Saturday, March 19, 2011

Best of the Week - 3/19/11

Quote of the Week: Yeah, I really got Jewish personed out of that one. (Peirce, Community)

Song of the Week: Love Will Keep Us Together – Captain and Tennille (as sung by Rajiv, Outsourced)

Big News of the Week: Bracket Busted Already: For the first time in over a decade I had one of my Final Four teams go out in the first weekend. Thanks St. Johns. I guess I should have gone all high seeds like BaChalke Obama did yet again this year. Seriously, what self respecting basketball fan picks all number one seeds? At least he didn’t shamelessly go with all swing states like he did last year.

Gratuitous Token Hot Chick Picture of the Week:

Yvonne Strahovski double fisting in leather

Free Download of the Week: Young Blood – The Naked and Famous (iTunes)

Deal of the Week: Save up to 50% on Hit TV Series: (Weeds, Mad Men, Boy Meets World)

New Album Release of the Week: Hello Fear - Kirk Franklin

New DVD Release of the Week: Ernest Double Feature: Ernest Goes to Camp & Ernest Goes to Jail [Blu-ray]

Video of the Week: Not to go all Leave Britney Alone on the internet, but I do not understand the vitriol hate for Rebecca Black’s Friday. Is it horrible, sure, with inane lyrics that for some reason details the sequence of days of the week but is it any worse than anything that Justin Bieber has put out in the past year? And the lyrics could be Dylanesque compared to Katy Perry’s Hot N Cold. So shut up internet and just be happy like I am that YouTube didn’t exist when you were thirteen.

Rebecca Black – Friday

Next Week Pick of the Week: Pretty Little Liars, Monday at 8:00 on ABC Family: The latest show from ABC Family may have been much more guilty than pleasure, but it did keep me watching all season. Hopefully the girls finally out “A” for the finale, but I doubt that will happen.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Around the Tubes - 3/18/11

I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on Big Love, Parks and Recreations, The Cape, Outsourced, Yo Gabba Gabba!, The Dog Whisperer, Triangle: Remembering the Fire, Pee Herman Show on Broadway, Wilfred, Life After Film School, Big Brian: The Fortune Seller, Men's Health, and 16th Annual Gathering of the Vibes Festival.

- Big Love hits its dramatic conclusion this Sunday on HBO. For those that want a trip on memory lane before it ends, here is a half hour End of Days Show retrospective.

- Fans of Parks and Recreations will be happy to lean that starting today will be hosting Super-sized Producers Cut. Head over there to see an extended version of last night’s episode. Also getting expanded editions will be the episodes airing 4/28, 5/12, and 5/19. Even better news is the NBC announced yesterday that it is picking up Parks and Recreations for the 2011-12 season along with The Office and Community.

- In other news, the season (most likely series) finale of The Cape is now streaming their exclusively.

- Sometimes you just need some love advise, and here is some from the resident ladies man (albeit over the phone) on Outsourced, Manmeet:

Love Advise, Part 1

- While in other renewal news, Nickelodeon has announced they are picking up live-action preschool series, Yo Gabba Gabba! for thirteen new episodes.

- There will also be new episodes of The Dog Whisperer early in 2010 but will be switching networks to the more animal themed Nat Geo Wild. No word yet if one of the ten episodes ordered will see Cesar Millan heading here to the 9th Green to teach my dogs that the dining room isn’t their own personal bathroom.

- On Monday at 9:00, HBO will reflect on the 100th anniversary of The Triangle Shirt Waist Factory Fire with Triangle: Remembering the Fire. For those unfamiliar with the tragedy, up until 9/11 it was the worst workplace disaster in New York State where 146 had the choice of being burned alive or jump ten stories to their death. The aftermath sparked the modern labor movement (which we may be witnessing the death of in Wisconsin). For more information, here is a trailer:

- Just a reminder in news I broke a couple weeks ago, the Pee Herman Show on Broadway airs tomorrow at 10:00 on HBO. The channel has also created a Facebook app where you can have the childhood icon make a personalized phone call to your friends.

- While they have the best dramas on television, FX really hasn’t found a particularly funny show until Louis. We will have to see is Wilfred brings more funny to the network in June. Here is a promo:

Wilfred on FX – Friends

- This Sunday on the Fox Movie Channel, a new episode of Life After Film School will feature Brad Simpson and Nina Jacobsen, producers of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules.

- New Show Alert: Big Brian: The Fortune Seller premieres Monday on TruTV following the business of estate sales.

- Mixed martial artist Georges St. Pierre covers April’s edition of Men’s Health. Inside you can learn such things as his future goals: “The danger is not to set your goal too high and fail to reach it. It’s to set your goal too low and reach it.”

- For those in the Bridgeport, CT area, the 16TH Annual Gathering of the Vibes Festival will be going on July 21-24. FURTHUR featuring Phil Lesh and Bob Weir, Jane's Addiction and Elvis Costello are all set to perform. Single Day, Camping and VIP Tickets On Sale Now at Over 40 bands will perform on multiple alternating stages at Seaside Park's 370-acre beachfront venue.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Batman's Rich History Allows Him to Be Interpreted in a Multitude of Ways

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

With Batman hitting a critical peak with the Christopher Nolan trilogy, you would think a cartoony version, both in visual and execution, may bring down the bat brand. But Cartoon Network’s Batman: The Brave and the Bold is entertaining in its own right even though it conjures up more parallels to the Adam West version than Christian Bale. And unlike recent 3-D cartoons like Star Wars: The Clone Wars, or stylized animation of the recent Young Justice, The Brave and the Bold is animation at out your eighties Saturday morning cartoon memories.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold, own it on DVD now, features the caped crusader teaming up with a different superhero (or two) from the DC Universe battling different bad guys from the same pages. Most episodes are divided into two segments, opening usually with Batman and a Super Friend already in mid mission before launching into a longer full mission after the title sequence. Oddly, the two other biggest members of The Justice League, Superman and Wonder Woman are not featured in the first season. And many of Batman’s famous rouge gallery members like The Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, Scarecrow, Two-Face, and Mr. Freeze have blink and you’ll miss it cameos.

But the more famous DC Superhero/villains are not missed because the cartoony style is a great way to highlight some of the company’s lesser characters like Booster Gold, the Outsiders, even Sherlock Holmes to take on the likes of Gentlemen’s Ghost, Psycho-Pirate, Gorilla Grodd, and to prove not all villains are equal: Calendar Man.

Some of the standout episodes in this set include the very meta Legends of the Dark Mite! where Bat-Mite attends a Batman fan convention (where he defends a lighter incarnation of Batman) and features Biker Santa’s. And really whenever the over the top gregarious Aquaman shows up. But the episode the stands above all other is when Neil Patrick Harris shows up as the Music Meister and gets the heroes and villain alike to break out into a song and dance for his own amusement. Batman: The Brave and the Bold is a perfect Batman primer for young kids that the parents can still enjoy. Though it should be pointed out aside a trailer, there is nothing in the way of bonus material included.

Diedrich Bader may not be the first name to come to mind when casting the Dark Knight, but his deep gravely voice works well in the role (just as long as you don’t conjure up visions of his work on The Drew Carey Show or his current gig on Outsourced) and his comic background work does help in the show’s lighter moments. Other vocal talents are provided by the likes of Will Friedle as the Jamie Reyes version of Blue Beetle, Oded Fehr as Equinox, R. Lee Ermey (from History’s Mail Call) as Wildcat, Carl Lumbly as Tornado Tyrant, Phil Morris (who plays the live action Marian Manhunter on Smallville) as Jonah Hex, Paul Reubens as Bat-Mite, Tom Everett Scott as Booster Gold, , Armin Shimerman as Psycho-Pirate, Jeffrey Tambor as Crazy Quilt, Tony Todd as Astaroth, Kevin Michael Richardson as Black Manta and B’wana Beast, and Wil Wheaton as the Ted Kord version of Blue Beetle. Check out a synopsis from Warner Brothers below:

Batman wings into an exciting new era, teaming with a mighty honor roll of DC Comics Super Heroes in this action-packed series. Through the show’s final 13 Animated Adventures in this 2-Disc Collection, the Dark Knight allies with Aquaman, Plastic Man, Blue Beetle, Red Tornado, Green Arrow, Wildcat, Deadman, Bronze Tiger and Atom to take on an array of evildoers ranging from mad scientists to intergalactic crooks, from power-mad dictators to out-of-control teenagers. He even travels to a parallel world, becoming the villainous Owlman! (Scooter’s Note: The Owlman episode is actually part of Season Zone, Part One and not part of this set) In this cool, cutting-edge and often funny series bringing back old-school comic-book styling and dry wit to crimefighting, Batman faces any peril – including other heroes stealing the show – in his relentless pursuit of justice.

Full Disclosure Notice: This DVD was given to me on behalf of Warner Bros. for the purpose of reviewing the series.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Melancholy Happy Trails to Nate Dogg

With all due respect to Mary J. Blige, Nate Dogg was the greatest hook singer ever. Nathaniel Hale passed away yesterday after several years of health problems as the result of multiple strokes. Nate broke out with his childhood friends back in Long Beach Snoop Dogg and Warren G (who formed a group 213) who ushered in the G-Funk era in the early nineties under the tutelage of Dr. Dre. For a decade and a half, you were no one unless you could get Nate Dogg singing your hooks as he helped launch 50 Cent, Fabolous, and Ludacris, and jumped on tracks from legends like Eminem and 2Pac.

For those of us that cannot rap, Nate Dogg made the art form more accessible to join along with his Barry White delivery but smoothed out on a Gangsta tip. We may not be able to spit like the rappers he performed with, but it was much more fun to sing along with Nate, I still remember everyone around the dorms still constantly singing, Ayo, Ayo, Ayo, you don’t wanna step to me.” And “Regulators: mount up” was a rallying cry during intramural games. And I is still no fun if my homies can’t get none. Though never able to break out on his own, Nate Dogg left a big impression on my formative years. He was 41. Here are some of my favorite tracks that featured the singer.

Regulate - Warren G featuring Nate Dogg

The Next Episode - featuring Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, and Kurupt

Bitch Please - Snoop Dogg featuring Xzibit and Nate Dogg

Can't Deny It - Fabolous featuring Nate Dogg

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lyrics Quiz: Green River

In two days there will probably be a few Green Rivers flowing in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and so I thought I would put the Creedence Clearwater Revival song threw iTunes Genius feature and here are the twenty-five songs they suggested which should be fairly easy for the classic rock fans out there. As always leave your guesses, both artist and song title, in the comment section or e-mail me. If you are correct I will un-bold the lyric and give you credit. Please keep in mind the lyrics quiz is for entertainment purposes only so please only use your own meandering mind to guess them.

1. I’ll wait in the queue where the trains come back. Lie with you where the shadows run from themselves.
2. You know the day destroys the night; night divides the day.
3. I like to hear some funky Dixie land and dance a honky tonk and I’ll be buying everybody drinks all round.
4. Somewhere, somehow, somebody must have kicked you around some. Who knows, maybe you were kidnapped, tied up, taken away for ransom.
5. He was a hard-headed man, he was brutally handsome, and she was terminally pretty. She held him up, and he held her for ransom in the heart of the cold, cold city.
6. It seems like yesterday, but it was long ago. Janey was lovely she was the queen of my nights.
7. Tambourines and elephants are playing in the band. Won’t you take a ride on the flying spoon?
8. Don’t come hanging around my door. I don’t wan to see your face no more. I got more important things to do them spend my time growing old with you.
9. I'm going way down south, way down where I can be free. Ain’t no one gonna find me. Ain’t no hang-man gonna, he ain’t gonna put a rope around me. You better believe it right now.
10. Who could hang a name on you? When you change with every new day, still I'm gonna miss you.
11. When I read the letter you sent me it made me mad, mad, mad. When I read the news that it brought me it made me sad, sad, sad.
12. I never understood a single word he said. But I helped him drink his wine and he always had some mighty fine wine.
13. She’s got hair down to her fanny. She’s kinda jet set, try undo her panties.
14. The lunatic is on the grass. Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs. Got to keep the loonies on the path.
15. What will you do when you get lonely? No one waiting by your side. You’ve been running and hiding much too long. You know it’s just your foolish pride.
16. Saw him the other night at this roadside bar. I was walking in, he was walking out. We went back inside, sat down had a few drinks.
17. And after all the violence and double talk there’s just a song in all the trouble and the strife.
18. I’m getting tired of waiting and fooling around. I’ll find somebody, who won't make me feel like a clown.
19. Let me go home, why don’t they let me go home? This is the worst trip I’ve ever been on.
20. I am yours, you are mine, you are what you are. You make it hard.
21. Sitting on the park bench, eyeing little girls with bad intent. Snot is running down his nose, greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes.
22. They told me when I was younger, “Boy you're gonna be president.” But just like everything else those old crazy dreams.
23. He heard one guitar, just blew him away. Saw stars in his eyes and the very next day bought a beat up six string in a secondhand store.
24. Boys and things that come by the dozen. That ain’t nothing but drugstore loving. Hey little thing let me light your candle.
25. And my mind goes back to a girl I left some years ago who told me…

Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness Baby! 2011 Edition

It became very clear this year that the selection committee hate me. My alma mater Kent State University wins the regular season MAC championship, but loses the conference tournament in overtime (one a questionable no call on a would be game winning shot) which apparently made them unworthy to make to the big dance so numerous teams in “big” conferences that were one and done could get at large bids. Then Cleveland State University, where I did graduate work at, had the second highest RPI of teams left out after Harvard but since they are also considered a mid major, they can be left out so lower RPI “big” schools can get that at large bid. Maybe it is time to give two automatic bids for each conference, especially if they continue to expand the number of play in games. But anyway. Here are my picks and some upsets I have in my bracket.

Finals: Ohio State over Syracuse
Upset Special: Marquette over Xavier

Finals: Duke over San Diego State
Upset Special: Missouri over Cincinnati and Connecticut

Finals: Georgetown over Kansas
Upset Special: Georgetown over Notre Dame

Finals: Sr. Johns over Butler
Upset Special: Butler over Pittsburg

Final Four
Duke over Ohio State
St. Johns over Georgetown

Duke over St. John’s 70-65

Sunday, March 13, 2011

57 Channels and Only This Is On - 3/13/11

Shameless: Well that got serious at the end of the episode to the point where just dropped every other plotline than the returning mother.

Pretty Little Liars: Is it wrong I started laughing when Hanna slapped the glasses off the blind girl? But anyway. With one episode left until the season finale, I wonder if we will get any answers. You can stream recent episodes on Hulu. You can also download Pretty Little Liars on iTunes.

The Event: They really need a longer “previously on” segment, because I was still playing catch up in the second episode trying to remember things. So we got a full conformation that the hot chick is a alien – human hybrid (which puts her in the discussion of hottest hybrid ever with Evie from Out of This World). And we got a new character with an Alaskan senator who sniffing around the million dollar “weather center” in her district. I bet J. Edger Hoover would have had her wacked back in his day if she pulled a stunt like what happened on Hardball. You can stream recent episodes on Hulu. You can also download The Event on iTunes.

Lights Out: You knew that Lights tenure with Ed Romeo would manage end worse than Ed did with Death Row, and Lights being the one cut (instead of Romeo’s wrists) certainly qualifies. But where does Lights go from here? We know Johnny has the ability to keep Lights trips to the doctors out of paper, But a gash in the mid section is a lot worse than the blurry eye he had going into the Morales fight. You can stream recent episodes on Hulu. You can also download Lights Out on iTunes.

Survivor: Redemption Island: Good riddance the cry baby Russell. Hopefully he sticks to his word that he is done with Survivor (though a potential lawsuit for spoiling his previous two seasons may have more to do with it). I have never been a fan of throwing challenges, and I thought that it would eventually backfire on his tribe, but they got rid of Russell and went back to dominating the immunity challenge. The one they threw may be the only one they lose until the merge. And as much as Ralph hates Russell, he hasn’t realized Russell’s biggest downfall: his ego. Ralph’s ego let him slip that he in face found the Idol in front of members of the other tribe, and the crowing after wins only puts a bigger target on his back. Much like Russell, if Ralph makes it to the final tribal council, he better not expect too many votes coming his way. You can stream recent episodes over at

Survivor on iTunes

Justified: I read a lot of places calling this the best episode of the series so far, I didn’t see it because to me all the episodes are equally great that I really cannot judge which one is better than the others. Of course you cannot go wrong with starting an episode with Dewey Crowe being “quarantined.” And I wonder if there is a correlation between the heights of Boyd’s hair this season and the loss of sanity. But my favorite part of the episode is when Seth Bullock got in a Taser war with Whitney Ellsworth. And I have not even mentioned Mama Bennett punishment technique or Raylan’s talk with Loretta so I understand the aruement that this was th best episode of the seies. As epic as the first season finale was, we are already gearing up for a greater second season finale. You can stream recent episodes on Hulu. You can also download Justified on iTunes.

The Big Bang Theory: Poor Sheldon, as smart as he is, sometimes he is just clueless, I figured out that the group was playing with him right around the time Penny got involved. You can stream recent episodes over at

Also check out my season review of Greek: College Has Been Everything I Ever Imagined it To Be.