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Around the Tubes: June 3, 2023


I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post includes blurbs on Kenny Rogers, The Beach Boys, Jack Johnson, Jhené Aiko, and Fellow Travelers.

Kenny Rogers’ first posthumous album, Life Is Like A Song, out today via UMe, is a heartfelt collection of songs that were near and dear to the late legend but in most cases never released. Curated and executive produced by the Country Music Hall of Famer’s widow, Wanda Rogers, the album features eight never-before-heard recordings, spanning 2008-2011, and showcases Rogers’ range through an array of original material and covers, including interpretations of Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight and Lionel Richie’s “Goodbye,” as well as the artist’s long-sought-after lost duet with Dolly PartonTell Me That You Love Me,” presented here in a never-before-released, newly remixed form. A digital deluxe edition includes two bonus tracks: a cover of the Mack Gordon/Henry Warren standard, “At Last” (made famous by Etta James), and the Buddy Hyatt-penned original, “Say Hello to Heaven.” Life Is Like A Song is available now on CD and vinyl as well as digitally. The release marks the first new non-Christmas studio album by Rogers in 10 years and the only non-compilation/non-reissued full-length album to be released on vinyl since 1991.  Stream or purchase Life Is Like A Song:

Widely regarded as one of the greatest albums of all time, The Beach Boys’ magnum opus, Pet Sounds, changed the notion of what an album could be when released in May 1966, forever altering the course of popular music. Breaking away from the surf rock that made them global stars, The Beach Boys’ 11th album in just four years couldn’t have been more different than what came before, especially the acoustic rave-up, Beach Boys’ Party!, featuring their smash hit “Barbara Ann,” that preceded it by only a few months. Influenced by The Beatles’ Rubber Soul and Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound production, creative visionary Brian Wilson took a left turn from their standard formula of upbeat songs about girls, surfing and the Southern California lifestyle and sought to create what he called “a complete statement.” In turn he produced an album like nothing before, one that revolutionized modern music by venturing into uncharted musical territory, both in composition and production, employing innovative recording techniques and pioneering the use of the studio as an instrument. Across 13 exquisite tracks, Pet Sounds pushed the boundaries of sonic experimentation, introducing a rich tapestry of complex, orchestral arrangements, unconventional instrumentation like Theremin and Coca-Cola bottles for percussion, flawless, trademark harmonies by Al JardineCarl WilsonDennis WilsonMike Love and new addition Bruce Johnston, and deep, introspective lyrics that went beyond anything the group had ever sung about. The record influenced The Beatles and their longtime producer George Martin to push the creative envelope when making their groundbreaking album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts, and paved the path for countless generations of musicians and producers. Today it remains one of the most pivotal and beloved albums ever made.  Stream Pet Sounds In Dolby Atmos:

Multi-platinum musician Jack Johnson’s new remix album, In Between Dub, is out today through Brushfire and Republic Records and available through all digital platforms and and select retailers on CD and Vinly,  In Between Dub, a hand-selected collection of some of Johnson’s favorite songs over an incredible two-decade career, features a reimagined collaborative compilation of classic Johnson tracks remixed by some of Reggae’s most influential names like the late Lee “Scratch” Perry, Dennis Bovell, Nightmares on Wax, and Subatomic Sound System.

 Sleep Soul, a fresh R&B-inspired take on the traditional baby sleep music genre presented by Jhené Aiko, reveals its latest installment Sleep Soul: Relaxing R&B Baby Sleep Music (Vol. 3). Listen to the new project – HERE.  Curated by JhenéSleep Soul: Relaxing R&B Baby Sleep Music (Vol. 3) encompasses 20 soothing tunes crafted to inspire and maintain a good night’s sleep. Vibrant R&B melodies melt into downtempo rhythms encased in warm synths tailored to receptive young ears. “Sleepy Bear Soothing Serenade” opens the album with mesmerizing echoes and ambient rain sounds across a soft soundscape. “R&B Lullaby Dreams” and “Counting Sheep With Brown Noise” pacify and precipitate rest. Finally, “Sweet Dreams With Sleepy” provides a delicate conclusion to the evening with a gentle twinkling piano melody.  Expanding the vision yet again, Sleep Soul has introduced a merchandise store with premium infant clothing. The release consists of a baby beanie, onesie, and Sleepy The Bear plushie that gently plays Sleep Soul Vol. 3 album from a hidden speaker inside. Check out the full store – HERE.

SHOWTIME has released the first teaser for its new limited series FELLOW TRAVELERS. The eight-episode drama is created by Oscar® nominee Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia, HOMELAND) and stars Matt Bomer (The Normal Heart, The Boys in the Band), Jonathan Bailey (Bridgerton), Jelani Alladin (The Walking Dead World Beyond), Allison Williams (Get Out, Girls) and Noah J. Ricketts (American Gods). Bomer and Nyswaner will executive produce with Robbie Rogers (All American, My Policeman) and Dee Johnson. Daniel Minahan (Halston, American Crime Story: Versace) will executive produce and direct the first two episodes. Co-produced by Fremantle and SHOWTIME, FELLOW TRAVELERS will premiere on Paramount+ With SHOWTIME later this fall.   To watch and share the teaser, go to:

Sunday, May 28, 2023

57 Channels and Only This Is On: May 28, 2023


Fatal Attraction: I am still pretty confident that Lizzie Caplan is not dead.  That is all I really can say because not that much interesting in this episode.


The Blacklist:  When they first called that person “agent Malik” I thought someone was impersonation Siya’s.  It was not until someone called her “Meera” that realized these were flashbacks.  Hopefully we get more of this the rest of the season because it is the only interesting part.


Fear the Walking Dead:  Not only did Morgan and Grace give up their kid, so did Dwight and Sherrie.  What happened these last couple years that all four just gave up like that?  We got some vague flashbacks last week, but it is still a bit puzzling.  Also puzzling, cutting of the index finger of someone you want to make a cure for zombieism.  That could come in handy, kind of stupid to cut it off.


The Clearing:  Yeah, I called the adult lady to be one of the kidnapped girls very early on.  Okay, I did think was going to be the most recent kidnapped girl.  I wonder if she will show up in the current timeline.  I wonder what happened to all those kids.


Saint X:  I have been saying the frumpy chick was the murderer all season, but after the penultimate episode, I am starting to have doubt.  I am beginning to think the “mistake” she talked about a couple episodes ago was to suggest the devil’s threesome.  Then after spending all season thinking that


Class of ‘09:  So they are done with the character of the week already?  Poor boring white dudes never got their own episode.  So are we to assume the one boring white dude lost his arm in the building collapse? 


Survivor:  Well, that was a bottom five season.  It has been a while since there has been a good one.  I looked back at my rankings and have not given any season over a “5” since David vs. Goliath. 


Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies:  Why is Olivia’s parents given their blessing to her teacher?  How do they not think that is gross?


Yellowjackets:  I am confused.  Is that really the end of the Adam storyline?  Are the cops really going to believe that Kevyn killed him because Walter cyber framed him?  Are they just going to overlook that Kevyn had two bullets in him.  Oh, and that he actually died by being drugged.  And drugged at the same compound and day that a high school classmate also died from an overdose whose needle was injected into her chest.  Oh, and another one of his classmates and the owner of the compound had a bullet in her shoulder.  How exactly do they explain all that?  And wouldn’t six Yellowackets being on the premises  where two deaths and one shooting attract massive media attention.  Is this chapter really over or is Walter just being delusional when he said he fixed everything?  Feels like the Yellowjackets should be in a bigger mess than they were when it was just Adam.


But on the bright side, at least Coach Ben finally realized he should try to kill all those crazy benches.  Hopefully the writers take this extended writers’ strike to realize what went wrong and spend the downtown thinking up a coherent third season that can right the ship.