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Around the Tubes: August 27, 2022


I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting.  This post includes blurbs on The Handmaid's Tale, Brian Wilson, John Legend, Jake Bugg, Marcus King, Best In Dough, Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo!, Gentleman in Moscow, King Shaka, Stand, POVWelcome to Chippendalesand Friends.

Hulu has debuted the official trailer and key art for the fifth season of "The Handmaid's Tale." The new season returns with two episodes on September 14th. New episodes stream Wednesdays.  June faces consequences for killing Commander Waterford while struggling to redefine her identity and purpose. The widowed Serena attempts to raise her profile in Toronto as Gilead’s influence creeps into Canada. Commander Lawrence works with Nick and Aunt Lydia as he tries to reform Gilead and rise in power. June, Luke and Moira fight Gilead from a distance as they continue their mission to save and reunite with Hannah.

A brand new and extensively updated edition of the classic rock biography God Only Knows: The Story of Brian Wilson, the Beach Boys and the California Myth by David Leaf is published by Omnibus Press and will be released on September 22nd . Pre-order the book here:  Originally published in 1978 and updated in 1985, The Beach Boys and the California Myth by David Leaf was the first book to focus on Brian Wilson and recognize him as one of the most significant and influential artists of the 20th century. An intimate look at Brian’s rollercoaster life and career, the book was told through the eyes of those who were present at Wilson’s most legendary productions including Pet SoundsGood Vibrations and SMiLE. It covered turbulent family strife and internal conflicts as well as Brian’s remarkable music. The book became an instant classic.

- Multi-platinum, 12-time Grammy Award-winner John Legend debuted the video for “All She Wanna Do” featuring Grammy Award-nominated rapper Saweetie, from his highly anticipated eighth studio album, LEGEND, out September 9th via Republic Records.  The vibrant visual – directed by Christian Breslauer – features a group of dancers who think they are at an open casting call until Legend and Saweetie surprise them on set to reveal the audition is actually the official music video shoot for the song.  Watch the video for “All She Wanna Do” HERE.  Check out behind-the-scenes footage from the music video shoot HERE.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since Jake Bugg released his extraordinary self- titled debut album. Released on October 15th, 2012, Jake introduced himself to the world and blew open the doors with an exquisite debut that rocketed to number one on the U.K. Album Chart, going on to sell over a million copies, bagging both a BRIT Award and Mercury Music Prize nomination. Since then he’s become one of the U.K.’s most prolific and established songwriters.  Fast forward ten years, with countless awards, record sales and sold out tours across the world, Jake is to celebrate the 10th Anniversary with the release of special deluxe editions of the album on 2LP black vinyl, Limited Edition 2LP, Gold Vinyl and a 3CD - out October 14th, 2022. Pre-order HERE.

Marcus King released Young Blood, his career defining new album, produced by Dan Auerbach and released on Rick Rubin’s American Records / Republic.  His tales of salvation, break up and addiction, draw on some of his lowest moments with drug and alcohol excess, following a crushing break-up. King is open about his challenges with mental health and shares he often deals with bouts of mania and depression, which were at the forefront of his mind while making Young Blood. During recording and writing the album, things were so bleak, King believed he was making his last record. King stated,  LISTEN HERE

Check out the official trailer for Hulu's "Best In Dough," hosted by Wells Adams ("Bachelor in Paradise") and judged by Chef Daniele Uditi (Pizzana restaurant creator and co-owner). The series premieres on Monday, September 19th with the first three episodes. Three episodes stream the following Monday and four the next, with a finale date of October 3rd.  Trailer Available: HERE

Everyone’s favorite mystery-solving gang is back! Grab your Scooby Snacks and get ready to go undercover as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment releases Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo! on Digital October 4th and DVD on October 18th. In addition to the 72-minute all-new original animated film, the DVD release also includes three bonus classic Scooby-Doo! episodes. Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo! will be available to own on Digital for $14.99 SRP (US and Canada) and on DVD for $19.98 SRP ($24.98 in Canada).  Mystery Inc. has cracked the case to top all cases! They’ve tracked down Coco Diablo, the head of the notorious costume crime syndicate that colludes The Black Knight, Space Kook and the Ghost Diver. With Coco and her kitty in prison, Mystery Inc. thinks that they can finally enjoy a break. Wrong! Suddenly, menacing doppelgänger ghosts of the Scooby crew and favorite classic foes show up in Coolsville to threaten Halloween. Now it’s up to the meddling kids – and their unlikely new partner Coco – to unmask the latest scoundrel and save Halloween! For Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, with trick-or-treating on the line – this time it’s personal!

SHOWTIME announced that Emmy winner Ewan McGregor (Star Wars franchise, Halston, Trainspottingwill star in and serve as executive producer on the upcoming limited series A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW, an adaptation of Amor Towles bestselling novel. The series is produced by eOne in association with VIS, the international studio division of Paramount Global, and is set to begin production later this year and debut in 2023 on SHOWTIME in the U.S., Paramount + in the U.K and all international markets where the service is available.  McGregor will lead the cast as Count Alexander Rostov who, in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution, finds that his gilded past places him on the wrong side of history. Spared immediate execution, he is banished by a Soviet tribunal to an attic room in the opulent Hotel Metropol, threatened with death if he ever sets foot outside again. As the years pass and some of the most tumultuous decades in Russian history unfold outside the hotel’s doors, Rostov’s reduced circumstances provide him entry into a much larger world of emotional discovery. As he builds a new life within the walls of the hotel, he discovers the true value of friendship, family and love.

- SHOWTIME announced that Charles Babalola (The Outlaws) will star as Shaka in the highly anticipated new series KING SHAKA, an epic drama centered around one man’s personal journey from stigmatized childhood to legendary king. Babalola will join fellow series regulars Aïssa Maïga (The Fear Index) as Nandi, Shaka’s devoted mother who will sacrifice everything to fulfill her son’s destiny; and Thando DIomo (The Woman King) as Pampatha, a herder who finds her fate forever entwined with Shaka’s. Thapelo Mokoena (Bulletproof) will guest star as Gendeyana, a Qwabe leader who grows close to Shaka and Nandi, along with Warren Masemola (Queen Sono) as Magazwa, who provides safe haven to Shaka and Nandi but at a cost. The CBS Studios production, produced with Propagate and Fuqua Films, kicks off next month in the historic KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) South Africa province, the birthplace of King Shaka. The series will be fully shot in South Africa and will debut on SHOWTIME in 2023.

SHOWTIME Sports Documentary Films today announces STAND, a raw and unflinching examination of the courageous and remarkable life of basketball star and social justice activist Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, that will premiere on SHOWTIME in early 2023. The feature-length documentary includes the voices of some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment and details Abdul-Rauf’s unprecedented journey from schoolboy prodigy to NBA All-Rookie team to national pariah. In terms of his athletic abilities and activism, he was Stephen Curry before Stephen Curry and Colin Kaepernick before Colin Kaepernick.  STAND features extensive interviews with prominent basketball and entertainment stars including four-time NBA Champion and NBA Finals MVP Curry, nine-time NBA Champion as player and coach Steve Kerr, NBA Hall of Famer and three-time NBA Finals MVP Shaquille O’Neal, former NBA player and current basketball analyst Jalen Rose, two-time Oscar winning actor Mahershala Ali and rapper, actor and filmmaker Ice Cube.  To watch and share the teaser, go to:

POV, America’s longest running documentary series, currently celebrating its 35th anniversary season, will present Faya Dayi in its national broadcast premiere on Monday, August 29, 2022 (check local listings).  The film, directed, produced and filmed by Jessica Beshir, is a hypnotic immersion in the world of Harar, Ethiopia, a place where one commodity – khat, a euphoria-inducing plant – holds sway over the rituals and rhythms of everyday life. Faya Dayi is available to stream free until September 29, 2022 at, and the PBS Video app. In addition to standard closed captioning for the film, POV, in partnership with audio description service DiCapta, provides real time audio interpretations for audiences with sensory disabilities.

Hulu's upcoming original limited series "Welcome to Chippendales" will premiere on Tuesday, November 22. New episodes will stream weekly. DATE ANNOUNCEMENT: Instagram | Twitter.   A sprawling true-crime saga, “Welcome to Chippendales” tells the outrageous story of Somen “Steve” Banerjee, an Indian immigrant who became the unlikely founder of the world’s greatest male-stripping empire—and let nothing stand in his way in the process.  CAST: The series stars series Kumail Nanjiani, Murray Bartlett, Juliette Lewis, and Annaleigh Ashford, with recurring guest stars Quentin Plair, Robin de Jesús, and Andrew Rannells and guest stars Nicola Peltz Beckham and Dan Stevens.

Ok, should we get some coffee? Sure, Where?”  For FRIENDS fans and coffee lovers everywhere, today Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment with CenPer Holdings, LLC, comprised of industry experts from the coffee, specialty food and beverage, hospitality, and entertainment worlds -- including Top Chef and multiple James Beard Foundation Award Winner Tom Colicchio -- couldn’t BE anymore excited to announce Central Perk Coffeehouse, a modern-day coffeehouse inspired by Central Perk from the hit TV series, opening its first location in 2023. Imbued with the same heart and soul as the iconic setting from the series, Central Perk Coffeehouse will be a place for fans (and friends) to slow down and come together over great coffee and eats.  FRIENDS fans know Central Perk as the gathering place for Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross — the ultimate hang-out spot — not only to get a delicious cup of coffee but also where the gang spent much of their free time conversing and making memories. Fast forward 28 years and a modern-day version will open its real doors in 2023.  Central Perk Coffee can be ordered beginning August 24 by visiting The first 6,000 new Central Perk Coffee subscribers will receive a complimentary collectable can of “How You Doin’?” coffee, a medium roast ground varietal. This individually numbered limited edition tin was created exclusively for true FRIENDS fans and coffee lovers.


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57 Channels and Only This Is On: August 21, 2022

Westworld: So they make a point to tell us that being shot in the pearl makes a host dead-dead right before Hale, Bernard, and Mauve get shot in the forehead. Then five minutes into the finale Hale back to normal. So are the pearls lower in the skull? Could Bernard and Mauve (and Clementine for that matter) be brought back then? It did look like when Hale took her pearl out it came out around her nose. Not that any of that matters now because it seems like next season will mostly take place in the Sublime and Delores can just image all the dead-dead hosts anyway. Though, speaking of Delores, wasn't she supposed to be dead-dead because of what went down with Rehobolem last season? So what, she could not be put into a host body but her conscience could still stay intact?


Tales of the Walking Dead:  I dreaded watching another Walking Dead show, but how can I stop this far into it?  But shockingly that was the best episode in the series that I can remember and the first time they ever injected levity into the show.  I would much rather see an Olivia Munn / Terry Crews show than the upcoming Daryl / Carol show or Negan / Maggie one or the Rick movie that got turned into a miniseries.


The Chi:  Oh, so Jemma was not shot, just the shooting got her trampled.  But dude does deserve to get punched.  I did get a big laugh at the guy ripping up the envelope.  As a spiteful person, I really appreciated.  But I am not sure what was more surprising, that Emmitt tried celibacy or that he turned down sex.  At first I thought Tiff was testing him, but she really did seem disappointed to be turned down.


City on a Hill:  Well that kid had a point about the condom.  But anyway.  So Siobhan was part of a hit and run.  That was a surprising twist.  Now I wonder if her friend’s accident was actually an accident.  Then Jackie sees big boss drag a drugged lady out.  So at what point does he turn his boss in?  Are they really going to drag this out all season for him to grow a conscience in the season finale?


Flatbush Misdemeanors:  The white lady going through all the names of the drugs was hilarious.


In the Dark:  It I absurd that the show turned Josh into a raving lunatic and they somehow made him even crazier this week.  But at we are finally getting to the episode where Darnell gets shot next week.


Only Murders in the Building:  Oh my, Cinda Canning has been a bad, bad girl. When we first saw her last season, I was predicting she murdered Tim Kono and she killed him because the reason she was such a good true crime podcaster was because she was the one committing the crimes, now I have to ask... was I right? We know that Jan poisoned Tim, but I do not recall her ever admitting she staged it to look like a suicide.

Then when Cinda just happened to be at the crime scene when the three amigos were being perp walked out of the building, I rolled over my Cinda theory to Bunny's murder and that is looking very plausible right now. Cinda was killing Bunny while Kreps was spying on Mabel waiting for the right time to set her up. But the one thing making me pause that it is one thing fake Poppy's disappearance and murder, it is another to actually kill somebody.

One theory I got very wrong was that Teddy faked Will's DNA test, which would have been very funny, instead Teddy did hook up with Oliver's wife. I have a sinking suspicion that Will will be finding out this information next episode even though everyone else was sworn to secrecy. I doubt Oliver will be able to pull off being Greek for very long.

The show made it so obvious that Jan was the killer at the end of episode nine last season, I was convinced there was another shoe to drop in the finale that never came. Will the show do the same thing this season, and Cinda did it, or will there actually be a twist in the second season finale? Like I said before, it is a big leap between faking a murder and actually committing one. Then Kreps might be okay with planting evidence knowing the "dead" girl was alright, but would a NYC cop really be an accomplice to the murder? If he were that evil, he would do much more than spar with Mabel (but really, Selena Gomez constantly making fun of him make Michael Rappaport much more tolerable).

Then, while we learned what happened to the real painting this, we still have not learned who stole the fake. Is that too obvious that Lion King guy did it since we know he has allergies? When he sneezed last week, I was suspicious that they would introduce someone so late to play such a big part, but since the mystery of the real painting was solved this week, I guess who stole a fake matters much less now, so it might as well be Lion King guy. Like I have been saying from the beginning, I think the art thief and the killer are two different people.


Motherland: Fort Salem:  Oh snap, the president coming in was just great.  Sure, they just yadda yaddaed her getting to Fort Salem after being stranded in the Cession (much like how they yadda yaddaed Alder escaping the cave). But after taking down the vice president so early in the episode with the wedding filling in the rest, I had a sinking suspicion something bad would happen considered the last time this show did a wedding, the bride was murdered.  Shockingly it went out without a hitch, it is just that Fort Salem fell while it was going on.  Oops.  I guess we will be seeing Chekov’s which bomb in the finale.


The Challenge: USA:  Poor Alyssa, she gets stuck with Leo, and the only thing worse than being stuck with Leo is being stuck with Leo on a week he is ready to quit.  But at least he stayed… only for him to fork up the mission, sending them straight into the elimination.  But luckily they did not get the Madonna question which is the only one I could not solve.  But since they both got stuck on question two, I have to wonder if they were not allowed to skip a question.  Seems like it would have been smart to skip, do the other ones so you could eliminate some choices.  But thanks to Leo, Alyssa now has the most money among the women and second most overall.  I wondering if have more money will get you any advantage in the finals if you make it there.


Speaking of questions, what now after they got rid of the algorithm??  For Alyssa’s sake, I hope they are not stuck with these partners from here on out.  Though it would be funny if Tyson and Sarah would be stuck together for the rest of the season.  Maybe it is an individual game.   But would they still be doing double eliminations because with 14 because they still need to get rid of a few people.


Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin:  When I started this show I complained that it was just IP fraud that barely had anything to do with the original show.  Now that it is over, I need to complain about the one part of the show it ripped off, the dumb twist that “A” was a brother that no one new existed.  But at least he did not turn out to be a she that dated her brother.  Maybe that is the second season twist.  Even worse was the reveal that Ezra and Aria were still together. Again, he was a teacher who forked his student, why are they glorifying that and condemning grooming in previous episode.  Tabby and her boss got to be about the same age. 


But Tabby’s mom going H.A.M. on her boss was the only entertaining part of the whole show.  The whole blood drive plan was so stupid, how about labeling the blood because limiting the pool down to 65 still seemed too high. Yet inexplicably it worked because Tabby used that 1 in 65 chance to just accuse Chip who turned out to be the rapist.  What a horrible, stupid show.  Of course I will watch a second season.


The Resort:  Oh hey, Luis Guzman!  Oh, he is already dead.  But at least he gave us the most entertaining episode so far.