Friday, February 02, 2018

Around the Tubes: 2/2/2018

I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on Castle Rock, The Trade, Our Cartoon President, Operation Odessa, Escape to the Great Dismal Swamp, Groundbreakers: Superheroes Behind Mask, The Chi, and The Alienist.

- Hulu is incredibly excited to debut its Super Bowl commercial for upcoming original series Castle Rock from J.J. Abrams and the world of Stephen King. Please see below for the link to the spot and make sure to tune in to the big game this Sunday! Castle Rock premieres Summer 2018, only on Hulu.

- From Columbus, Ohio to Guerrero, Mexico and countless cities in between, the opioid epidemic has ravaged communities on both sides of the border. This Friday, February 2 at 9:00 Showtime will debut The Trade, a timely new five-episode docu-series spotlighting the crisis through the eyes of those most affected: the growers, addicts, cartel bosses and law enforcement hopelessly caught in its web. THE TRADE is executive produced and directed by Oscar nominee and Emmy® winner Matthew Heineman (Cartel Land).

- Showtime is giving viewers an early opportunity to sample the premiere episode of the new animated series Our Cartoon President, executive produced by multiple Emmy® winner Stephen Colbert, Chris Licht (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and R.J. Fried. The half-hour parody series follows the tru-ish misadventures of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and his merry band of advisors and family members. Along with the early episode, Showtime has unveiled the poster art for the series. Our Cartoon President is set to debut on air with two back-to-back episodes on Sunday, February 11 starting at 8:00.

- The newest addition to the Showtime Documentary Films slate, Operation Odessa will make its world premiere at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas. The documentary will premiere on SHOWTIME on Saturday, March 31 at 9 PM ET/PT on-air, on demand and over the internet. From the director and producers of The Seven Five, OPERATION ODESSA is a true crime documentary about a Russian mobster, a Miami playboy and a Cuban spy who sold a Soviet submarine to a Colombian drug cartel for $35 million. An early ’90s gangster epic that hopscotches from Brooklyn to Miami and Cali to Moscow, the film tells the true story of three friends who set out to hustle the Russian mob, the Cali cartel and the DEA for the score of a lifetime. What really happened to the sub, the money and the three amigos has remained a shadowy underworld myth until now.

The Great Dismal Swamp, a vast and impenetrable wilderness covering parts of Virginia and North Carolina, was a treacherous maze of waterways, full of poisonous snakes, blood-sucking insects and black bears. For centuries, rumors circulated that enslaved people had escaped to the swamp, choosing to brave the dangerous environment rather than endure the cruelty of slavery. This film uncovers groundbreaking discoveries that are helping to rewrite history by shedding light on the resistance and resilience of enslaved people who found refuge in the Great Dismal Swamp. Escape to the Great Dismal Swamp premieres Monday, February 19 at 8:00 on Smithsonian Channel as a part of its Black History Month programming.

- We are excited to announce an amazing campaign with our client, Comcast Xfinity, to celebrate and kickoff Black History Month. The Groundbreakers: Superheroes Behind Mask campaign features an original short, print ad and commercial and radio spot, featuring creatives behind some of America’s beloved superheroes and animated series. Premiering TODAY, Xfinity will use the power of the X1 platform to spotlight the pioneering talent behind some of America’s most beloved superhero stories and designs while chronicling the deep-rooted history and representation of the Black community.

- Showtime has renewed its hit drama series The Chi for a second season, it was announced today by Gary Levine, President of Programming, Showtime Networks Inc. Created and executive produced by Emmy Award winner Lena Waithe (Master of None) and executive produced by Academy Award®, Emmy and Golden Globe® winner Common (Selma), The Chi explores the humanity behind the headlines sensationalizing the South Side of Chicago. Ayanna Floyd Davis (Empire, Hannibal) has signed on for season two as executive producer and showrunner. Produced by Fox 21 Television Studios, the series will go back into production in Chicago later this year.

- The Alienist scored an impressive launch last Monday night to become cable’s #1 new drama series this season in Live +3 delivery. This gripping, turn-of-the-century murder mystery has so far reached a cumulative 13.1 million total viewers in telecasts airing last week, nearly half of whom were new to the network. The premiere TNT telecast alone averaged 3.1M total viewers and nearly 1M viewers 18-49 in Live +3, and the network’s Live +35 multiplatform projection is 16 million, making it TNT’s most successful launch event since 2012. New episodes of The Alienist premiere Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT only on TNT.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 1/28/2018

Shameless: I did not think the show could get much more shameless that digging up Monica but Frank coming in and chopping off Debbie’s toes may top that. I just could not watch that. And Fiona, I am not sure it was wise to assult the wife of the dude who is suing you for a couple million dollars.

The Chi: How are you going to end an episode there? This is the very reason why people binge shows now. But since Brando n ended up not using the gun in the first place, he is not going to do much here except for maybe a beat down. But would he even do that in front of a kid. But when dude ambushes you like that, you got to do something more than yell at him.

Supergirl: Well that had to be the worst iteration of the Suicide Squad ever. Seriously, that is all the backup Supergirl can find, her ex’s new wife and two rouges, one I do not even remember? Isn’t the president an alien? Silver Banshee? Seriously, after two and a half seasons, they should have been able to find some better that what they came up with. Or at the very least open up a portal and also some of the superheroes on the other show. They certainly would have been more reliable. Or how about Braniac 5? Isn’t he a robot so he why would he even have chromosomes that would be affected by the blue sun. And wasn’t there a female Braniac early in the show? Whatever happened to her?
You can download Supergirl on iTunes.

Lucifer: So I watched the episode with the Closed Caption on and I was a little surprised the spelled the captain’s name “Kane” instead of the Biblical spelling Cain. I wonder if this was on purpose by the show? Maybe they are fans of the wrestler who spells the name that way?
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The Challenge: Vendettas: I did not care that the Grenade was three different options when it was unveiled but at least they are switching up the options every round. Although the British chick chose wrongly because you have to pick your Vendetta to sit out (or make them eat if you are really vindictive). Choosing the teams was the worst option. Now instead of one person hating you, who probably already disliked you, now everyone who lost is bitter at you. And you are included in that loser group because apparently you did not pick your team wisely. And speaking of the dumb British chick, seriously, how does Nicole able to convert a straight chick to hook up with her every season?
You can download The Challenge: Vendettas on iTunes.

The Path: Called it, black Christian dude was gay. Now the question is will Hawk reciprocate? But more importantly, wait, Vera is Steve’s kid?!? Now I was thinking that was her mother’s voice in that video with Steve but was not ready for Vera to casually mention that it was her father. Now how did they keep that a secret this whole time?
You can stream The Path Hulu.

The X-Files: The dumber an X-File is, the more enjoyable the show is. I even had to Google that actor half way through just to see if he had been on before and I just forgot. Although thanks to the Mandela effect, I was beginning to think I did remember him on the show.
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Vikings: I was shocked when no one we knew died two episodes ago, they just all died this episode. Astrid, Bjorn’s son and his freaky side piece, the king’s brothe by his own hand. Still surprising that Ivar and Lagatha made it out alive considering that is what the fight was about. But Lagatha looked really old in her last shot, I almost did not recognize her at first. But I liked the juxtaposition of Floki talking how they should not start the cycle of murder and revenge and that battle born out of that very cycle. But that last shot was very surprising. When Rollo did not show up last week to explain his actions, I just did not think we would see him at all this season. And last week I wondered why Rollo would back Igar, then it donned on me as he sailed presumably to Kattagard, he wanted to be the new king. But how long will his reign last? I cannot imagine Bjorn will not be back with reinforcements, like I suggested last week, he should recruit the British.
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Waco: Tim Riggins with a mullet and math teacher glasses singing My Sharona has to go down as the weirdest thing we will see in 2018.
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Knightfall: So now the king now knows about Landry and the Queen, but does he believe it? And are all popes in history even because in all period shows and movies from this time all seemed to be very shady.
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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Wait, the ruthless Kree warrior was able to be killed when she floated into a rod held by Daisy? That was kind of lame.
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