Saturday, February 11, 2006

Let the Games Begin

Are you think what I'm thinking?  RicolaThe opening ceremonies is just basically four hours of Cir-de-Sole type acts filled with similes that relate to the hosting countries that supposable give unwanted history lessons with the majority of the time devoted to watching all the athlete walk into the stadium painstakingly slow while the commentators have to pull useless facts out of the air like the Gross National Product of Liechtenstein. And ever two years I sit and watch every single second.

The main reason I think I come back year after every other year is Bob Costas. After last night I am now convinced that Bob is take shots of something during commercial breaks because his comments become more and more inane as the night goes on. This year he was joined Brian Williams who was the anti-Bob who would constantly bring up all the bad new like how the Dutch athletes are going to be targeted by assassination because of the recent cartoon scandal that started in the nation. And he seemed overjoyed to mention that Torino has the largest Muslim population in Italy. But then Bob would come back and mock the lone athlete from some African nation. And I swear when Bob translates people speaking in foreign language, he’s just making up the translation. I also like how all lone participants from countries along the equator happen to be professors from America. I need to find a lost ancestor that came from one of these countries so I can participate in the luge in Vancouver. Or maybe start up a Haitian curling team.

Even though the games took place in Italy, there was a strange American feel. Most notable when during the march of the athletes they were piping in American disco and 80’s pop hits even prompting Bob to say “If they play Bette Davis Eyes, my night will be complete.” Then for some reason that Bob couldn’t even comprehend, Susan Sarandon was chosen as one of the people to carry out the Olympic flag. Then out came Yoko Ono, because nothing says Italy like Yoko Ono. Then she introduces another of Italy’s greatest sons, , to sing John Lennon’s Imagine. Umm, okay.

Even though the games are still early, I think I already have my favorite scandal. Two players have already been banned for positive drug tests. The positive drug tests were caused by ingredients found in hair-restoration pills. How much has that got to suck, not only are they losing their hair, to add insult to injury they are kicked out of the Olympics.

Friday, February 10, 2006

We on Award Tour - 2006 Grammy Awards

There is nothing more disturbing than seeing that American Karaoke actually had more viewers. Seriously, people would rather watch amateurs who, if they had any talent at all wouldn’t need a reality show to get a record contract, than see U2 perform? Even the former best karaoker in the land, Kelly Clarkson, performed the first hour. Yeah, America has gone to hell in a hand basket in the past decade, but this has to be one of the saddest indicators yet. But anyways. Here’s my review of the best awards show in recent years, the :

- The show starts up with the much hyped duet between and . Apparently duets these days mean the band plays a song, Madonna shows up at the end, and then quickly goes into her own song sans the cartoons. What a rip off. Plus I really didn’t care to see a 3-D version of the Gorillaz. And weren’t they missing a member? Isn't there an Asian chick in the band? And as much as I railed on the tools that watched American Karaoke, I can understand why anyone would switch the channel after see Madonna in a leotard. Luckily I taped it so I could fast forward.

 Alicia Keys, I'd hit that- , who won my hottest chick of the night award, came out with to give a way too long introduction, but they started to sing Stevie’s song was cool.

- Nicole Kidman was shown in the crowd next to . Interesting post-break up Nicole ends up dating another midget and Tom dates another giant.

- What was with Chris Martin from throwing up the Spock hands during Talk?

- The Grammy’s love to do weird back to back performances and tonights was leading into . Legend did a nice jazzier version of Ordinary People with a full band unlike the record where it’s just him and the piano. I was about to fast forward past Sugarland until I heard someone back stage talking through the speakers. Possibly the funniest part of the night. I wonder how fast that guy got fired.

- Seriously, people would rather watch American Karaoke than ? Someone really needs to explain this to me. Way too much smoke during Vertigo though. It was funny when tried to hold Bono’s hand while he was trying to play guitar. The ending with “Coexist” on the screen was great with the Crescent Moon replacing the “C,” Star of David replacing the “X,” and the cross replacing the “T.”

- Worst dressed of the night had to go to with the white gloves, shirt open to the navel and the glasses.

- Wait, maybe that should go to Ben Rothertdjmtykjytberger with his jacket of Bettis’ Notre Dame jersey and a hat backwards. Why did they even let him the building looking like that?

- Was that the little girl from the video playing piano during ’s performance? It was great after the song and the camera scanned the crowd and she receive a one person standing ovation from the dude from .

- For years, presenters have pulled the “this next performer needs no introduction,” then proceeds to introduce them anyways. Finally Ellen actually says the line and brilliantly walks off stage. And of course needs no introduction. Plus he even dusts off Helter Skelter during his performance.

Kelly Clarkson bigger than Jesus?- Wow, this must have been the most clothes I’ve seen on since the pre-Honey days. But what was with the dude talking from the audience?

- They brought out some dude named who promptly mispronounces “Extraordinary.” Way to waste you only time on primetime TV Michael.

- Kelly Clarkson beats Paul McCartney for best pop album. Using the good old Transitive Property from high school, does this mean Kelly Clarkson is bigger than Jesus?

- More country music up next. Where in the past while watching live, this made for a good bathroom break, but thanks to taping it, I could just fast forward.

Okay, did I really see Sly Stone?- Okay, the next segment was a little hazy, and not sure if this really happened, it was so surreal, but here is the best recollection of what I think I saw. And even though I watched this a couple times to make sure, I can not validate that any of this actually First Dave Chappelle comes out to introduce a tribute possible the only person that makes him look sane these days, . It’s starts off harmless enough with John Legend, and some dude named who were backed by members of the Family Stone (no Rachel McAdams though), Niles Rodgers of and… Randy Jackson? Then came a duet between (how did she win a singing contest) and Devin Lima who I swear was the dude in that didn’t nail Jennifer Love Hewitt (remember Summergirls? Oh never mind). This is the point where I think I was getting a contact high from the TV because Sly’s stash is that potent. Next up was singing with Maroon 5. Um, okay. Then out comes Will.I.Am doing a rap followed the introduction of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry who really don’t do anything. Then out of nowhere Tyler says, “Sly, let’s show them how we do it back in the day.” Then inexplicatively Sly himself, who is making only his second public appearance in my lifetime, come out with a five foot blonde Mohawk. Please read that last second one more time. Sly then plays a couple notes on his keyboard sings “dance to the music” about five times and just leave before the song ends. I doubt there is a better anti-drug campaign better than this segment.

- Next up is yet another Jay-Z/Linkin Park mash-up. This was really cool at first but now it’s just getting tired. Well that was until Paul McCartney came out to sing Yesterday. And if there was anything that came close to Sly’s oddness it would be Jay-Z telling Sir Paul to “Take ‘em up top.” I think I may still have been high. Oh and Jay-Z just happened to be wear a John Lennon shirt. Too bad Jay-Z didn't come out during Helter Skelter and did a couple bars of 99 Problems like from the mashed-up The Grey Album. Yesterday not the best song here.

- Interesting after announcing that Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own won Song of the Year they played We Belong Together instead.

Kanye and Jamie bite Ray Charles one more time- He may have been the worst dressed, but Kanye wins performance of the year with his college battle between KW State and JFU at the Grammy Halftime Show. This should have been the Superbowl halftime show because it was much more entertaining. But I really hope this is the last time we see milks memory. Sadly I doubt that will ever happen. It was nice to see the resurrection of Broke Phi Broke too. And how to cap such a great performance, apparently the Gammy’s though a gratuitous shot of James Taylor would do it. Yeah.

- wins Record of the Year. Yawn. They were so last year.

- How did go from the hottest chick on the planet to the trashiest to now looking like drag queen? This is a crime against humanity.

- Even Kanye couldn’t get too made at U2 winning Album of the Year for the second time, the other being The Joshua Tree. Which begs the question, what did Achtung Baby lose to? (Update: Achtung Baby lost to Eric Clapton's Unplugged in 1993. Also up for the award that year - the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack. I wish I made that last part up. Annie Lennox's Diva and KD Lang's Ingénue rounded out the catergory.)

- For some reason they saved the obligatory old white dude speech for the end. But at least he didn’t whine about music downloads like Michael Green always did.

- I know people won’t like this comment, but I think everyone stopped reading along time ago especially after the Jesus mention, but I’ll say it anyways, Hurricane Katrina was the best thing to happen to . Without it he’d be currently hanging around obscurity but with everyone’s guilt, they feel obligated to drag him out to every major event since then.

- The show ends with a great tribute, even if messed up the second verse.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Toss Up: Lost vs Veronica Mars week 10

Not only did and do battle last night, it was turned into a triple threat match last night with the addition of the Grammy’s last night, which is the best award show of the year. Luckily for the scripted shows, the second hour of the Grammy’s was the weakest with performances by Kelly Clarkson, Paul McCartney, Mariah Carey, and Keith Urban with Faith Hill. But the shows ended in time for possibly the weirdest performance I’ve ever seen, but I’ll go into that more during my Grammy review tomorrow. But now on to my weekly Toss Up debate:

Person Who Says Dude
Lost - Hurley averages about five dudes per episode.
Veronica Mars - Hannah tries to say dude, but can’t pull it off.
Winner - Lost

Same Sex Hook-Ups
Lost - Sawyer wants to see Kate and Sun in an oil wrestling match.
Veronica Mars - Dick unknowingly goes all Brokeback Mountain.
Winner - Veronica Mars

Defending a Significant Other
Lost - Jin wants to mount up and hunt down the Others for kidnapping Sun.
Veronica Mars - Beaver gets back at Dick for harassing Mac by making him go all Brokeback Mountain.
Winner - Veronica Mars

The Long Con
Lost - Sawyer cons everyone on the island for control of the guns.
Veronica Mars - Weevil takes the Senior Trip money then sets up Thumper to take the fall.
Winner - Lost

Scarier Arch-Nemesis
Lost - Charlie’s new goal is to make Locke look like a fool.
Veronica Mars - J.B. will destroy Veronica in order to win the Kane scholarship.
Winner - Lost

So it Ain’t So Joe
Lost - Charlie was the one who kidnapped Sun.
Veronica Mars - Terrence Cook admits to Keith he threw a game in the ACS.
Winner - Veronica Mars

Did You Notice?
Lost - Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s aunt served Sawyer coffee. Oh, and think she was also Kate’s mom.
Veronica Mars - Logan’s new friend’s dad just happened to be the dude who lied to the cops that he called in the Logan on the bridge incident.
Winner - Veronica Mars

Lost this week again followed recent trend of somewhat interesting island story paired up with flashbacks that brought nothing interesting to the story. Sawyer’s long con was brilliantly executed except were exactly did Sawyer hide all the guns where people will not be able to find them? There are two very skilled trackers in the tribe so I can’t image it will be that hard for them to find the stash. Not to mention how exactly was Locke able to move all the guns before Jack and his posse got there? In the end I have a feeling that the Others will end up finding the guns before Locke or Kate hunt them down.

In the flashback, Sawyer cons yet another woman starting out the con exactly like the last one we saw, but this chick is a little smarter and figures out he’s trying to get her money. But the recently divorced mark wants the rush of the con and is lured into Sawyer’s world. And if anyone thought Sawyer was actually falling for her obviously hasn’t been watching the same show because it wasn’t too shocking to me that he ended up conning her in the end. Oh, and also Sawyer ran into Kate’s mom too. But instead of Kate’s mom turning to the long con like I thought or ending up being in the car in the end as my second guess. No all she did was pour coffee. That had to be one of the biggest letdowns on Lost yet. Seriously, why bring back the actress just to have her pour coffee? Even if it is paid off later, it will still be too late.

But a show that never fails to pay off is Veronica Mars back with a solid effort after the lull of the post-Duncan leaving episode. This week Neptune was throwing its winter carnival to raise money for the senior trip. But just as the Tritons did their ritual naked mile, the trip money went missing under Veronica’s watch. Weevil, who has spent his time since being ousted as a gang leader by growing his hair out, ended admitting to Veronica to the theft after rolling to school in his new car. Not that anyone else would figure that out as Weevil planted enough on money in Thumper’s locker in addition to Mrs. Houser being caught skimming off the top.

And what better place to fall in love than the Winter Carnival as we get three new hook-ups. We get to see Wallace and Jane on their first date. Also Beaver and Mac quickly couple off after only one episode of flirting. But the most interesting is Logan’s courtship of the uber-cute (and Meg look-a-like) Hannah. But since to her lack of dating experience, I can’t imagine daddy will be too happy of her making out with the son of an alleged murder in front of him. Oh, and there’s that whole, he set up Logan by giving the police false information thing.

But it was Terrence Cook making an appearance at Mars Investigation that was the most interesting part of the episode. In it we learn what could be some very crucial facts about the bus crash. First it turned out that Ms. Dumass, you know that teacher on the bus, went all Fatal Attraction on Cook, ruining his impending nuptials. And she happened to overhear him talking to the Fitzpatrick’s about his extensive gambling debt that led to him throwing a playoff game. Oh, those Fitzpatrick are just showing up everywhere this season.

Next week could be the breaking point for Lost, I have theorized most of the season that the bunker clock will hit zero at the very last second of this season’s finale, but surprisingly, we may actually see what happens next week (granted I’m sure it will hit zero at the end of the episode and won’t se what will happen until the next wee, but anyways). If this turns out to be a dream sequence or something fake, I may never watch the show again. Also it looks like Sayid will be capturing an Other (I’m sure that’s not the case) and will be looking for answers.

As for Veronica Mars, next week will be as same as this week. Or at least that’s what the preview was the same as last week. But I have it on good authority that next week will feature Kristin from as a lesbian cheerleader. There is nothing that says must see TV like “lesbian cheerleader.”

Speaking of Kristin from Laguna Beach, I didn’t watch her new show, Get This Party Started but wanted to talk about it anyways. From the previews, the premiere episode sent two girls from New Orleans to Vegas for a big party. But to get them there without ruining the surprise party, they told the girls they were going to some big talent show for their singing. Now here my problem with the show, the lie was better than the actual party. If someone told me I going to Vegas for a singing competition, I’d be let down to find out all I was getting was a party.

And as I mentioned a few times earlier, I will be having a huge announcement to make in the near future. Actually, I’ll just tell you right now. But first I need some mood music (cue up Going Back to Cali) At the end of the month, the good people over at UPN/Warner Bros. are flying me out to San Diego where I will get tour the set of Veronica Mars, meet the actors, and have lunch with creator, Rob Thomas (no not this ). I’ll pass along some more information as the time comes and of course I’ll have a complete wrap up when I get back including pictures and the like. I have a feeling this will be up there with the time I was on Letterman. And if any other TV shows are interested in flying me out to their set, just shout me a holla.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Her Face is the Map of the World

Eye to the Telescope - KT Tunstall

Recently, I railed against the music industry for not having any major names releasing any music in the near future. I also hoped that without any marquee names on the horizon, that there would be some new artist to discover much like I did last tear at this time with (see my review - These Words Are My Diary Screaming Out Loud). Enter a Scottish folk sing who’s even spent some time stateside in Connecticut.

Even though Tunstall strums on her acoustic guitar for most of her debut record, , it isn’t your typical folk album as she adds a refreshing blend of blues, rock, and soul into most of her songs. The first single Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, which I didn’t care too much at first listen but really grew on me, takes Bo Diddly’s famous riff and surrounds it with a cavalcade of “woo-oo’s,” hand claps and other percussion and turns into the most entertaining song in recent memory.

The album starts off with the breezy Other Side of the World is punctuated by a calming synthesizer that never takes away from the other instruments. And there is just something about the way Tunstall says the word “water” throughout the song. False Alarm starts off as your standard lullaby song that keeps on building and building into something much grander and to crash and start again taking the listener on a great ride.

On Stoppin’ the Love, Tunstall enlist the talents of a men’s choir to great result. The contrast of the voices really work well here. Then on the next song, Heal Over, she effectively is able to harmonize with herself to equal effect. And to show that she more accoumplished than with just the acoustic gutair, she ends the album with the piano driven Through the Dark, maybe giving us a glimpse of what to expect in the future from her.

If one song can sum Suddenly I See, there is a good 60’s pop vibe to it with it bouncy verses and sing-a-long chorus. The song is about finally realizing what people see in a famous girl a idea that can definitely apply to anyone who listens to this album because you will suddenly see what is so great about KT Tunstall.

Song to Download - Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

Eye to the Telescope gets a Terror Alert Level: Severe [RED] on my Terror Alert Scale.

KT Tunstall on iTunes

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

There’s No Stopping Curiosity

Sing-a-Longs & Lullabies for the Film Curious George - Jack Johnson and Friends

When I first heard that would be making a children’s album for the soundtrack of the new movie I had a little trepidation. I am a huge fan of the surfer turned acoustic king but then again I’m not a kid nor have any of my own. But Johnson’s music already is for all ages and really wouldn’t need to have a drastic change aside from avoiding the occasional political song that sometimes peppers his albums.

So as a kid’s record, Jackson and his band of merry men stick to themes of friendship and other social lesson found in other children’s entertainment. For the most part the songs still have the same breezy acoustic sound that is typically associated with Johnson. But without the diversity in topics, the songs tend to blend into each other over time. Although it’s somewhat odd that the downer Wrong Turn, that includes the line, “this was only the worst hour of my day” in it. I guess that it has to do something with Curious George getting in trouble in the movie before everything gets resolved happily.

There are a couple of straight ahead kids songs most notable a remake of the old Schoolhouse Rocks! gem 3 R’s, or as I remember it, Three is a Magic Number. But this time they focus on the three R’s, reduce, reuse, recycle, and you just know that Johnson would slip some Earth friendly lyrics in here. Johnson even brings some kids along to help him sing the song as well as the earlier Sharing Song. The kids choir aren’t the only ones that drop by to help Johnson out, help people being an overlying theme of the album, as some of his buddies stop by to lend a hand as Kawika Kahiapo (Talk of the Town), (Jungle Gym), (Lullaby), and (My Own Two Hands) all make appearances.

In the end, the album is good for people of all ages and a must own for anyone with kids whose age are in the single digits. As an added bonus, maybe if you get you kids to listen to good music at a young age, they won’t listen to horrible music like or when they enter into the teenage years.

Song to Download - We’re Going to Be Friends (Yes this is a cover)

Sing-a-Longs & Lullabies for the Film Curious George gets a Terror Alert Level: High [ORANGE] on my Terror Alert Scale.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Obligatory Super Bowl Review

Well that was boring. The commercials were sub-par, very few must see movie trailers, the half time show was sleep inducing and on top of it was a poorly played game. And if I were a Seahawks fan I would be extremely pissed because Seattle got jobbed. Four major game changing calls and all four went in the favor Pittsburg. I wonder if Joey Porter is going to thank the referees for throwing the game just like he ripped them for trying to give the game to the Colts a couple weeks ago. Even the main page of had a headline that said “Steeling the Show.” Here are the calls in question:

1. Bogus offensive interference in the end zone negating a Seahawks touchdown. Personally it looked more like a stiff arm than a push. If a player runs into someone else’s hand, it shouldn’t be a penalty. This led to field goal.

2. Big Ben on a third and twenty-eight dances on the line of scrimmage before completing a pass inside the five. This led to…

3. Big Ben dives into the end zone and the line judge tentatively calls it a touchdown basically hoping that the reply would get it right. But there wasn’t enough information for the officials to over tune it giving the Steelers their first score.

4. Phantom holding call that negated a pass to the one yard line. I’ll take John Madden’s word for it that wasn’t any holding on that play. This led to a Steelers interception which Pittsburg tuned into seven points.

It seems like every major sport events these days are marred by shady officiating that reeks of them throwing the game. Back when I was an official, whenever I made a questionable call, I’d always make sure that the next one would go the other way just to keep thing fair. But all of the major league officials always seem to favor one team. It’s almost as if Don King were involved. But anyways. Here are some of the thought I had during the big game yesterday:

- Why would they have Bill Belichicken in the pre-show? This is the most boring person ever. You might as well have brought in Steven Wright to do color commentary after that.

- Only thing lamer than performance at halftime was the Mick Jagger interview during the pre-show.

- On the other hand the pre-show concert was much better albeit they should have had fewer songs so they could spend more time singing the ones that would be left. And maybe during the Motown review, they should have had a couple more artists from Detroit.

- I wonder if knows if is a skinny white chick form England.

- The NFL really dropped the ball by ignoring those who didn’t show up for the MVP introduction. Yeah it’s shady for Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for passing due to money issues but should have at least named them all.

- Not a good sign for the Seahawks when they came out to the sounds of Bittersweet Symphony. Unless you are dedicating it to your opponent, not the best choice.

- What are with goofballs that shout during the moment of silence? These people should have been kick out of the game.

- That was a nice jazzy version of the Star Spangled Banner, but I could have done without and trying to out-diva each other.

- I’m pretty sure was stoned during the segment. And had I been high, I may have enjoyed it.

- Didn’t the Rolling Stones do the exact same set during the kickoff show at the beginning of the season? It was nice that they played a new song though giving everyone a chance to go to the bathroom.

- I passed on the post show because there are very few things in my life I’d like to less than the Steelers celebrating a Super Bowl.

The commercials were overall lackluster. Out of five, I rated most of the ads a three or less. Plus I still don’t have a clue what does and there was an ad with a bunch of people in HASMAT suits except I have absolutely no clue what it was advertising nor do I remember whose ad it was. Aside from and the new , none of the movies seemed that interesting. And wasn’t there a Poseidon Adventure remake that was a made for TV movie a couple weeks ago, why would I spend ten bucks to see another one? But anyways. In the end, it’s not a good sign when one of the best commercials is for a TV show, but here my list of the best of the best anyways:

1. - I work with jackasses
2. MasterCard -

3. Crime Deterrent Cell Phone
4. Lost - Addictive to Love
5. Bud Light - Scavenger hunt
6. I’m Going to Disney World
7. Ford Escape Hybrid - Kermit, It Ain’t Easy Being Green
8. Sharpie - Pirate autograph
9. Desperate Housewives - Which housewife are you?
10. Mobile ESPN
11. Degree - Stunt City
12. Budweiser - Lamb streaker
13. Aleve - Spock
14. Unknown - HASMAT
15. Budweiser - Stadium cards

The worst ad by far was Diet Pepsi's "Brown and Bubbly" ads. How could this make it to air. You got to think someone along the way would realize how this phrase could easily be compaired to things people do in the bathroom. This could go down as the worst marketing idea ever. In other new, I may gave some very cool news to announce in the near future, and I’m talk about the time I was on Letterman cool, so make sure you look out for that.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

More Hit Wonders

A couple days ago during my review of the new Train album (see my review - The Days Are Better, the Nights Are Still so Lonely) that it was surprising that the band landed a second hit because it seemed like they were destined for one hit wonder status after Meet Virginia. Sometimes it’s almost sad to see a band get another hit because being a one hit wonder is a lot more interesting then a two hit wonder. The Bloodhound Gang may have been regarded with some of the best one hit wonders after Fire Water Burn, but they had to taint that legacy by having a second hit with The Bad Touch. Oddly enough there is some revisionist history as Vanilla Ice is considered a one hit wonder even though Play That Funky Music was almost as big as Ice Ice Baby. But anyways. Some song when you hear them you just know they are going to be one hit wonders, but here is a list of the most surprising artist that were able to make a career of it after that hit.

5. Radiohead
One Hit Wonder Candidate - Creep
Surprising Second Hit - High and Dry

English bands have a long list of one hit wonders here in America and Radiohead looked just like another band to be added to the list with a song that is highlighted by the chunk-chunk guitar sound right before the chorus. But the band was able to regroup and become one of the most critically acclaimed bands of the past decade.

4. Train
One Hit Wonder Candidate - Meet Virginia
Surprising Second Hit - Drops of Jupiter

Quirky songs are another indicator of one hit wonder and the quirky lyrics were just icing on the cake. But with help from the Counting Crows pianist, the band was able to return three years later with Drops of Jupiter and have been a adult contemporary radio regular ever since.

3. Collective Soul
One Hit Wonder Candidate - Shine
Surprising Second Hit - December

In the mist of grunge, the band released an uplifting southern rock with vaguely religious overtones. They were able to get another hit with the weird December and continued racking up hits in the nineties. Mmm, "uplifting southern rock with vaguely religious overtones," if any of the members of the Los Lonely Boys are reading this, there’s hope for you yet.

2. Eminem
One Hit Wonder Candidate - My Name Is
Surprising Second Hit - The Real Slim Shady

More than any other genre, rap seems to be littered with one hi wonders and Eminem seemed to be no different. He came back later with the more entertaining The Real Slim Shady. He continues to pump out the hits even though today he just seems like a parody of himself.

1. Beck
One Hit Wonder Candidate - Loser
Surprising Second Hit - Where it’s At

There was no bigger surprise of a second hit then Beck. Loser was a quirky pop song with inane sing-a-long lyrics, like get crazy with the Cheese Wiz or suggesting to get a drive-by body piercing, and for some reason Spanish words that made my classmates clamoring to sign up for the foreign language. The video was even weirder with the low budget looking vibe with coffins and skeletons. Yet even with all the indicators of a one hit wonder he was able to squeeze more life out of his career by utilizing two turntables and a microphone.

So there you have it, that’s it, that’s the list. If there were any artist that surprised you that they were able to manage a second quality hit, feel free to leave it in the comment section. As for the Super Bowl, I know I should pick the Steelers because I ever team I picked to win has lost and lost bad, and there is nothing more than I’d like to see more than Pittsburgh to get crushed. But I still have to go with Seattle. They have the better quarterback, running back, and coach. As for a score, I’ll say 24-10.