Sunday, April 30, 2023

57 Channels and Only This Is On: April 30, 2023


The Blacklist:  So the Big Bad of the season for not the buddy of the lawyer, but Red himself.  Okay, that makes this season slightly more interesting.  Though I am not sure why exactly Red would go back on his lucrative deal with the government that took out his adversaries and made him a lot more money.


Saint X:  This was a slow to the series, but I do have some prediction: Obviously the natives did not kill the older sister, I am pretty sure it was one of the other ladies at the resort, either the pregnant lady who was mad her husband was eye forking her, or the other college age girl who seems annoyed that she is taking all the boy.  My other prediction is the younger sister and Gogo are definitely going to fork.


The Challenge: World Championship:  Why did they build this up to be some awesome challenge?  One of them ran for about five feet (I think one even lifted the cover before they put in the key, the hardest part of the challenge), then other person drove in a straight line.  I miss the days when they would melt ice with body heat.


Survivor:  So Franny was the only one smart enough to realize the loser alliance is playing both side.  Seemed pretty obvious to me when you know someone has an Idol and who they are going to play it for and not change your vote or inform the people you are voting for that is what the plan is.  Though the loser alliance did all vote for the big dude.  Wonder if anyone from the other tribe will pick up that they voted with them last week and against them this week when strategizing next week.


Titans:  So this ended up being the Titan’s world version of the Doom Patrol.  So where exactly were The Chief and Elasta-Girl?  They did not even get a mention.  Beast Boy even got that big reveal about The Chief last episode.  It was a shame they did not pull in more people into… wherever they were.  It would have been cool had Stargirl been hanging around all episode too.


Love and Death:  I did not think this story need two television shows devoted to it, so I skipped the Hulu version mostly because Elizabeth Olsen is a much better actress than Jessica Biel, but after watching the first three episodes of the HBO Max, I think maybe it did not even need one show devoted to it.  The nineties movie might have been enough.


Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies:  I really hope this does not devolve into a Pretty Little Liars situation where the writers think a teacher statutory raping his student is some grand love story.  It is already creepy.  And if Jane is so worried about her reputation, maybe she should stop bouncing back between Buddy and the T-Bird.  But those old people are definitely going to get Hugo Chavez to switch some votes.