Saturday, June 30, 2007

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. XXV

Big News of the Week: Well I was going to lead with the Paris Hilton story, but I’ll let this video speak on my thoughts on the story:

Rescue Me: The show had a strong three year run but it finally ran into its first sub-par episode. Surprising considering that it started off with Tommy’s daughter wearing very little clothing. But that was spoiled considering it was featured in the last two previews and it had to steal the best joke from last week. Okay, to be honest I still laughed. But the whole Probie storyline ended a little anti-climatically while the Chief’s death was too over dramatic. Hopefully they can turn the ship around next week.

Lil’ Bush: The whole British are gay has always been comedy gold, but throw George Bush in the mix and it makes it even better. I think I laughed more in this episode than the other five combined. But I can do without those stupid musical segments every episode. Download the episodes on iTunes.

Pirate Master: I can’t believe they let that freaky dude be captain again. Then just like last time he picks the two strongest players to be his officer but I don’t he will have another boneheaded moment to lose an expedition again. Hopefully the other pirates realize that mutiny will be the only thing that will get him out of that captain hat. And next week it will be the first time the non-voters will out number the people that vote in pirates court (five voters against the three with black spots as well as the captain and his henchmen) so I wonder if they will be switching up the voting anytime soon.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: I guess you really can’t fault Sorkin that much for the show going out with a whimper. I wondered how much would have been different had this been a season finale rather than a series. I have a feeling that one or two of the big storylines wouldn’t have been tied with a nice neat bow, most likely Tom’s brother one. It is sad with so much trash on television these days that this or Sports Nights, which was even better than Studio 60 could have a decent run. Check out the latest episode over at

Apple iTunes

No real pick of the week this week because with the fourth of the July everyone should be spending the week outside. But I did get a pair of press releases the hype a couple of shows that are coming up in the next couple of weeks. First, Monday July 9th is the premiere of ABCFamily’s newest show Greek. This show does look interesting and I’ll be giving it a try. Now I have heard from unreliable sources (i.e. Wikipedia) that LonelyGirl15 actually has a recurring guest spot but has been conspicuously absent from the press release and promotion so I am not entirely sure if this is true but Kelsey Grammer’s daughter is in the cast so hopefully she looks more like her mom (who, if I’m not mistaken was a dancer for Club MTV) than dad. And at the end of July, the Discover Channel is kicking off their twentieth anniversary of Shark Week. Here are those two press releases:

GREEK focuses on college life and the social minefield that is the Greek system. Viewers will see this unique cast of characters try to navigate their way through this treacherous terrain as they try to find their place at Cypress Rhodes University.

Rusty (Jacob Zachar) is determined to make his college experience more exciting than his high school years, which he spent with his head buried in the books. His answer… no more geek, he’s going Greek! However, he faces one small obstacle…his sister!

Casey (Spencer Grammer), already ensconced as a sorority siren and not too keen on having her younger brother invade her world, is a high achiever and is already at the top of her sorority game. As next in line to become the president of her sorority Zeta Beta Zeta, she can be seen around campus with fraternity hottie, Evan.

Cappie (Scott Michael Foster), president of the Kappa Tau, known for its outrageous parties, is Casey’s crazy cool ex-boyfriend, who by all accounts cannot be taken seriously. However, he just might prove to be more than meets the eye.

Evan (Jake McDorman) is the president of one of Cypress Rhodes top fraternities Omega Chi and clearly one of the most sought after men on campus. Together, he and Casey are considered campus royalty.

Dale (Clark Duke), Rusty’s roommate, is a fellow engineering school student, who holds some rather conservative and unusual ideals. His disdain for Rusty’s pursuit of the Greek life is clear from the moment they meet and will continue to be a thorn in Rusty’s side.

Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria) is a Senator’s daughter, who is considered the prize “get” for the sororities on campus, due to the prestige she would bring. However, there is more to Rebecca than the polished exterior that could bring more trouble than prestige.

Calvin (Paul James), a newfound friend of Rusty’s, is one of those guys who always knows exactly what to say… and his story always changes to fit the room. With his ever-changing story, it is difficult to get to know the real Calvin.

Ashleigh (Amber Stevens), Casey’s BFF, is the perfect best friend and supports Casey in her run to the top of the sorority. For those who need to know what’s happening on campus, she is the go-to-gal for gossip.

The ten one-hour episodes will be produced by Piller/Segan (“Wildfire”) in association with ABC Family. The pilot was directed by Gil Junger (“10 Things I Hate About You,” “Kyle XY”) and written by creator-producer Sean Smith (“Summerland,” “Wildfire”).

Shark Week on the Discovery Channel


-- From July 29 to August 4, It’s All Sharks, All Day, as Cable’s Longest-Running Event Fills the Network’s Entire Weekly Schedule --

It's just not summer without SHARK WEEK. And in 2007, the ultimate must-watch summertime television event is turning 20 – making it cable’s longest running event. Hosted by SURVIVORMAN’s Les Stroud, SHARK WEEK’s 20th Anniversary will fill Discovery Channel’s total day schedule from Sunday, July 29, through Saturday, August 4, from 9 AM to 3 AM (ET/PT) each day – adding up to over 130 hours of shark programs devoted to the behavior of one of the most mysterious and majestic creatures on the planet. Also to be featured is a programmed-by-you Viewer’s Choice hour at 8 PM, and eight all-new primetime specials at 9 PM.

For the past two decades, SHARK WEEK has intrigued, educated and enthralled viewers. Who can forget the footage of huge great whites bursting out of the water, launching 10 feet into the air, shown for the very first time on SHARK WEEK? Or the first-ever 3-D shark program, with sharks big, small and unusual seeming to swim right out of television screens and into living rooms across the nation? And every year since its inception in 1988, SHARK WEEK has partnered with the world’s most renowned shark scientists and experienced underwater cinematographers to bring viewers the latest information about the ocean’s top predator.

Les Stroud, outdoor adventurer, instructor in survival and host of SURVIVORMAN on Discovery Channel, will host SHARK WEEK this year. During premiere program breaks in the 9 PM hour, he will offer practical and potentially lifesaving tips that show viewers the best techniques for surviving an encounter with a shark. In addition to providing critical safety and awareness knowledge, Stroud explains that, while sharks are incredibly efficient predators, they are not mindless killing machines. For a safe coexistence with sharks, we must acknowledge that ultimately the waters are the shark’s domain. Stroud will also host one premiere special, Shark Feeding Frenzy (July 31, 9-10 PM), which will examine the feeding habits of sharks.

The 9 PM premiere hour will kick off on Sunday, July 29 with the two-hour special Ocean of Fear: Worst Shark Attack Ever, which is narrated by Richard Dreyfuss and tells the gripping real-life story of the worst shark attack ever recorded – after the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis in 1945. Additional SHARK WEEK premieres include Deadly Stripes: Tiger Sharks (July 30, 9-10 PM); Top 5 Eaten Alive (July 30, 10-11 PM); Shark Feeding Frenzy (July 31, 9-10 PM); Perfect Predators (August 1, 9-11 PM); Shark Tribe (August 2, 9-10 PM); Sharks: A Family Affair (August 3, 9-10 PM); and Sharkman (August 4, 9-11 PM). All times ET/PT.

In another SHARK WEEK first, viewers are being given the opportunity to help program television's most anticipated summer event. Via the "Best of Shark Week Poll" at, viewers can watch clips from 10 of the highest-rated and most talked-about SHARK WEEK programs of all time – and vote for their favorites. Voting continues through July 1, with the top voted shows airing in SHARK WEEK's 8 PM hour.

Among’s exciting online SHARK WEEK features: a game based on real-world tracking of live sharks in the wild, a video mixer that allows users to create their own mini-SHARK WEEK documentaries, exclusive behind-the-scenes video, information about sharks and more.

First launched in 1988, SHARK WEEK was Discovery Channel’s very first week-long event, designed to satisfy viewers’ thirst for knowledge about the natural world and to use the time between traditional television seasons to draw attention to the still-young network. The ratings shot up in that first year, and in its 20th year, SHARK WEEK shows no signs of slowing in popularity, remaining one of Discovery Channel’s most popular annual events. Last year, in 2006, SHARK WEEK was watched by 20 million viewers.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Don't Download These Videos vol. XXII

There have been a couple of videos that have caught my eye lately so I though I’d give them some love since the death of Musical Television left a void for a forum on the art form so here they are courtesy of YouTube. I advise you to watch them before you read my reviews if you don’t want me to spoil things. If you are interested in buying the video through iTunes, click the title link (where available, if not the link goes to YouTube where you can watch the video in full screen). If you are interested in buying the song, look for a link in the analysis.

Stronger - Kanye West

Whenever Kanye West drops a new video and this is no exception as Stronger even debut at a film festival. And this is by far the most expensive video to date. But more expensive doesn’t quite equate to better as this probably cost more than all three Jesus Walk videos combined and all three were better than this. But this video does have Cassie who shows that she is a much better video hofessional than singer. As for the song, of the two songs that sample indie acts, this is the stronger (bad pun intended) song but what is up with the OJ shout out and I don’t even care for the white Kate Moss why would someone want the black one?

LDN - Lily Allen

Okay, so certainly we could have all done without the intro to the video, but for my money, this is the best song on the debut album from Lily Allen. Plus it is also the best video of the four that have been released. I love the juxtaposition of Lily’s fantasy world and the real world. And the song has finally been released as a singe here stateside so be sure to request it at your local radio station.

Oh My God - Mark Ronson

And that isn’t the only Lily allen sighting as she also shows up in this Mark Ronson video. Well or at least an animated version. For those who have never heard of Ronson, he is responcible for two of the best albums of the first half of this year producing Lily’s album as well as the American debut from Amy Winehouse.

Rihanna - Shut Up and Drive

After three album this may be the first time I have ever seen Rihanna show anything that closely resembles a personally. She may not be a Fembot as I originally suspected. But the best part of the video is nowhere does she repeat “ella-ella-eh-eh-eh” over and over again. Add a New Order sample and I call that an upgrade.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm Open All Night and the Customers Come to Stay

Easy Tiger - Ryan Adams

When an artist is able to create three pretty good albums, one of which is a double album, in the span of twelve months, one can only imagine how great an album could be if the artist took a year and a half in between albums. After releasing an album a year since 2000 including the previously mentioned three pretty good albums in 2005, Ryan Adams took a year off in 2006 from recording. Well, from releasing albums anyways and he would post his more eccentric work on his website.

Finally after an eighteen month hiatus, (Don’t Call Him Bryan) Adams has released his ninth album entitled Easy Tiger that almost lives up to the hype. Certainly if you read another review for this album you will get the token, “Best Album Since (insert one of his previous eight albums here)” and I’m game so I will say this is his best work since the album that turned me onto the prolific singer-songwriter, Gold.

But there really isn’t that groundbreaking on the album and you are getting what you would expect from a Ryan Adams’ album, there is some alt-country, the best of which is Tears of Gold, and a good chunk of excruciatingly sad songs headlined by the lyrics, “You and I together, but only one of us in love” from Everyone Knows. The album isn’t as eclectic as some of his best works and is missing some more straight ahead rockers.

He does throw in a few eccentric songs, nothing as head scratching as his online-only hip-hop album Welcome to Ryan Adams Dot Com (Expletives Deleted) but there is the oddly named Oh My God, Whatever, Etc. But that is nothing to Halloweenhead which will induce you to go, “What the frak was that?” after the first listen. But give it a few listens before passing judgment because after a while you may realize how ingenious the song was. And really Adams is the only artist that can pull off a song like that. Now lets hope he doesn’t make us wait another eighteen months for the next album.

Song to Download - Everybody Knows

Easy Tiger gets a Terror Alert Level: High [ORANGE] on my Terror Alert Scale.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

You’re Going Crazy, Running on Empty

My December - Kelly Clarkson

It hasn’t been a good month for Kelly Clarkson. First it was leaked that the president of her label, Clive Davis, hated her new album, My December, so much he wanted to her to scrape most of it and reportedly wanted to replace some of the song with ones that already appeared on Lindsay Lohan’s album, an album that bombed in its own right. Then during her dispute with her label, Clarkson dumped her management team. All the while her first single from the album, Never Again, failed to make a dent at radio thanks in part because there was a universal yawn from the general public even after she tucked her tail between her legs to perform the song on American Karaoke after publicly distancing herself from the show pretty much since the forgettable karaoke movie she stared in. But on the bright side Clarkson successfully convinced her label to push up the release date of the album about a month so her fans would know the songs before embarking on her tour. Granted that victory ended up being a little shallow considering her tour of arenas recently got canceled due to poor sales.

Upon hearing My December it is hard not to answer the question to who was right, Clarkson or Davis and Clive is the clear winner in that there are no marketable songs on the album although it still is much better than Lohan’s. Whereas Never Again was virtually ignored, there really isn’t much better here. Sober, with its slow crawling acoustic groove, really is the only song here worth the price of admission. But it still doesn’t even rank in the pantheon that hosts Kelly ten best songs thanks to her ruining ending with her incisive need to try to turn the song into to a power balled.

It is not coincidental that the best songs on the album are the slower songs like Sober, Be Still and the album closer Irvine because when she tries to rock out on the rest of the album the result range from Never Again where she fails to Judas where she fails miserably to Yeah which is laughable because it sounds like she is actually trying to recreate a Sly and the Family Stone song. Almost as laughable is the Euro-trash One Minute. And it may have been a good idea to have the hidden track Shivas, where it sounds as if she is trying to channel Leadbelly, stay hidden. By the end of the album you may want to take her advise to, “don’t waste you’re time on me.”

But what really brings down Never Again isn’t the music rather its lyrics, which much like the whole album was co-written by Clarkson. Since U Been Gone was a quirky kiss off of a failed relationship that could get anyone to sing along to in the car. Never Again is just a spiteful jagged little pill that not many people would want to swallow with Clarkson coming off as a vengeful ageing starling whose husband/boyfriend just upgraded to a younger model by wishing “the ring you gave to her turns her finger green.” She much not watch My Name Is Earl otherwise should would have though of the karma effects of the line, “it must suck to see my face everywhere.” But it may don on her when the dude is happy to see her face when she is reduced to bunking up with the Dude You’re Getting a Dell guy while Fred Durst leers on for the 2012 edition of The Surreal Life. Well of course that is only if she gets an invite considering Sanjiya may be the producers first pick to be their token reality star that season.

Song to Download - Sober

My December gets a Terror Alert Level: Guarded [BLUE] on my Terror Alert Scale.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

R.I.P. Chris Benoit

Long before I was Scooter McGavin, I actually wrote a column for a wrestling website called the Hardcore Report. It has been years since I regularly watched professional wrestling, it may because network television started airing decent programs on Monday nights and the move of Smackdown to Friday, not really a day I like to stay in and watch television, but I occasionally will tune in to see what is going on. Last night I had just finished up a session of playing final Fantasy XII and I thought I would switch on Raw to see what was happening before I do a little reading and head off to bed. Instead of the usual WWE hijacks, all I saw on the scene was a picture of Chris Benoit with the title 1967-2007 below him.

First thoughts were yet another wrestler dieing from the wrestling lifestyle, something that has happen way too often. But when it was mentioned that his wife and young son also had died which initially wondered if it was a car or plane accident. But the announcers conspicuously avoided mentioning the cause of death and in the back of my mind it was hard not to think of Phil Hartman. Unfortunately it turns out the Benoit family had a similar outcome with Chris taking the lives of his wife and son before taking his own life.

It is had to eulogize someone who would do such things. Most wrestlers need to rely heavily on charisma and catchphrases to get over with today’s fans but Benoit was one of the rare stars who was able to let his actions on the mat speak for him and still get people to cheer or boo him depending on if he were a good or bad guy at the time. He was scheduled to wrestle for the ECW title this past weekend before being pulled from the card for a “family emergency.” We may never know what initially sparked Benoit to travel back home, skipping two scheduled appearances, but hopefully wherever he is now he finds some peace because it didn’t look like he found much while on Earth. My condolences go out to the whole Benoit family and friends of the family.

For more on the life and death of the Benoit family check out stories over at and

Monday, June 25, 2007

We on Award Tour: 2007 ESPY Nominations

The ESPY’s are quickly becoming even more entertaining than the MTV Awards season granted half of the readers here may not even know what they are, and that half most likely like dudes (ESPY’s are awards given out by ESPN, just don’t ask me what they stand for). This year we get the tag team tandem of hosts in LeBron James and Jimmy Kimmel. Should be intesting. No Arthur Ashe Award winner has been announced yet but the segment always ranks as the one of the most emotional moments of the year and enough reason to watch. Now, much like the Grammy’s, there are way too many categories to list here, plus I have no desire to pick who is the dude who can turn left for five hours the best, so check out all the nominees and vote on the ESPY’s page at and be sure to check out the awards on July 15th at 9PM ET on ESPN. Now on to my predictions:

Best Male Athlete
Roger Federer, Tennis Pro
LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers
Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts
LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers
Tiger Woods, Pro Golfer

Who Will Win: Peyton Manning
Who I Voted For: Roger Federer

When it comes to the best across all sports, you have to instantly throw out the two that didn’t win anything over the last two months and I have said this every time I’ve done and ESPY’s nomination post but golfers are not athletes. And if you take away clay, Ferderer doesn’t lose. Ever.

Best Team
Florida Gators Basketball - Final Four Champs
Florida Gators Football - BCS Champs
Indianapolis Colts - Super Bowl Champs
San Antonio Spurs - NBA Champs
St. Louis Cardinals - World Series Champs
Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball - Final Four Champs

Who Will Win: Indianapolis Colts
Who I Voted For: Indianapolis Colts

No one even remembers that the Cards won and by the time the awards are handed out everyone will have forgotten the Spurs. It is laughable that college teams are even included here and they should really split this into two different categories, pro and college.

Best Coach/Manager
Billy Donovan, Florida Gators
Tony Dungy, Indianapolis Colts
Jim Leyland, Detroit Tigers
Gregg Popovich, San Antonio Spurs
Pat Summitt, Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball

Who Will Win: Tony Dungy
Who I Voted For: Tony Dungy

Pretty much see above.

Best Moment
Tiger Woods, British Open - Tears of Joy
New Orleans, Monday Night Football - Saints Return, Beat the Falcons
Tony Dungy vs. Lovie Smith - Super Bowl's First African American Coaches
Derek Fisher - Father First, Utah Jazz Second

Who Will Win: New Orleans
Who I Voted For: Derek Fisher

I am not sure if anyone cared that two black coaches when head-to-head and I cannot even remember why Tiger cried. Now the Saints were a great moment even with all the over the top celebration, remember U2 performed, but the Fisher story made me tear up a little.

Best Championship Performance
LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers
Jimmie Johnson, Nascar Driver
Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts
Serena Williams, Tennis Pro

Who Will Win: Peyton Manning
Who I Voted For: Peyton Manning

Um, didn’t James get swept? How does that qualify for a best of anything? He was the fourth best player on the floor at that. Williams was forgettable and Johnson just turned left for hours so Manning is the easy choice here.

Best Record-Breaking Performance
Bobby Knight, Coach, Texas Tech Red Raiders
Michael Phelps, U.S. Swimmer
Kelly Slater, Pro Surfer
LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers

Who Will Win: Bobby Knight
Who I Voted For: LaDainian Tomlinson

There must not have been many records broken if there is a surfer in the category. Since there were no Olympics this year no on will care about Phelps, myself included. In the end I’ll take a player over a coach.

Best Breakthrough Athlete
Kevin Durant, Texas Longhorns
Devin Hester, Chicago Bears
Ryan Howard, Philadelphia Phillies
Morgan Pressel, Women's Golf Pro

Who Will Win: Kevin Durant
Who I Voted For: Morgan Pressel

I was less than impressed than the athletes here so I went with Pressel because, well, she’s moderately attractive. Hey I’m shallow.

Best Game
Oklahoma State over Texas - College Hoops Triple Overtime
AFC Championship - Colts over Patriots - Remarkable Playoff Comeback
Fiesta Bowl - Boise State over Oklahoma - David vs. Traditional Goliath

Who Will Win: AFC Championship
Who I Voted For: AFC Championship

I can’t say I watched the whole AFC Championship because I turned off the game early when the Colts went into the big hole. I doubt I was the only one. But when you can come back from three touchdowns in a playoff game, especially against the thorn in your side, it is the easy choice.

Best Finish
Dodgers over Padres - Back to Back to Back to Back
Harwick's Daytona 500 - Nothing Closer, Ever
Division II Men's Basketball Championship - 57 Game Win Streak, Broken
Preakness - Triple Crown Spoiler

Who Will Win: Dodgers over Padres
Who I Voted For: Dodgers over Padres

Way too many nominees about dudes turning left. It has been fifty years since a team hit four bombs in a row and the Dodgers did it in the ninth to tie the game. Then hit another round triper in the tenth to win.

Best Play
Boise State 2 Pt Conversion vs. Oklahoma - The Statue of Liberty Play
Darrelle Revis' Return - One Thunderous Block
Dwyane Wade Shot - Crazy Shot off the Glass
Endy Chavez Catch - Home Run Thief
Travis Pastrana - X12 - Moto X Double Backflip

Who Will Win: Boise State
Who I Voted For: Boise State

College football’s overtime rules are pretty lame but that doesn’t take away from Boise State’s ballsy play against a team most thought didn’t deserve playing against.

Best Upset
Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees - AL Division Series
Golden State Warriors vs. Dallas Mavericks - NBA Playoffs
Florida Gators vs. Ohio State Buckeyes - BCS National Championships
Rutgers Scarlet Knights vs. Duke Blue Devils - NCAA Women's Sweet 16

Who Will Win: Florida Gators
Who I Voted For: Golden State Warriors

This one is pretty easy for me because eights never beat one seeds in any sport. And they did it in six games to win.

Best NFL Player
Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints
Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts
Larry Johnson, Kansas City Chiefs
Jason Taylor, Miami Dolphins
LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers
Brian Urlacher, Chicago Bears

Who Will Win: Peyton Manning
Who I Voted For: Brian Urlacher

Best NBA Player
Carmelo Anthony, Denver Nuggets
Kobe Bryant, Los Angles Lakers
Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs
LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers
Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns
Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks

Who Will Win: LeBron James
Who I Voted For: Steve Nash

Best Baseball Player
Ryan Howard, Philadelphia Phillies
Derek Jeter, New York Yankees
Justin Morneau, Minnesota Twins
Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals
Johan Santana, Minnesota Twins

Who Will Win: Albert Pujols
Who I Voted For: Johan Santana

Under Armour Undeniable Award
Arizona Wildcat Softball
Nebraska Cornhusker Volleyball
North Carolina Tar Heels Soccer
Northwestern Wildcats Lacrosse
Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball
Wisconsin Badgers Hockey

Who Will Win: Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball
Who I Voted For: North Carolina Tar Heels Soccer

Gotta love the ambiguous categories that are just shameful product placement. But considering that all the nominees are female college teams, that this is their category. I don’t think that this award was given out to the same thing last year though. Just odd.

Hummer Liker Nothing Else Award
LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers
Michael Phelps, US Swimmer
Kendric Smith, Hughes High School
Diana Taurasi, Phoenix Mercury
LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers

Who Will Win: LeBron James
Who I Voted For: LeBron James

I am glad LeBron is nominated in this category because I can bring up my “LeBron’s Mom Gave Me a Hummer” t-shirt. Other than that there really isn’t much more to say about these mixed bag of random athletes.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. XXIV

Celebrity Fit Club: Men vs. Women: Well that was an anticlimactic finale. Screech’s obnoxious tirades got tired a long time ago to the point I hoped that random redneck actually took a swing at him.

Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School: Last week we got the your token recap show but looking at my TV Guide this week, tonight’s three episodes are all repeats. Are they not showing the finale tonight? Did I miss it? I’m not too worried if I did being that this is VH1 and it will be repeated ad nausea until the next Flavor o Love spin-off starts. Download the full season over on iTunes.

Rescue Me: This show just may be the funniest show on television and the funniest character has to be Garrity. Lou totally hit the nail on the hammer when he said whenever he poised a question it is hard to sleep thinking of the stupidity of it. And his latest question may not have been as funny as the time he debated the existence of God with Tommy’s youngest, but it is up there. But here is the scene of his latest quandary which isn’t really safe for work or anyone with high moral standing:

Lil’ Bush: After watching the first two episodes I’ll say it is funnier than That’s My Bush, but that doesn’t really say much. Download the episodes on iTunes.

Pirate Master: The whole immunity thing could make thing more interesting and three different captains in three weeks is keeping the show almost afloat but I still want to see who exactly is voting fore who.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Even though this was the last of the K&R trilogy, unfortunately it looks like the Jordon pregnancy and Tom’s brother plotlines will carry over into the series finale which means the show will most likely got out in a whimper. Sad for a show that had such great potential and moments of greatness early on. Check out the latest episode over at

Apple iTunes

Next Week’s Pick: Flavor of Love: Charm School on VH1: Whether the finale is on tonight, next week, or it has already been on and I missed it, certainly it will be re-aired plenty of time for anyone who wants to watch to see it.