Saturday, April 09, 2005

Musings From the Back 9

I found this over at He Says, She Says and had to take the test myself. Must be a very scientific test if I end up being my boy, Indiana Jones.

:: how jedi are you? ::

Some other musings that don't deserve their own place:

- Why is everyone knocking Tiger Woods for putting off the green and Billy Casper for dropping a 105 at the Masters? Don't those happen all the time (or is it just me)?

- I was checking out the status of my new name (yes I'm conceited, so what) and found out that there is another Scooter McGavin who started a petition to legalize a certain banned substance and I'm not referring to the cream or the clear. And to top things off, the petition is being sent to the government. Why don't they just send a letter to the government asking to be arrested? Morons.

- Am I the only one who was mad when they realized Fair Enough was not really an upcoming sitcom. I first saw the ad on Fox, so I was convince that it was real. This would have instantly been the second best sitcom next to Arrested Development.

- I passed on Sin City this weekend and last after picking up a promo DVD at Best Buy that had three scenes and a couple of documentaries. It looks like the film will look great visually but the plot seems a little slow and fits better as a comic book graphic novel than a movie. Although I can almost guarantee that I'll take a look at it when the DVD comes out. (Also keep in mind that it not too visually groundbreaking either as Boyz II Men did the back and white with drops of color almost 15 years ago in the It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday video.)

- Another movie I won't be seeing this weekend, or ever for that matter is Fever Pitch. Any male who is seen coming out of this movie should have his Man Card promptly revoked.

- Stat of the day: Roger Clemens is 3 for 3 with the bases loaded and batting
.333 with runners in scoring position. Granted his batting average will be raised after yesterdays game when, after the Reds intentionally walking Willy Taveras and letting him steal second, Clemens batted in two runs on an infield hit. This turned out to be the game winner as the Astros won 3-2.

- Big Head Barry Update: He is currently rehabbing with BALCO's own Greg Anderson whom Big Head Barry referred to as a "wonderful person, a very, very giving person." The problem, Big Head Barry, is when what the person is giving you happens to be an illegal substance, that is not a good thing. It's quality over quantity that counts, Barry.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Your Not Going to Die!!!

Well it seems that I have lost the Lost office pool. I had Boone killing Sayid. But the though of losing money (more on that later) wasn't the thing that made me the most queasy last night, as a person who is disturbingly fearful of blood, I had my hands over my eyes like a twelve year old girl watching a horror movie for the first time for most of the episode. They really need to put a warning at the beginning of the episode telling me "Do not eat during this episode or you will heave."

Now on to my feeble prediction that most likely won't come true. I have a feeling that my gambling money is not completely lost (pun intended) yet as I predict that a regenerated Boone will come out of the mysterious hatch along with Ethan and the dead cop. As for my blatantly obvious prediction of the week, Claire's baby will be named Boone.

Last night they also added to the numerous questions like did Jack get married or not? We saw him give his vows but we did not see the "I do's." Also I don't remember seeing a wedding ring on him. Did he eventually get divorced? I wish they would get around to answering some questions before making more arise.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

If I Get Boring, Would You Still Call Me Superman?

Seventeen Days - 3 Doors Down

A recent gift provides me a chance to review the third album by 3 Doors Down, Seventeen Days. The first aspect of the album that jumps out at me is not one but two FBI Anti-Piracy Warning. The first warning on the back cover, is something I've seen recently. The new one is planted right on the CD itself. Unlike the one on the back cover, The FBI warning on the CD is pretty big and takes up about 1/5 of the CD. The RIAA is really going too far with the Anti-Piracy agenda when they are impeding on the actually artwork. I'm not going to go any further on my rant, but I will encourage you again to check out Mark Cuban's thoughts on the RIAA - Let’s test the RIAA logic… - Blog Maverick.

On first listen of the album, I found it very hard to distinguish one song from the next. The only song that stood out was
Landing in London featuring Bob Seger. Yes the man that inspired many of us in the 80's to slide across wood floor in nothing but a dress shirt and our underwear (or am I the only one?). Sadly Bob didn't bring the Silver Bullet Band.

I heard somewhere the album's name was inspired by the time they spent making the record. It shows as every song blends into each other with only the tempo changing. 3 Doors Down started their career off right with a thoroughly good debut,
The Better Life. Each song had its own feel to it. Kryptonite was something out of the post-grunge era, maybe something the Smashing Pumpkins might have done if they grew up in the South. I will always be partial to this song as I used the first line of the chorus as a deterrent to a girl who became too needy. Loser was like a harder version of a Smiths' song that progressed into a rocker. Duck and Run was a strait ahead rocker that could get you pumped up for some kind of sporting event (or if you are like me, anything competitive). Then you had the introspective Be Like That which was something you put on during a summer night with the windows rolled down. All songs different, but all great in their own right.

Then the follow-up album,
Away From the Sun, is when they tried to perfect the power balled with song like When I'm Gone, The Road I'm On, and the title track or they went with the strait balled like Here Without You that ended up sounding like a more depressing version of Be Like That. All in all, not as good as their debut, but good enough for a listen.

That leads us back to the new album which won't be breaking any new ground. It was almost like some one suggested they needed to dumb down their music to attract the
matchboxtwenty market (which is not a good thing) and sadly they took the suggestion. Hopefully 3 Doors Down listens to their first album for influence for their next album. Or bring Bob Seger back again and have him give them some Old Time Rock & Roll advise.

Seventeen Days gets a Terror Alert Level: Guarded [BLUE] on my
Terror Alert Scale.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Bond's Giant Head

I had yet another draft last night this time in the Bash Brothers league. I got an even worse draft slot being the last out of ten. But on the bright side, both Soriano and Santana (not Carlos) slipped down for me to snap up with the 10th and 11th picks with B. Abreu, I. Rodríguez, M. Ramírez, and S. Rolen going before me. Also during the draft I was able to steal another team's 2nd pick (Helton) for my 4th (Blalock). We both got conditional late round picks. Only time will tell who got the better side of this deal, but on paper, I seem to be making out. I'm also looking to sure up the bullpen with trade to get J. Affeldt and unload a questionable Wright. He is this year’s roster for Bond's Giant Head:

C -
J. Lopez (Bal)
1B -
T. Helton (Col)
2B -
A. Soriano (Tex)
3B -
P. Feliz (SF)
SS -
O. Cabrera (LAA)
OF - C. Patterson (ChC)
OF - C. Lee (Mil)
OF - A. Huff (TB)
Util -
J. Uribe (CWS)

J. Morneau (Min)
P. Lo Duca (Fla)
M. Cuddyer (Min)

J. Santana (Min)
C. Zambrano (ChC)
M. Mussina (NYY)
Ja. Wright (NYY)
B. Backe (Hou)

B. Lidge (Hou)
B. Ryan (Bal)
G. Aquino (Ari)
A. Otsuka (SD)

Sadly this may not be the final team for me as I looking into entering an NL only roto league.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Daylight Fading

I hope everyone remembered to turn their clocks forward today as Daylight Saving Time started last night a 2 AM. Or if your watch is like mine, it's actually right for the first time in six months. But we really need to ask ourselves why do have to lose an hour of sleep every year. DST, of course, was started back during World War I to conserve fuel. It was so unpopular at the time; it was repealed a year later. But years later, during WWII, it was brought back, this time renamed War Time. It nice to see our government has always presented unpopular legislation with popular names. Patriot Act anyone? This time, in addition to conserve energy, it also gave farmers an extra hour to work in fields as many worked in factories building weapons earlier in the day. Interestingly enough, after the war, War Time became optional until The Uniform Time Act of 1966. So keep this in mind the next time you complain about losing an hour of sleep. Or just blame the tree-hugging hippies for forcing us to conserve energy. (This post is void in Indiana, Arizona and Hawaii as the wisely opt-out of this archaic idea.)