Saturday, August 31, 2019

Around the Tubes: August 31, 2019

I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on Looking for Alaska, Taylor Swift, Kiana Ledé’s, Mark Lanegan Band, Angelica Vila, Audiomack, and Yoshiki.

- Hulu is excited to share the key art for upcoming Limited Series Looking for Alaska. All eight episodes of Looking for Alaska will debut on Friday, October 18 only on Hulu. Synopsis: Looking for Alaska is an 8-episode limited series based on the John Green novel of the same name. Set in 2005, it centers around teenager Miles “Pudge” Halter (Charlie Plummer), as he enrolls in boarding school to try to gain a deeper perspective on life. He falls in love with Alaska Young (Kristine Froseth), and finds a group of loyal friends. But after an unexpected tragedy, Miles and his close friends attempt to make sense of what they’ve been through. The series stars Charlie Plummer, Kristine Froseth, Denny Love, Jay Lee, Landry Bender, Sofia Vassilieva, Uriah Shelton, and Jordan Connor. Ron Cephas Jones (This Is Us) and Timothy Simons (Veep) also star.

- In just 24 hours, Taylor Swift’s blockbuster new album Lover became this year’s highest selling album in the U.S. Taylor makes history yet again by earning “the biggest first-week total for any album since her own Reputation in 2017,” according to Billboard. Globally, Lover (Republic Records) has surpassed more than 3 million in consumption. In the U.S. it has eclipsed 1 million-plus total consumption year-to-date and is approaching 700k in pure album sales this week.

- Global superstar Taylor Swift will perform an intimate concert in Paris, France to celebrate the record-breaking superstar’s seventh album Lover; first for Republic Records. Lenovo Presents: The City of Lover Concert will take place at The Olympia Theater in Paris on Monday, September 9th, 2019. The concert will welcome fans from more than 30 countries to experience a once-in-a-lifetime performance from the 10-time Grammy award-winning artist and songwriter.

- Vevo announces the release of LIFT artist, Kiana Ledé’s, second piece of content for “Can I” from of her new Myself EP. Vevo’s LIFT initiative connects today’s up-and-coming artists to audiences around the globe through video content. Launched in 2011, Vevo's artist development program shines a spotlight on the world's freshest new talent. Vevo LIFT alumni include the likes of Sam Smith, Halsey, Khalid, Jorja Smith, SZA, Julia Michaels, Billie Eilish and CNCO. Ledé's LIFT performances follow those of Def Jam Recordings’ YK Osiris, who recently premiered a live version of his hit “Worth It” as well as a short film, “YK Osiris: Young King.”

- With highly–anticipated new album Somebody’s Knocking due for release on October 18th via Heavenly Recordings, this week Mark Lanegan Band have shared new single “Night Flight To Kabul” alongside its incredible, visually-unique video, directed by Dean Karr. Watch and listen to it HERE. Of the video Lanegan says: “The artistry and genius of Dean Karr is what made this video happen. 5,000 still photographs taken in eight hours were painstakingly put together to give the appearance of a strange wraithlike figure moving weirdly through the desolate landscape of the Salton Sea. My third video with Dean in three different decades and I have to say this was the best. The most artistically challenging and satisfying.” Director Dean Karr adds: “We had been talking about doing this video for Night Flight to Kabul for a month or two and my only concern was how could I pull this off with such a challenging budget for my friend? Being a photographer before I was ever a director, I decided to use my Nikon D810 still camera for the entire music video and turn it into animation throughout the entire clip. What a simple solution! There's lots of post work involved, which was done by editor and FX artist Joel Nathaniel Smith. There's alot to be said for the simplicity of working WITHOUT a crew, it was just Mark, myself and a fan of Mark's (Jason Hall) who drove 3 hours out of his way to meet us at the The Salton Sea, CA to help us shoot a beyond unique video! I think this is one of the freshest looking things out there today and love the ‘melty’ moments, which remind me of doing hallucinogenics back in the day!”

- Rising songstress Angelica Vila releases the video for her single “All I Do Is 4 U” today via Roc Nation in partnership with Republic Records. Watch “All I Do Is 4 U: HERE.  The video encompasses nostalgic summer vibes, following the singer around her hometown of New York with appearances from Dave East. The video also features an appearance from fashion legend Dapper Dan. The video premiered today on HYPEBEAST with the outlet calling her “a one-of-a-kind talent who showcases her electric signing prowess and top of the line songwriting ability on her new record.” The video also premiered on broadcast today on BET Jams and BET Soul.

- Audiomack welcomes critically acclaimed international star and Nigerian afro-fusion pop innovator Burna Boy as the latest performer on its popular tastemaker-approved series, Trap Symphony. Watch it HERE.

- internationally renowned, composer, classically-trained pianist, rock drummer and leader of the rock group X JAPAN--has announced his support for Earth Alliance and its Amazon Forest Fund. YOSHIKI has donated $100,000.00 to Earth Alliance and its Amazon Forest Fund in support of local efforts on the ground that are working to support the indigenous and local communities that are protecting the land and biodiversity. After hearing about the increasing fires throughout the Amazon region, YOSHIKI discovered the newly launched Earth Alliance and reached out to make the donation through his 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Yoshiki Foundation America.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: August 25, 2019

Veronica Mars: Episode 7: An episode later than me, but Mars Investigations finally zeroed in on the Pizza Delivery Guy as the mass bomber. Being that there is one episode left, I guess he did not actually do it. Plus he does not really come off as criminal mastermind. I still think someone in his cold case group could be involved. Just how far away is Clark Duke? He does give off skivvy vibes. Certainly whoever did it is certainly playing to them.

But how disappointing that Ronnie hooking up with Deputy Special Agent Leo was just a dream sequence. It was almost as disappoint as it was weird as Ronnie using that as an excuse to accept Logan’s proposal. Um, yeah, I do not see them ending the season in marital bliss. So I predict either Logan dies in the finale or gets caught in bed with Madison Sinclair. Which could explain all the whining I have heard about how the season ends. But really, that is the ending I am rooting for.

Episode 8: Holy Parker sighting! Sure, not as random as Mac’s boyfriend earlier this season. At least Jake Kane buying a school he could put his name on makes sense. And I was right that someone in the murder club was the bomber and was on the right track that there was something fishy with Clark Duke but I was fooled by pizza boy like everyone else. Granted Patton Oswalt is no Keyser Söze and his heel turn did not really work in my book.

Still I am glad the show returned and hope we get a season five, and hopefully the wait is not very long like in between seasons or the movie. I am actually glad they killed Logan because I always found his relationship with Ronnie weird. I mean the guy provides the roofies that got her raped, slept with Madison Sinclair days after they broke up, beat the living shirt out her boyfriend to the point he had to go to the hospital, and was someone she even described as the obligatory psychotic jackash. And really, he was kind o a complete wet blanket in season four so good riddance, please stay dead. #TeamDeputyLeo.
You can watch Veronica Mars on Hulu.

City on a Hill: The written “previously on” was an interesting way of doing that, but here is where it fails. When I read that Jackie interfered in the bust last week, I do not remember what exactly he did. Had they shown us, obviously I would have remembered. Visuals are just always better. Remember when Ray Rice told the commissioner he hit his girlfriend? He just got suspended two games. But when we all saw it on video, he never played again.

And did Jimmy really get blanket immunity? That is kind of dumb. I am no legal scholar but just last week on The Handmaid’s Tale, they gave Serena immunity for some things but when Fred accused her of others, that is how she got arrested. Give Jimmy immunity for the bark robbery, I do not see how that also allows him to get away with murder. But I wonder if we will see him or his brother next season or if it will just be the DA vs. Kevin Bacon all season. I would much rather watch the latter. Shows always fail when the antagonist sticks around too long.

Fear the Walking Dead: So why is everyone splitting up? I feel like I missed that. And why did we not get the black dude from last week first? I kind of forgot about him until he showed up on the “Next time on…” That kind of seemed more interesting than what we ended up getting this week. And was Red Jacket Guy living there among the zombies? Did the zombies break in and that it when things went bad for him? Was he juts alone this whole time? I did not need a big flashback but they could have explained that better.
You can download Fear the Walking Dead on iTunes.

Harlots: After Charlotte died in episode three and Theon died in episode five, I was wondering who would die in the seventh episode. No one, but creepy dude did task Quigley in finding a new girl to kill. So maybe there will be a body count in the finale. I also think that the Pincher dude will let his brother’s murder go unchecked (even though him killing Charlotte led to his brother’s death). Could he find out that Nancy actually pulled the trigger or maybe go after Lucy as the lone Wells left in Britain in retribution? And are we even sure Margaret actually left for the U.S.?
You can watch Harlots on Hulu.