Saturday, April 01, 2006

Even Better than the Real Thing

U2 - Achtung Baby

The first and certainly not last induction for into the Scooter Hall of Fame is the album that really turned me into a fan, . I was fairly young when came out so my attention span for music was pretty small and that album was pretty much out of my mind as we went into the nineties. I wasn’t really sold on Achtung Baby when I first listened to the debut single, The Fly. But by the time they released Mysterious Ways, I got they what they were doing.

The album starts off with the crushing guitars of Zoo Station letting you know early on this wasn’t going to be The Joshua Tree II. Bono even lets you know on the song, “I’m ready for what’s next,” and so was everyone listening. But it was the next track that emphasized the album, Even Better than the Real Thing. It’s funny how is credited for destroying the self-indulgent rock of the eighties right around the time when one of the few introspective band from the era started to embrace the over the top persona of the rock star.

But even as the sound took a dramatic turn, the major themes of previous albums were there. U2 always writes the best relationship songs that transcend those of lovers to family and friend, and arguably their best is on Achtung Baby, One. Right up there with Every Breath You Take as the most misinterpreted songs of all time, One is more about a failing relationship than a loving one, “Did I disappoint you? Leave a bad taste in your mouth?” That sentiment is also portrayed in Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses and So Cruel, two more songs that really hit close to home.

As I mentioned earlier, it took me a while to fully appreciate The Fly, in fact it wasn’t until I heard the song live, and hearing The Edge start the song off with the chorus, “Love, we shine like a burning star. We’re fallin’ from the sky, tonight” that I finally got the essence of the song and has become one of my favorite of theirs. But my favorite song on the album is reserved for Until the End of World. I was just beginning my era as a moody teenager when this album came out, listening to a lot of the uber-depressing grunge that was big at the time and the song essentially was making fun of me and my flannel wearing posse, Everybody was having a good time except you, you were acting like it was the end of the world.” Now I know better than to focus on the doom and gloom so now when I eat the food and drink the wine, I no longer talk about the end of the world.

Many point to The Joshua Tree as their best work, and maybe so, but this was the album that told the world it’s time to start talk about the band in the discussion of best of all time. It showed that the band didn’t have to make the same record over and over again and could still make great music trying different things. The album even included the first U2 song you can dance to, Mysterious Ways. But it’s only a matter of time until another U2 album makes it into the SHoF.

Friday, March 31, 2006

First Impressions - Teachers

TeachersNew sitcoms this season have been either extremely good (see My Name Is Earl, Everybody Hates Chris, How I Met Your Mother) or extremely bad (see Emily’s Reasons Why Not, Courting Alex, Four Kings). Now NBC is rolling out its latest effort, , a comedy about, well, the title pretty much sums it up.

The show starts off with two teachers already burned out they have resorted to playing golf in the halls. And being that this isn’t reality, no one even cares except the goody-goody teacher whose room they slice in to. And that’s not even the most farfetched gag of the first episode. That goes to the substitute teacher who asks one of the golfers if they want a beer only to pull one out of her bag. Oh and the teacher just happens to have a bottle opener that “came with the desk.” Then the very next day the sub is given a full time job. Um, yeah, right.

The teacher in question, Jeff, is played by who actually has Gigli on his résumé (straight from the “Bartha also garnered critical acclaim for his portrayal of the mentally challenged younger brother of a powerful federal prosecutor in Martin Brest's “Gigli,” opposite Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez and Christopher Walken.”). His golfing buddy Calvin, is portrayed by who is best know for play token back dudes teen movies including the Token Black Dude in Not Another Teen Movie. Rounding out the trio of slacking teachers is the elder of the group, Dick, with who has done a bunch of work for cartoons, and one look at him and it’s easy to see why. Needless to say, no one will be wearing an “I (Heart) Dick” t-shirt at this high school.

Got it bad, got it bad, I'm hot for teacherOf course the female teachers on the staff are inexplicitly hot especially (see at left), who suddenly disappeared from Alias to never be mentioned again for no reason, as the previously mention alcoholic substitute teacher turned full time staff member. Expect a Van Halen sountrack as she walks down the hall in upcoming episodes. Then there’s the token stuck up British import Alice, played by the equally British Sarah Alexander in her first major role on this side of the pond. Also look out for , best known as Halfrek, Anya’s demon fiend from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as the straight-laced principal at the high school.

Verdict: What’s sad is that Boston Public was funnier than this show yet still better than the recently canceled Four Kings. But then again, even if it was funny, it wouldn't matter as will be moving into the timeslot in two weeks.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Toss Up: Lost vs Veronica Mars week 12

Last night we had two highly anticipated episodes of and , which one lived up to the hype more than the other, well let’s just go to the Toss Up to see which one come out on top:

Fox Sitcom
Lost: , with Peggy Bundy, ran for decades before it wasn’t renewed without warning.
Veronica Mars: , with George Michael and Maeby, ran for three season of time slot moves and reduced episodes until, well, I guess it hasn’t technically been canceled yet.
Winner: Veronica Mars

Episode Title
Lost: Lockdown (click to dowload it)
Veronica Mars: The Raps of Graff
Winner: Veronica Mars

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Lost: Peggy tosses Locke aside when he chose his father over her.
Veronica Mars: Madison tosses Dick aside when she chose a more mature mate.
Winner: Lost

Lost: Locke has some in his flashbacks.
Veronica Mars: Maeby has about the same about.
Winner: Lost

Lost: Henry Gale
Veronica Mars - Troy Vandergraff

Winner: Veronica Mars

Male Dominance
Lost: Jack schools Sawyer in poker.
Veronica Mars: Dick schools Logan in Mortal Combat.
Winner: Lost

Lost: Henry Gale says he’s Henry Gale.
Veronica Mars: Veronica shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.
Winner: Veronica Mars

Lost: Locke gets impaled by the hatch.
Veronica Mars: Troy gets punched trying to defend Veronica’s honor.
Winner: Lost

Welcome Back
Lost: Peggy Bundy
Veronica Mars: Troy Vandergraff
Winner: Veronica Mars

Did You See?
Lost: Walt was found on My Name Is Earl (ha-ha, he called Earl a butt-wad).
Veronica Mars: The helicopter in the building.
Winner: Veronica Mars

Madison - 18-It's Legal!It’s Legal
Lost: Off-shore gambling with fruit.
Veronica Mars: Madison Sinclair.

Winner: Veronica Mars

Lived Up to the Hype
Lost: Said there were five can’t miss moments, let me count the ways; finding the balloon, the lockdown, Locke getting impaled, Peggy showing up at the motel, Henry Gale is black, and dead.
Veronica Mars: Rob Thomas said it was up there, but not as good, as A Trip to the Dentist. Five most see moments; Veronica pulling her hair in front of her face, Johnny Cash references, Veronica debating her worth, Cliff in handcuffs, “18-It's Legal; Re-Elect Don Lamb,” Veronica giving a different type of shocker to frat boy, “Dad, you’re hooker’s here, and of course anything with Dick.
Winner: Veronica Mars

Finally, of weeks of sluggish episodes Lost has it’s first episode to live up to the hype, even though any Locke-centric episode that doesn’t tell us why he was in the wheelchair is by definition disappointing. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought he was going to be paralyzed when the dudes who were looking for daddy shoot him. But by the end of the episode, Locke was still standing. But the big news of the flashback was Locke had yet another job. By my track you can add housing inspector to toy store and box company employee.

Back on the island, even though the trio found the balloon, I was convinced that Henry was still an Other, which turned out to be true. But something should be said that the Others gave the dude a proper burial even with a cross. It’s looks as if the group already accused not Henry of murder, but I’m not entirely sure. But not Henry didn’t run when he had the chance, but that may be because he didn’t expect Sayid to did up his not wife. Plus he also now has Locke’s word which will obviously come back to hurt Locke in the end.

Then there was the lockdown that came right before the voice of God, sounding like every drive thru speaker I’ve ever been to. The only thing I could decipher was “Leave the hatch now” followed by a countdown. I’m sure some uber-nerd has already figured out the whole warning by now, but I haven’t the time to search again. Then in a try to get out, Locke gets pinned under the door, symbolically crushing his legs. But with the clock running down he gets not Henry to crawl threw the vents to punch in the numbers, which not Henry seemed to memorize quite quickly as if he already knew them. This does beg the question, why didn’t Locke first try to crawl threw the vents first? Wouldn’t that have been easier than trying to lift those doors? But it did give Locke a chance to see the blacklight image, which again I’m sure some uber-nerd has translated by now, while not Henry punched in the numbers, or so he says. And it’s safe to say that the lockdown has something to do with the food that magically appeared outside the hatch.

But it was Veronica Mars that outshined allcomers last night. It totally lived up to Rob’s hype, although I may put the first episode of this season above this one too as of now. It really seemed as if all the actors tonight brought their A game and seemed to walk with a swagger. I loved how the show started off with Wallace and Veronica and she tries to get out of her college visit by pulling her hair across her face. Kristen Bell hasn’t been cuter since Emmy Idol. Of course she goes basically to get out of class for a couple days (who has a three day campus visit anyways). There she runs into Troy Vandergraff, her first bad boy boyfriend, long before Logan. The following conversation was great, drudging up everything bad in their past.

Also on campus we get George Michael, still in geeky George Michael mode except he shot a man in Reno, but it wasn’t to watch him die. Maeby on the other hand take a surprising dramatic turn as rape victim. I’m not sure I was ready to see her in that light just yet. This gets me wondering, as it’s pretty obvious that Veronica will be joining Wallace at Hearst next year, will we see more of George Michael and Maeby, or even Troy, in season three? And as Rob Thomas said at the Blogger’s Press Day, the observant viewer will see the seeds of season three’s mystery later in this season, I wonder if Veronica battling with the frat boys will be involved. I believe they never did find out who exactly was the rapist, just that it wasn’t Troy. Speaking of harebrain theories, I hope everyone noticed Veronica wondered if the bus crash and Felix’s murder were connected when she saw Danny Boyd at the construction site.

But there was much off-campus events in this episode too highlighted by “18-It's Legal; Re-Elect Don Lamb” flyer. May I also point out even Lamb would hook up with Madison Sinclair. But this all came about because Cliff got fooled by a hooker who stole his caseload, including his Logan information, and handcuffed him to the bedpost. And speaking of Logan, after spending a day with Dick, he quickly realizes that not what he wants his life to be, sending him back into the arms of Hannah, even though he had an agreement with pappa to stay away from her. And then she was promptly shipped off to Vermont. Oh Hanna, we hardly knew ya. But this is Veronica Mars, so don’t rule out her staying there, because I’d personally like to see more of her.

Iraq in NeptuneAnd the cool thing about the Blogger Press Day is seeing things that other people wouldn’t even think about like the helicopter in the building in the background during the break up scene of Logan and Hannah while they were walking to the parking lot. Not convinced that what I’m talking about is true, click on the picture at right to see the building in question better. Next to where Veronica Mars shoots, there is a place where the military trains troops in urban warfare in Iraq. Who knew Baghdad was a suburb of Neptune?

Next week, we finally get more of Hurley. Will Libby show up like I theorized earlier? What we do know is that Hurley will see a person from his past ala Jack with his father last season. While on Veronica Mars, someone wins a day with Woody Goodman which includes being able to blow up the former Sharks stadium, possible destroying evidence in the process. I get that sense. Oh and look out for another America’s Next Top Model cameo. Yippee.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chatting with Rob Thomas and Jason Dorhing

Before I get to the teleconference I want to pass along something my contact at Veronica Mars passed on to me. First thing, there are few things more disturbing thank opening up my e-mail and see something with the subject, “Veronica Mars Has Not Been Canceled.” That means there might be rumblings about that. But for those that have heard there rumors, here’s a statement from my contact at UPN:

Veronica Bloggers, we need your help with only something you can do. There's a rumor on the internet that Veronica Mars is canceled. It's not true. Please help us spread the word.

If you were on the Rob Thomas Blogger Press Conference yesterday, you know that he's planning for a third season. Season three is still absolutely possible with your support!

So tune in tonight, 9 PM, ET/PT on UPN.

It seems like every other day there is a report of shows from UPN and WB that will or will not make it to the CW, but none should be believed. It seems like I heard almost every show currently on both networks will both be picked up and canceled by now. The people at the CW said nothing is set in stone and will unveil their schedule sometime in May, so you shouldn’t believe anything unless it is officially issued by UPN/WB/CW.

That much hyped teleconference I’ve been talking about lately was finally last night as Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas and star Jason Dorhing, the latter who was fashionable late though as he came straight from a looping session. Unfortunately there were much more people invited to participate than I thought there would be so I only got two questions asked but at least that was one more than other (poor Ducky was told they were wrapping up while on hold). Hopefully someday I get an one on one interview with Rob so I can get to all my long list of questions still left over from last night and the Bloggers Press Day in San Diego last month.

Rob ThomasHere was my question for Rob (minor spoilers in the answer): I get this sense that the two overlying major themes of this season, who killed Felix and who caused the bus crash, might be related. Am I totally going out their on a ledge here?

Rob: (laughs, and if noticed, of the three questions I’ve posted here, he laughed at everyone): You know, I wouldn’t tell you if you were right. That’s information I want to keep close to the vest right now. I mean, um, there are characters overlaps in there whether we have the same cause at the end of the day, the same villain at the end of the day; I will let you find out. In the next couple episodes, the great thing about season one, and I feel really strong about this in season two, it feels like we spend the first half of the season sort of making the story get bigger, introducing more characters, more plotlines, some of them red herring, some of them very specific, real clues, and we spend the last half of the season sort of narrowing the focus. I though last year our final five or six episodes were really strong an our fan base are really following the year long mystery and I feel confident this year going into last five or six it gets real meaty on both of those storylines. I will say this they don’t resolve at the same time, the two storylines don’t resolve at the same time. It’s a bit of a clue, but not a complete clue.

Jason DohringMy question for Jason: With Veronica Mars’ season winding up do you have any plans this summer like any movies lined up?

Jason: You know, I don’t know. There’s a lot of materials I’m kind of spoiled from reading guess from reading a lot of Veronica Mars scripts. There a lot of low budget horror films and I don’t know that’s something I want to do, I think I’m just looking for more quality product or go into theater, doing something that’s kind of acting specific. And I’m going to continue looking for something; I’ve only read one thing so far that I’m like really down to do and their still pulling together their financing for that.

Here are a couple more interesting tidbits asked by other bloggers and I'm sure the other Veronica Mars Press Day Bloggers have more in depth stories and you can look for them on my sidebar. (minor spoiler ahead):

Rob wore Neptune Fish House shirt, something that Dick will be wearing in the future.

This and next favorite of this year

Rob says they are “blowing up the bank on the season finale.” And will be spanning the continent (mmm, Mexico maybe?)

Picks episode titles that will make him laugh. Next week’s “The Raps of Graff” may be his favorite.

Doesn’t look like Cupid will make it to DVD.

Logan and Dick will find they can't quit each other.

Rob also mention that he and the writers are thinking of changing up the format from the two major seasons long arcs to maybe going with three short arcs going 7-7-8 weeks. You are welcome to comment here but it may be best to have all the comments at one place and the best would be at Give Me My Remote Forums and post your thoughts on this there. And tomorrow there will be my regularly scheduled Toss Up between one of Rob's favorite episodes of Veronica Mars and Lost's five can't missed scenes.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I (Heart) Madison

Madison Sinclair - cheerleaderNow, it seems as if I’ve started a little feud with one of my Veronica Mars Blogger brethren, The Attractive Nuisance It could be feud bigger than the morons who argue whether Veronica should end up with Duncan or Logan when she obviously should end up with Dick, and may even escalate to Biggie/Tupac proportions. It all started during her review of Versatile Toppings when she said “One poor lesbian girl wrote a love poem to Madison. I'm all for girl on girl action, but...Madison? With the bitchery and the fake, pancake-y tan and Mac's biological family? That's the girl you want to make the sweet, sweet love to? Really? Um...okay.”

Being that I would totally hit that I had to leave a comment that led to this exchange:

Scooter: Would you think less of me if I said I wouldn't mind a little girl on Scooter action with Madison?

TAN: Scooter, in a show full of hot women (and hot men), Madison is the least comely among them. Maybe she's funny.

Scooter: I'm not saying that Madison's on top of my list, she's well below Veronica, Meg, rabbit girl, Carmen, Carrie Bishop and 2 of the 3 Shelly Pomroy's, but I'd still hit that.

TAN: In the words of the cast of Arrested Development...


Scooter: But in the words of the great philosopher Dick:

(Scooter Note: I have take this out because I quoted a line not yet uttered by Dick but needless to say, it's sexual in nature. I'll update you later in a Toss Up after he says the line. For those in the know, it the line about horses)

And when it comes to Madison, doesn't Dick know best?

Madison Sinclair - brunetteTAN: I've learned more from Dick Casablancas than I have from, say, Hegel, but I thought Madison wouldn't let him get fresh with her. Wasn't that why he was trying to slip GHB into her drink in "A Trip to the Dentist"? Dick may not be a reliable source.

Now I killed this conversation because I forgot to check if Dick and Madison ever hooked up, but I’m still under the impression they did sometime. Why would Dick ask his ex-girlfriend for a quickie at the winter carnival if they hadn’t already did it? So I though this mini-feud was dead until I saw this on her blog when she was trolling for questions for tonight’s teleconference with Rob Thomas and Jason Dohring:

TAN: Do you think Scooter McGavin is crazy for saying he would tap Madison's ass?

Scooter: I can't wait until you ask #2 so I can be vindicated. And just so you know, if he avoids the question by bringing up his wife, that's guy code for "I totally hit that, I just don't want to sleep on the couch for a month."

TAN: I am totally asking Jason Dohring about Madison because I am confident that he will agree with me that she is a nasty whore.

Scooter: Whoa, being a nasty whore has nothing to do with if someone would "tap that ass." In fact it may increase the chance that someone would. C'mon he does play a guy who hooked up with Kendall, that's Madison in 5-10 years.

TAN: It pains me, but I think I have to concede the point, especially after I pointed out Madison's over-tanned-ness. Madison may eclipse Kendall and turn into a Louis Vuitton bag before she's Kendall's age, so if you want to tap that ass, now is prime ass-tapping time. Kendall's hair is so much better though.

I just can't understand the desire to tap Madison's ass in the first place. I mean...Kristen Bell? Even I would totally hit that. Girls who write thank you notes are sexy. But Madison?

Madison Sinclair - blowingScooter: Well right-out-of-high-school is always the prime ass-tapping time. But anyways. And like I have said before, Madison isn't on the top of my list and is definitely behind KB, but that in no way means I'd tell her no.

TAN: Isn't it, like, in the guy rule book that you never say no?

Maybe your question to Jason Dohring can be if he will put in a good word for you with Madison.

Scooter: It's not necessarily in the guy rule book to say no, it's just you can never admit you said no unless she is beyond ugly and is consensus among all guys present that none of them would have hit it.

Unfortunately I have too many other questions, I may not get to Madison, Oh well.

TAN: I am so jealous! I can't think of anything to ask. Not anything serious anyway. Maybe I'll ask Jason to put in a good word for you as a follow up to my question as to whether other guys would hit that.

Incidentally, I don't know how old you are, but I hope it's young enough to make the comment about post-high school girls okay.

Scooter: The high school thing was just a joke, personally I prefer girls who won't be constantly asking me to buy them beer. It's probably wrong for anyone to make that statement seriously unless they are right out of high-school themselves. I just thought it was funny because I assume the chick who plays Madison, like the rest of the people on the show, is well into her twenties. Unfortunately sarcasm is hard to convey with the written word.

And maybe if you are nice to me, I'll send along some of my questions.

TAN: Nice to you, huh? Hm...let's see. I find your blog witty and indicative of a well-rounded personality. Also, your taste in women is impeccable. I'll let you debate which of those statements is true. Can I have some questions now?

Scooter: I was going to ask Rob how was it like writing then performing a song with Santana. You can go ahead and have that one.

Madison Sinclair - spitsTAN: Oh, come on. At least give me some of your C- or D-material. Everyone knows that writing and performing a song with Santana is one of those things that you think is going to be really great and then it ends up being kind of overrated and you have to wear leather pants and he just wants to talk about his new line of women's shoes the whole time. Rob doesn't want to go down that road again.

Scooter: Okay here's another one for Rob that's at the bottom of my list: Did you make Lamb a Big and Rich fan to make more evil than he already is or did you name drop them because secretly you're a fan.

TAN: Aren't Big and Rich those annoying men who sing the country music?

Here's a question I was thinking of asking Rob: Why is the movie called "Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector"? Is he both a cable guy and a health inspector? If so, why is this not highlighted in the previews? If not, why isn't it either a movie about a redneck cable guy or else called Larry: Health Inspector? Is Larry not, by definition, a cable guy? Does this make any more sense than, say, MC Hammer: Attaché to Greece? Of course, at that point, I would have taken up a lot of Rob's time and been unfair to the other participants.

I could theoretically be coming up with less silly questions if I wasn't working on a summary judgment motion.

Scooter: Yeah, Big and Rich are country and sadly introduced the word to the first country rapper too. It pains me to even write that last part.

As for the movie, I just assumed all rednecks needed more than one job to help fund their meth habit.

TAN: Country rapper? I'm still grappling with the existence of Matisyahu. Wait. How can you be a country rapper? Isn't that like skiing and playing badminton at the same time?

Speaking as someone from a family full of rednecks, I can tell you that meth has gotten more expensive since Target cracked down on the purchase of OTC drugs. However, making it at home reduces the cost and is something the whole family can do together!

Madison Sinclair - birthday girlScooter: Hey, didn't you watch the biathlon during the winter Olympics? That's skiing and shooting at the same time. But yeah Matisyahu creeps me out a bit, but is somewhat entertaining at the same time in a long lost son of ZZ Top sort of way. Can't they lend him that car for his next video?

I thought redneck shopped at Wallmart. I'm sure there's no cracking down there, I mean they sell guns to kids.

TAN: I didn't catch the winter Olympics. Being from Florida, the snow and ice do not interest me. I have a particular grudge against ice, since I think I slipped on it and broke my tailbone 3 weeks ago.

Rednecks like to comparison shop. Wal-Mart has a better firearms department, while Target has the superior pharmacopia.

So it's time to pick sides; either you're with me or against me. Feel free to let your opinion known in the comment section. And be sure to check back tomorrow for a report on tonight’s conference. And since there’s no Cavs game this Wednesday, the regularly scheduled Toss Up will be on Thursday.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Only Songs to Sing Are Those Sung Again

Both Sides of the Gun - Ben Harper

has gotten a bad rap of ripping off other artist. But in actuality, ever artist out today is derivative of older groups. And in most cases those groups have stolen music from other people. Unlike other artist, at least Harper steals from the best blending and which can be found on his latest album, Both Sides of the Gun.

The title could allude to the double album, split into a more rocking disk and a mellow one even though with both disks clocking in at just over a half an hour, it could have fit on one. This does cause problem as the mellow disk does seem to drag on at times and could have benefited by having an upbeat song in-between them to break up the monotony of the first disk especially with the instrumental Sweet Nothing Serenade which is stuck in the middle of it.

That’s not to say there are plenty of great songs on the mellow version. And with all the great band Harper is influenced by, it seems like his good friend has rubbed off on him on the mellow disk but takes it a step further with a few orchestral arrangements. The first three songs here are heartbreaking, but still have a grandiose vibe to them. Reason to Mourn sound like he took something from his recent collaboration with the also with the standout track of the first disk, Crying Won’t Help You Know.

But the upbeat disk is by far better than its predecessor. This one starts off with the Middle Eastern inspired Better Way, that doesn’t even lose its appeal when Harper goes into a weird screaming bridge. That song starts off a string of anti-war songs, that’s none more blatant than the early Stones sounding Don’t Talk about Murder While I’m Eating and Gather ‘Round the Stone with lines like old men who send children off to die in vain.” The war isn’t the only thing Harper is angry about as the post-Katrina effort gets addressed on Black Rain starting the song off with the straight-forward lyrics “You left them swimming for their lives down in new Orleans.” The title track goes off in a funky Sly-style diversion by way of and deals with the social issues that would make both proud.

Song to Download - Gather 'Round the Stone

Both Sides of the Gun gets a Terror Alert Level: High [ORANGE] on my Terror Alert Scale.

Ben Harper on iTunes

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Toss Up: Lost vs Veronica Mars week 11

Well I finally got to see last night thanks to it being preempted last week due to the Cavs game and as always it was worth the wait. At first I thought it was just going to be a recap episode after the massively long “Previously on” segment. For those keeping track at home, it clocked in at three minutes. Unfortunately by the time I saw it Lost (download The Whole Truth) had slowly slipped from my mind so the Toss Up this week may suffer creatively from it. It only furthers my assumption that I should re-watch Veronica Mars before or after .

Good to See Again
Lost: The weird looking dude from the last Sun/Jin-centric episode and he apparently is no longer courting the American chick.
Veronica Mars: Cliff is back as Logan’s “If you can’t afford an attorney” attorney and apparently he will soon be in the market for an “I’m with Stupid” T-shirt (what, not an I (Heart) Beaver one).
Winner: Veronica Mars

Lost: Hurley, Claire, Eko, the crazy French Chick.
Veronica Mars: Jackie, Weevil, Madison
Winner: Veronica Mars

Lost: Dorothy’s uncle may or may not be evil (get it, Henry Gale).
Veronica Mars: Jane laments, “There’s no place like Heidi’s.”
Winner: Lost

Shady Character
Lost: We are not sure whether Henry is evil or not but his breakfast conversation makes it clearer.
Veronica Mars: Vinny VanLowe, back from Mexico got thrown out of yet another bar for stalking.
Winner: Veronica Mars

Bad Vegetables
Lost: When Sun doesn’t follow his command, Jin rips out her garden.
Veronica Mars: Dick assumes Aaron has slimmed down in prison thanks to all the tossed salad (okay Dick really crossed the line with that one).
Winner: Lost

Lost: Ana Lucia may or may not have been duped by Dorothy’ uncle by leading her into a trap.
Veronica Mars: Beaver may or may not have been duped by inverters eagerly willing to dump real estate that will fall outside of Woody’s proposed cooperation plan.
Winner: Lost

Lost: Jin assumes the kid I his.
Veronica Mars: Dr. Griffins assumes that Logan will stop seeing Hannah in exchange for repealing his testimony.
Winner: Veronica Mars

Lost: In the battle of not letting the other get the upper hand, they unknowingly let Ana Lucia go search for the balloon that could turn out to be a trap.
Veronica Mars: After competing against each other for years, Keith actually gives Lamb some information that hurt his client, Terrence Cook. Lamb then proceeds to gloat and presumable listen to more Big and Rich.
Winner: Lost

Lost: When Sawyer and Bernard congratulates Jin on being a daddy, he for some reason hears them speak backwards (doesn’t creepy Walt speak backwards too?)
Veronica Mars: When Logan asks Hanna if she wanted to come over to the Neptune Grand all she hears is “Let’s have sex.”
Winner: Veronica Mars

The Downside of Thinking
Lost: Well nothing really, I just wanted to type…
Veronica Mars: Thinking makes Kendall’s breasts smaller.
Winner: No contest

The first new Toss Up in over a month is tainted due to the Cavs game. Both shows both had interesting storylines, but neither really holds up to the respective shows best episodes. On Lost it looks like we will have another baby on our hands. Although at the rate the show goes, it won’t be delivered until season eight. I find it interesting that almost everyone thinks the father is Jin and the island gave him some super-sperm. Granted we will have to wait a couple years to see if it’s actually a black baby, but here’s my theory; Sun, wanting a baby to help transition to her new life in America, got artificially inseminated and brought along a home pregnancy test to see if it worked. This would fall in with her telling Jin she’s never been with another dude (although is Jerry Spinger taught me anything, woman lie about who the daddy all the time) and would explain why she would think to ask Sawyer for the test because she knew there was one on the plane.

While down in the hatch, everyone’s ready to convict Dorothy’s uncle, but Ana Lucia gave him one last chance to repent and he did so by drawing a map to his balloon. But his “You’re lucky I’m not evil” speech pretty much confirms that he is indeed evil. Doesn’t it?

While on Veronica Mars yet another presumable throwaway character, Jane, pop ups again to be Wallace’s surprise girlfriend and now even got her own episode last night. It really these little things that makes the show great. I’m mean if Dick, who was originally brought in so Logan would have someone besides Duncan to talk to, can make it into the credits; you never know when a past supporting character will show. Hey there may just be one that shows up next week. Unfortunately Jane’s sister, run away bride reminded me of the Anthony Anderson episode from last season. But second rate mystery of the week aside, the writing made up for it. The tossed salad comment aside, I really loved how the oldest money in Neptune is from the eighties.

There were plenty of season long plot points addressed in the episode. First we saw the first on screen meeting of Aaron and Kendall who seem to joining up. In return for providing her more capital, it looks like Kendall will be setting up Duncan by taking some hair out of his shower drain. During the on-set visit, Rob Thomas mentioned there would be a crucial scene in the shower that didn’t involve people taking a shower. I thinking this may be it. And speaking of Aaron, am I the only one that believes him when he says he didn’t kill Lilly Kane? And while I’m asking question, does anyone else think Beaver may have join Big Dick in exclusion soon because his land trust may go south soon?

Now back to this season’s mystery, I’m still convinced Woody is behind the crash. He had the means to plant the explosives in his own hanger and his with incorporation plan; he still stands to profit from social segregation that the bus crash sparked. Also sparking social segregation was the murder of Felix and I beginning to wonder if the two big mysteries of the reason are connected. once theorized that George Bush sent the white girl to Kobe’s room and killed Lacy Peterson to keep people’s mind of the war. Could Woody be using this technique to keep the population’s mind off of the incorporation plan?

This week Veronica finally confronts Logan about his new girlfriend leading to the great, “You’re cute when you’re jealous” line. But even when Logan seems to get what he wants out of the relationship, her dad changing his testimony, he seems to be conflicted especially after Hannah “Logan’s a great guy” speech to her mother. But I still think Hannah will soon have a WWE type swerve to screw Logan over in the end.

Next week Lost promises not one, not two, but five, count ‘em five can’t miss moments and from the preview, some look to be Ana Lucia’s army finding a balloon and Locke getting caught behind the safety door. The question though is, after so many anemic episodes this season, why stuff all the can’t miss scenes in one episode? Then next week Veronica Mars goes back to campus where she may or may not run into someone from her past and some cousins who, like Dick and Beaver, know something about family members that make shady real estate investments. And if my memory is correct, I believe this is the episode where Rob Thomas said the show will start getting really, really good. Of course that’s opposed to the really good this season has been already.

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