Friday, June 01, 2018

Around the Tubes: 6/1/2018

I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on Governors Ball, Snow Patrol, Guns N’ Roses,John Lydon’s Public Image Ltd, Sutton Foster, and Joe Walsh.

- Founders Entertainment is proud to announce the official Governors Ball live stream via the DIRECTV NOW app and television broadcast presented by AT&T. Dubbed a “Festival with a New York Heart” by the New York Times, the eighth annual edition of New York City’s very own homegrown fest will take place from Friday, June 1st through Sunday, June 3rd on beautiful Randall’s Island Park. U.S. music fans can watch live performances from artists including Jack White, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Post Malone, The Gaslight Anthem, CHVRCHES, Manchester Orchestra, Sylvan Esso, Khalid, the worldwide live debut of Silk City (Diplo + Mark Ronson) and many more.nnBeginning Friday, June 1, tune in daily from 4:45 p.m.-11:00 p.m. ET live on Twitter at and at all weekend long.

- Snow Patrol debut the music video for their song “Soon,” from their album Wildness. Directed by Brett Simon, who has helmed videos for every track on the album, ‘Soon’ is a poignant snapshot of Gary Lightbody and his father, who is suffering from dementia. Lightbody revealed: “Soon’ is about my dad. Three years ago he was diagnosed with dementia. I wanted to write a song that connected us both and let him know I was with him and would be always. The video we made for this (directed by Brett Simon) is me and my dad sitting together watching old home movies. Filming it with him was one of the best days I ever spent with my dad and I’m so grateful he got to share in the day and spend some time in my world. It meant everything to me.” Watch the video for “Soon” here. For more information about how music and technology can improve the lives of the elderly suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s, visit Music & Memory here.

- Geffen/UMe continues its celebration for the release of Guns N’ Roses’ forthcoming Appetite For Destruction reissues with the debut of the original, newly discovered video for “IT’S SO EASY.” Filmed live in 1989 at the infamous Cathouse, “IT’S SO EASY” was never completely finished and has remained in the vaults, unseen and unreleased. The footage was recently uncovered for inclusion in the box set and has been digitally restored in 4K UHD from 16mm film transfers with the original conceptual scenes edited back in with the live footage, just as the band had originally intended. “IT’S SO EASY” can be viewed HERE.

- To celebrate their 40thAnniversary, John Lydon’s Public Image Ltd (PiL) are pleased to announce The Public Image is Rotten(Songs from the Heart) Box Set will be released on July 20, 2018, coming in the form of a staggering 5CD/2DVD set as well as a 6LP set. The box set will feature the PiL Singles Collection (1978-2015), B-sides, Rarities and Radio Sessions, 12” Mixes, Unreleased Mixes and Tracks and a Live concert from New York Ritz in July 1989. The DVD includes PiL promo videos + footage from the BBC’s Top Of The Popsand Old Grey Whistle Test. Just in case that isn’t enough they’ve included two legendary live concerts, the first PiL’s appearance at the Tallinn Rock Summer Festival in Estonia 1988 (still part of the USSR at the time) and the second from 2013’s Enmore Theatre in Australia during the This is PiLtour.See below for full track listing.

- GHOSTLIGHT DELUXE, an imprint of Ghostlight Records, will release Take Me to the World — the long-awaited third album from two-time Tony Award winner Sutton Foster — on Friday, June 1. Customers that pre-order the digital album will immediately receive a download of the album’s second single. “I’m on My Way / On My Way” is a medley of one of Sutton’s signature songs from the musical Violet, combined with the traditional spiritual. The album is being released in conjunction with the fifth season of the critically-acclaimed TV Land series “Younger,” which returns on Tuesday, June 5. To pre-order the album, please visit here.

- Joe Walsh and VetsAid, his national 501(c)3 non-profit veterans organization, today announced the date and location of their 2nd annual music festival. VetsAid 2018 will be held on Sunday, November 11, 2018, Veterans Day, at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington. Launched on September 20, 2017 with an inaugural concert at the EagleBank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia featuring performances by Walsh, Zac Brown Band, Keith Urban and Gary Clark Jr., the first VetsAid concert disbursed nearly $400,000 in grants to veterans’ services organizations nationally and locally. “It was always my intention to take this show on the road and share the experience with veterans’ communities across the country,” Joe Walsh explains. “In 2018, I wanted to bring VetsAid to my brothers and sisters at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Naval Base Kitsap and all throughout the beautiful Pacific Northwest. And next year… who knows?” Full lineup and on-sale information will be announced later this summer. For more information, please visit

Sunday, May 27, 2018

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 5/27/2018

Billions: Two episodes after the big revelation of Chuck and Axe and I still have little idea where the show is going if those two are not at each other. Is Chuck going to take on the Attorney General? Are Chuck and Axe ever going to target each other? When is Taylor going to turn on Axe like they have been teasing? Now that Connorty has found a job, is he going to go after Axe and/or Chuck again? They built to such a high apex for the first two and a half seasons, it does not seem like they are going anywhere for the remaining three episodes this season.

Fear the Walking Dead: Many people have theorized that Madison is no longer alive in the future timeline on account she has yet to turn up yet. When the Scavenger dude gave Alicia condolences to for her brother but not her mother I thought maybe that was a hint she is still alive. Then Dharma shows up and Alicia shoot at her making me think that the only thing that could make Alicia do that is Dharma killed her mother or had something to do with her death. Whatever the case I am guessing we will not get a definitive answer until the midseason finale.
You can download Fear the Walking Dead on iTunes.

I’m Dying Up Here: Did Carson really ever have on people who had potatoes shaped like people? But anyway. Apparently Cassie’s kid is going to be a thing this season. But we did who the father is and it was just some dude back home while she was in high school. I do still wonder if everyone back homes knows this or did the ruse start when she was still pregnant? But it looks like she wants another one.

Supergirl: One thing I noticed this episode was that all the cars had National City license plates. Wait, is National City a state? Do all the cares in this universe have their city’s license plate instead of the state? That was weird. And it says a lot that the only thing that stuck out to me in this episode were the license plates.
You can download Supergirl on iTunes.

The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars II: Again, the big twist just happened to help the Stars, and that was four straight Champ eliminations losses in a row (granted Hennessey walked out during that). Thankfully they are switching things up next week even though they pretty much gave away who wins as a pair with one Champ and Star debate what to do.
You can download The Challenge: Vendettas on iTunes.

The Handmaid’s Tale: Oh hey, Donnie Hendrix is back. I wondered where he was when Offred went to the doctor in the first episode. He had a memorable cameo in the first season offering to impregnate Offred because the Commander was shooting blanks. I just assumed he got fired for being a pervert. And as we saw with Lost, flashback can be hit or miss (and the longer the show goes the more misses there are), but Mrs. Waterford’s are always the most interesting. I kind of wish they would giver her a full episode because I am fascinated to see just how she got where she is. Oh, and just how exactly does a Handmaid get her hand on a bomb?
You can stream The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.

Survivor: Ghost Island: I spent the last couple weeks complaining that Laurel was content playing for third (which she ended up doing) but what the fork was Angela doing? First she is excited to be a part of SeaBass and Donathan’s plan to oust Dominick only to tell Dominick for no reason. Almost as mind blowing is that she voluntarily switched seats with Wendell to make him feel comfortable at the fire making challenge because he was freaked out having to use a loser’s color. Why would you want your opponent to feel comfortable when you are doing a challenge for a chance at a million dollars?

Seriously, why come on Survivor if you are not going play the game? It is one thing to realize to late you need to shake things up like Kellyn, Donathan, and SeeBass, but to know you are going to lose and being content about it is unacceptable. And no one talks about it because they went one two, but why didn’t Dominick or Wendell turn on each other until Dominick resigned Wendell to fire making (I laughed when Dominick floated giving Angela Immunity to take on Wendell at fire making but in retrospect, he should have done it; although why would you ever think an army vet would lose a fire making challenge)? He could have joined the girls when Kellyn when out. Actually the split tribals when he had immunity would have been the perfect time to strike.

But even with the split vote at the end, it was a boring finale with the only to look forward was the theme of the next season which is David vs. Goliath. The more I think about it the more offensive I think it is. If you are in the David Tribe you are probably there because you are weak or weird. Then if you are Goliath, well, he lost to loser and clearly by the name the producers want someone from the other Tribe to win. But hey, I did spot Mike White, who wrote and was Jack Black’s roommate in School of Rock, in the background of the promo. Which begs the question, which Tribe is he? He looks like someone who would be on the David Tribe, but his bank account will probably double or triple that of everyone on the Goliath Tribe.
You can download Survivor: Ghost Island on iTunes.

The Americans: So what did Stan searching for the Jennings accomplished? The Jennings did steal their identities but did Stan think that when he saw Philip was a twenty-three year old black dude from Florida or did he think, oh, there must be a bunch of Philip Jennings in America. I know someone who shares my name in my county. But once the surveillance phots come in, will Stan recognize Phillip? And since she grabbed Passports, does that mean the Jennings are leaving the country? After that blow up, will they take Paige? And what about the boy?
You can download The Americans on iTunes.

Krypton: I realized a couple episodes back there was only two ways the ends: Braniac succeeds or he does not. The writers chose to go with the bolder choice of changing the timeline. And boy it did. Superman’s cape did not actually disappear despite the change but the cape itself changed from a House of El seal to that of a House of Zod which makes me think that Zod still sends his nephew to Earth, not to save him from a dying planet but to conquer Earth. But the one confusing is what is going on with Adam Strange? Clearly he is in a city on Earth that Braniac bottled up. Except Braniac was sucked into the Phantom Zone. Is Adam in the Phanton Zone? Are whole cities in the Phantom Zone? Of course if Zod can escape the Phantom Zone so can a twelfth level intellect so this can be in current day on the darkest timeline.
You can download Krypton on iTunes.

And with the season finale of Survivor, the Spring season is pretty much over and we get our first summer premiere (that I have any interest in) next week. Here is what I will be watching while trying to avoid the heat.


Casual (Hulu, July 31)
9:00 – The Bold Type (Freeform, June 12)

The Handmaids Tale (Hulu, already started)
Harlots (Hulu, July 11)
Castle Rock (Hulu, July 25)
8:00 – Young and Hungry (Freeform, June 20)
10:00 – Reverie (NBC, May 30)

8:00 – Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger (Freeform, June 7)
9:00 – Nashville (June 7)
9:00 – Trial and Error: Lady, Killer (NBC, July 19)

8:00 - Quantico (ABC, already started)


9:00 – Claws (TNT, June 10)
9:00 – The Affair (Showtime, June 17)
9:00 – Preacher (AMC, June 24)
10:00 – I’m Dying Up Here (Showtime, already started)