own home? I wonder if he will get a bunk with his brother.

The Walking Dead: Oh snap, I just figured that the old group would just blindly follow Rick with his overthrow of Alexandria but it did not cross my mind that any of them would actually want to assimilate which apparently Michone does. If Rick is exiled like I assume I wonder who goes with him. Of course they will be back just as Rick warned Deanna that anyone exile will be back. Sure the middle episodes were a bit of a drag but no one does season premieres / finales like this show and next week should be explosive. Plus we still have the person that is marking walker foreheads with a Scarlet A.
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Revenge: So a taxi to happened to plow Margot over in the fire lane? Seems fishing, nothing is that coincidental on this show. I wonder if her henchman had anything to do with it, with or without Margo's knowledge, because he seemed a little to overeager not to give up the fight.
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Bates Motel: So Norman did not kill the token hot chick like I feared, but she still ended up dead. Meh.
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Pretty Little Liars: I have long predicted a not so dead Mona would turn out to Be A, well at least I was half right. When her name flashed up under the guest star list I then assumed a not so dead Alison's mother was going to be A after realizing it was not Mona. Completely wrong at that. We learned that Charles is actually A and by the home movie that do make it seem like Charles is Jason's twin brother that apparently no one knew existed. If so, where has he been all this time? Did the Dilarentas family have him hidden in that bunker this whole time?
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Marvel's Agent of SHIELD: So the "Real SHIELD" does not trust Coulson and his alien DNA, that actually seems reasonable. They could have spent the whole episode in that conference room explaining stuff I would not have minded because I could not care less about Ward and Agent 33 (but it did give us some decent comedy with Talbott ruining his marriage and basically sexually harassing his female underlings).
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Justified: One of the main problems with this season was that you knew that Raylan was not going to catch Boyd until the series finale but much like season four where they actually caught Drew Thompson a couple episodes prior to the finale and then ending up have its best episodes of the season after that, Raylan actually caught Boyd redhanded with a couple episodes left. It looks like we may get the trial Tim was hoping for. Though since the CI shot him, I wonder if a RICO case will stick.
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The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II: Congratulations to Sarah and Jordan. And since you won, you can both retire because I really have no desire to see either back on the show. And take Jay and Jenna with you because they do not deserve another invite after quitting (though it is odd the other challenges had a thirty minute time limit but the drinking one). Pure rookie moves, first they do not look at LeRoy's answer and then they actually tried drinking the fish oil while Sarah and Teresa clearly poured half of it down their faces and then spit out the rest while pretending to puke.
You can download The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II on iTunes.

Survivor: Blue Collar vs. White Collar vs. No Collar: Morons, Survivor 101 states you never, under any circumstance: throw a challenge. The only time anyone threw a challenge and actually ended up winning was when in Fans vs. Favorites they did not even bother to compete just to get rid of Brandon Hantz. Every other time a team that has thrown a challenge, no one involved ever won that season. It is weird to think after how bad their tribe was, No Collar may actually be in the drivers seat. Blue Collar is in disarray, White Collar lost two members after the tribe swap, if smart the No Collar could easily decimate everyone, but are they smart enough to do that now that the merge is immanent?
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The Americans: Could Stan actually take the fall for the bug in the pen? If someone catches him working with Oleg he would have to move to the top of the suspect list for the FBI. But I have a feeling the black dude will end up being that fall guy.
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The Blacklist: Wait, did they just out Lizzie as being pregnant? Tom having an ultrasound in his pocket pretty much confirms it. Red is going to be very disappointed.
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