Saturday, November 04, 2017

Previewing Shameless: Season Eight

It seems like every season of Shameless, something happens which I call the most shameless moment in the history of the show never to be topped… only for it to be the next season by something even more wild. That moment happens near the end of the third episode, and, oh my goodness, I doubt the writers can ever top that moment. But they will undoubtedly will somehow next season.

Shameless is predictable that way. Life in the Gallagher house sucks at the start of every season, things start looking up, then something horrible happens, and they are back at where they started by the end of the season. Then we get a couple month flashforward and a soft reboot every season. That is until now. All of the Gallagher love interests from last season are still around even if the couples crashed and burned last season. Ian’s ex-boyfriend who used to be a chick pops up a couple times in the first couple episodes. Lip’s ex-girlfriend is still working with him at the dinner as he offers to babysit. Her brother and Debbie are still a thing.

And though Fiona spent most of last season going from one Tinder hookup to the next, the first season involves her deleting the app because she wants something more. The person who went to the alter twice and averages a boyfriend per season is ready to settle down. Things are changing and growing so much, even Liam I think gets more lines in the first episode than he got in the previous seasons of the show combined.

But the biggest change of all this season may be Frank who, after the death of his wife has seen the error of his ways, is going around making amends and even goes so far to be a functioning member of society by actually getting a job. And not just to get injured so he can get more workmen’s comp. We will see just how long it last (I will predict it will last the season before he takes a copious amount of drugs and is back to his old degenerate self next season). Elsewhere this season, someone gets an unfortunate tattoo, Fiona runs into tenants in her new apartment who as bad as her father used to be (and some hot lesbians), there is a DUI, an ICE raid… of, yeah, and someone has a breast cancer scare. Never a dull moment on the South Side.

Shameless airs Sundays at 9:00 on Showtime.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Around the Tubes: 11/3/2017

I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on POV, The Librarians, Thanks for the Memories: The Bob Hope Specials, Lavell Crawford, Make it out Alive: USS Indianapolis, The Wallflowers, Fuse, Cimorelli, Winsanity, and The Secret World of Animal Sleep.

- Iraq veterans Tom Voss and Anthony Anderson, haunted by combat experiences, decided to distance themselves from their demons by taking a 2,700 mile walk from Milwaukee to Santa Barbara, seeking redemption, acceptance and a way to close the deep moral chasm opened by war. That trek is the centerpiece of Almost Sunrise, a new film by director Michael Collins and Producer Marty Syjuco, whose Emmy-nominated "Give Up Tomorrow" aired on PBS in 2012. Almost Sunrise debuts on POV and all streaming devices Monday, November 13, 2017 at 10:00 (check local listings).

- TNT is moving the launch of its hugely popular fantasy series The Librarians to a new date. Season four will now have a one-episode premiere on Wednesday, Dec. 13, at 8:00. Based on TNT's hit movie franchise, The Librarians centers on an ancient organization dedicated to protecting an unknowing world from the secret, magical reality hidden all around. Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth and John Harlan Kim star in the series as protectors of the world's mystical treasures, with Emmy® winner John Larroquette as their reluctant caretaker. Noah Wyle (Falling Skies, ER) recurs in seven of twelve episodes this season as Flynn Carsen, the role he played in TNT's hit movie trilogy.

- Bob Hope, America's greatest entertainer of the 20th century, is celebrated in Thanks for the Memories: The Bob Hope Specials, the most complete collection of his television specials ever assembled! The TV DVD archivists at Time Life have selected the very best of Hope's 250 network specials spanning five decades, many in support of the U.S. Armed Forces, for this ultimate boxed set. Celebrating the legendary and beloved entertainer's legacy, this one-of-a-kind collection is packed with comedy, music, dancing, movie stars, and, of course, Bob's memorable monologues all perfect for wholesome family viewing. Across 19 DVDs, fans will find more than 37 hours of specials, including 20 that have not been seen since their original broadcast. Available in stores November 14.

- Lavell Crawford is Home for the Holidays in his new one-hour stand-up comedy special premiering Friday, November 3 at 10:00 on Showtime on air, on demand and over the internet. Filmed at The Pageant in his hometown of St. Louis, the endearing funnyman taps into his family experiences growing up poor, offering his hysterical take on a multitude of holiday-related topics such as Black Friday, Christmas lists, “Trick or Treat,” BBQs on the 4th, homemade Easter outfits, Mother’s Day guilt and his family’s rendition of a Disneyland vacation.

- On Sunday, November 12 at 9:0, Make it out Alive: USS Indianapolis airs on Smithsonian Channel, recounting the events of July 30, 1945, when the ship was sailing west towards the Philippines, after completing a secret mission delivering atomic bomb parts to an island in the Pacific. At 12:14 a.m. two torpedoes hit the ship, causing approximately 300 men to go down with it and leaving about 900 floating in shark-infested waters with no lifeboats, lifejackets, food or water. By the time the survivors are spotted by accident, four days later, only 317 men are still alive. Make it out Alive: USS Indianapolis offers an exclusive interview with Edgar, who speaks about his experiences from that day and the challenges he faced.

- On November 3, Interscope/UMe will celebrate the 15th anniversary of alt-rock stalwarts The Wallflowers’ fourth album Red Letter Days with a 2 LP vinyl reissue. Two versions of the album will be made available on wax: standard-weight black vinyl, and a special limited edition on semi-transparent red vinyl with black smoke marbling.

- Tuesdays are Fusedays… On Tuesday, November 7 beginning at 10:00, tune in to Fuse to catch the epic one-hour season six finale of Big Freedia Bounces Back as Freedia takes over Las Vegas. Can Freedia outrun the drama she left behind in New Orleans before it threatens to ruin Freedia’s reputation and show? Plus, don’t miss the series premiere of Trivial Takedown featuring two back-to-back new episodes. YouTube sensation GloZell battles it out against comedian Chico Bean to identify music and pop culture icons at 11:00 while Romeo Miller goes head-to-head to with singer Lizzo at 11:30 to determine who will be the music and pop culture trivia champion. After, enter the world of Social Frabric at midnight where clothing, culture, and style weave a fascinating story about who we are. In the premiere episode, designer Kyle Ng meets up with soul singer Mayer Hawthorne to uncover why, when it comes to hats, the fedora is king. And at 12:30am, Ng takes viewers on a vibrant and colorful journey across the globe to examine plaid, a pattern that crosses cultures and continents.

- A vocal harmony group consisting of 6 sisters (ages 17 – 27), Cimorelli has gone from homeschooled kids living in a small town outside of Sacramento, CA to touring the world, winning a Teen Choice award, and accruing over 4 million subscribers on YouTube with over 1 billion views. This past Friday, October 27th, Cimorelli released their new album Sad Girls Club, a collection of songs that are a reaction to fan letters which voiced experiences with depression, eating disorders and domestic discord

- The all new Winsanity, hosted by actor Donald Faison (“Scrubs”), will return for a second season airing weeknights at 5:00 starting Monday, November 27. Winsanity, which debuted in June 2016, was watched by nearly 13.5 million viewers during its initial 40-episode run. Changes to the show in season two include a new set, as well as a new format, with two contestants (instead of one) competing against each other for the $10,000 prize. However, the show continues to offer the opportunity for prizes to be won not only by the contestants but also by the studio audience.

- Siestas are key, especially in the fast-paced lives of some of the world’s most active animals. The fascinating sleeping habits of the animal kingdom hint at a complexity humans are only just beginning to unlock. From birds that take micro-naps mid-flight to dolphins who half-snooze while underwater, Smithsonian Earth examines the myriad ways animals sleep with the new animated, short-form series, The Secret World of Animal Sleep. Narrated by journalist and science communicator Cara Santa Maria, this new series offers a captivating glimpse into the way animals restore energy and get ready for their next day or night on the prowl – all through a series of beautiful picture-book, hand-drawn animations. The premiere episode, Sleepless on the Savanna, is now available for free at The five additional episodes will be available on Smithsonian Earth tomorrow, November 3rd.

- After carrying Indiana by 19 percentage points in the 2016 presidential election, President Trump now has greater disapproval than approval among Hoosiers, says the Old National Bank/Ball State University 2017 Hoosier Survey. In the telephone survey of 600 adult Hoosiers, only 41percent of respondents approved of the job Trump is doing as president, compared to 45 percent who disapproved. Indiana, the home state of Vice President Mike Pence, is considered a red state. “These survey results add to the evidence that the president’s approval has slipped a great deal since January,” said Chad Kinsella, a political science professor and survey analyst at the Bowen Center for Public Affairs, which conducts the annual public opinion survey.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Previewing SMILF

Showtime recently premiered White Famous loosely based on executive producer Jamie Foxx’s life as he transitioned from stand up to actor. I spend most of my time wondering just how loosely is it based on his life? Did he sleep with his agent’s ex-boss? What show is Angry Black supposed to be on his resume? Who is Michael Rappaport supposed to be? Or is basically, stand up turned actor with a baby mama trying to be white famous and basically everything else is made up?

Starting this week, White Famous is going to be paired with another semi-autobiographical show based on the creator’s life called SMILF. Okay, let us get this out of the way first: SMILF is a horrible name for a television right up there with Better off Ted as the worst of all time. Even the titular character knows how icky that name is when someone calls her that (for those that cannot figure it out, Eleanor from The Good Place would call her a “Single Mother I’d Like to Fork”). Okay, enough with that.

Where Jamie Foxx came up in the nineties where there is not much personal information readily available on the internet and any relation to Floyd Mooney; just a look at Frankie Shaw’s (Mr. Robot) Wikipedia page shows just how much she shares with SMILF’s Bridgette. They are both from Boston, and have a baby daddy who went on to date an extremely attractive Australian. So when SMILF’s Nelson (Samara Weaving, Ash vs. the Evil Dead) says she was named after the saintly Nelson Mandela, it could not make me wonder if Teresa Palmer happened to be named after Mother Teresa.

Yeah, I am not sure if Teresa Palmer, Frankie’s real life baby daddy’s now wife, will want to watch SMILF. In the first episode she is calls her by a name that references one of her amble body parts (only behind her back of course) and later during a Google session of the ex’s new beau, something we all have done, Bridgette goes somewhere I personally I have never gone while cyberstalking one of them. Then in the second episode we learn of Nelson’s irrational love of standing in line. Although, I have to say, no matter how bad she comes across, Nelson is by far my favorite character on the show.

And that really is because as bad as Shaw may make Nelson look; Bridgette comes off looking a lot worse. That post-college time is a time of trial of error and doing plenty of stupid kid, a time that can make for a funny television show. But when that twenty-something has a kid, it makes that moment more cringe worthy than funny. Especially when she covers up her kid in her studio apartment to have sex with a dude for the first time since having a kid. Which of makes this the perfect pair for Shameless (which premieres at 9:00 the same night), Fiona and Bridgette are essentially the same person in someone different situations. The only thing is the Gallaghers come off as cartoony but SMILF just feels a little more real despite about one dream sequence per episode.

Almost as depressing is Rosie O’Donnell (Exit to Eden) who definitely looks like a beleaguered grandmother from the lower middle class. Sure, she will probably get an Emmy for this role, but I think it will be more as a troll to the president than because she is the funniest supporting lady on television. Then the baby daddy played by Miguel Gomez (The Strain) who is a boring as the real life baby day who has an IMDB with movies I have seen but cannot place him in any of them. But he has hooked up with Frankie Shaw and Teresa Palmer so clearly he is doing something right.

SMILF airs Sundays at 10:00 on Showtime.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

I Want My Music Television: 11/1/2017

...Ready For It? - Taylor Swift

No, I am not ready for this crap. I still miss the old Taylor Swift.

Come Together - Gary Clark Jr.

I am all for Come Together - Gary Clark Jr. getting more shine, but isn’t a cover of Come Together for the Justice League team up a little too on the nose for the soundtrack? Well at least they did not get Victoria Justice to be a part of it.

One Foot - Walk the Moon

Recently I published a list of The 100 Greatest Two Hit Wonders of All Time and I was weary of putting newer artists on the list for fear I might be premature. Based on this, Walk the Moon has is not going o prove me wrong.

I Feel Everything - Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne was a great model, but she was the second worst part of Suicide Squad and when your antagonist is not good, the movie just fall apart (some bad editing choices also hurt). But apparently not only was she still able to find work, her new movie also lets her be on the soundtrack. I kind of like the vibe of the song but she is mostly bland as a singer.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Previewing Major Crimes: The Final Season

Tonight started the end of an era with the final season premiere of Major Crimes as the unit will close it final case at the end of season six which will include its one hundredth episode which will air December 19. Of course this is after seven seasons and a hundred and nine episodes of The Closer. But the end is still thirteen episodes away.

Tonight they crew starts a multiple episode case of three young boys that is not your typical missing persons case. Well obviously or it would not be a major crime. One is a diabetic, one is a DREAMer, and the third has a step-father with ties to Mexican drug lords, and tangling the web even more, he died under suspicious circumstances not too long ago. Throw in a priest who is not quick to cooperate and a neighbor who probably owns a MAGA hat and a daughter who has eyes for one of the brown skinned boys and you have plenty of suspects but very few leads.

Which is probably this is one of the rare cases that do not get solved in one episode. Or even two. They even need to bring in a new detective to the case who is quick to introduce her fist to an unruly perp’s nose. And of course the early season gets plenty of Philip Stroh mentions too, a guy who was first season during season five of The Closer.

Major Crimes airs Tuesdays at 9:00 on TNT. The season starts with back to back episode and concludes with a two episode series finale January 16.

Monday, October 30, 2017

The Voice Season Thirteen Battle Round Power Ranking

Just when you thought Miley’s overhyped all girls team could not get any more annoying, she gave all her Battles girl themed songs. One of them, American Woman, is kind of derogatory to women. But she did get three of her team Stolen. Unfortunately one was not Shilo Gold who deserved a Steal over everyone who actually got Stolen this round aside from Addison. The other seven feel like fodder for the Knockouts. Maybe Noah advances too, but I doubt we will see anymore than those two. Alrighty, here is my power ranking coming out of the Battle Rounds:

1. Karli Webster (Team Miley): My favorite from the Blinds, she did not disappoint and no one else really stood out so she stays on top for another round.

2. Addison Agen (Team Miley Adam): Adam does not turn for them in the Blinds, but he certainly likes Stealing the coffeehouse type females: Caroline Glaser, Amy Vaschal, Lilli Passero. Now if only he can translate these types of singers’ high charting on iTunes to actual votes because they tend not to get very far.

3. Chris Weaver (Team Jennifer) – Ha, have the drag queen sing Dangerous Woman. Clever. And I did like the more rock vibe they did, I just wished Kathrina did not open her mouth to ruin things.

4. Hannah Mrozak (Team Adam): A Battle of two singers who very well may have been montaged during the Blinds, but Hannah really impressed me here. And Brandon probably deserved a Steal over most that did this season even if he overembelished at times.

5. Whitney Fenimore (Team Adam Miley) – I know the Battles were filmed a long time ago but even airing a Tom Petty performance two weeks after his death and doing Stevie Nicks is just something you do not want comparisons of in any circumstance, but she really was herself and refreshing especially considering I do not even remember her Blind Audition at all.

6. Janice Freeman (Team Miley): Most of Miley’s girl power song choices were eye rolling, but this was one of the few that worked.

7. Davon Fleming (Team Jennifer) – Yeah he won, it was alright. Nothing much else worth saying.

8. Moriah Formica (Team Miley) – The song selection being classic rock clearly favored Moriah, but I actually liked Shilo better. Another case of someone who deserved to be Stolen much more that most that actually did.

9. Adam Cunningham (Team Blake): I liked his Blind which had soul to it but now I fear Blake will turn him into a bland country singer.

10. Brooke Simpson (Team Miley) – Pretty even Battle but really, Sophia was much better than pretty much everyone else who got Stolen.

11. Anthony Alexander (Team Adam): All of Adam’s soul Battles just seemed ho hum, this one included. But I guess Anthony deserved it.

12. Keisha Renee (Team Blake) – Blake clearly loves diversity, pushing plenty of non-deserving non-country singers to the Live Shows so Keisha has to be his dream contestant, a black country singer. I think she may actually be the frontrunner. But I have a feeling the longer she is on Team Blake, the more bored I will be of her.

13. Ashland Craft (Team Miley): I was kind of bored, honestly. It was alright.

14. Megan Rose (Team Miley Blake): Oh Blake, you really did not need to Steal any more country singers.

15. Chloe Kohanski (Team Miley): Montage win… yawn.

16. Shi’Ann Jones (Team Jennifer): I did not really care much for her low notes, everything else was fine.

17. Stephan Marcellus (Team Jennifer Miley): Miley ruined her all female team for this guy? Alrighty. But looking at the girls not Stolen, it was slim pickings, Miley had the best unstolen girls.

18. Adam Pearce (Team Adam) – Adam only had three females on his team going into the Battles and my thought when he picked Adam over Whitney, was Adam simply going with an all dude team to balance out Miley’s all female team. (He did eventually pick the other two females to win and Stole a third to keep his team at three females.)

19. Lucas Holliday (Team Jennifer) – One of my favorite Blind Auditions, but an absolutely horrible song choice.

20. Esera Tuaolo (Team Blake): There may be nothing more predictable in the Battle Rounds than Blake forcing two very different singer to duet on an extremely cheesy song that inevitably gets montaged.

21. Dennis Drummond (Team BlakeAdam): He should have won, but honestly, this was one of the Battles where I wished both singers went home instead of them both advancing.

22. Katrina Rose (Team Miley Jennifer): It is never all that exciting when someone who was montaged in the Blinds gets Stolen especially after people who you liked both their Blinds and Battles have already gone home.

23. Eric Lyn (Team Jennifer): I preferred the other guy, kind of shocked at Jennifer picking Eric.

24. Jon Mero (Team Adam): I preferred Brandon because Jon over sang his parts but really I did not care much either way.

25. Noah Mac (Team Blake Jennifer): Interesting Blind, yet got screwed on the song selection. Still I have a feeling he got stolen for his look over his singing.

26. Mitchell Lee (Team Blake) – Why was he smiling throughout his performance? Did he not bother to read the lyrics, this song is depressing. If this guy keeps ruining mid-nineties pop-rock I am going to be out on this show pretty quickly.

27. Dylan Gerard (Team Adam): Montage win… yawn.

28. Anna Catherine DeHart (Team Blake): Double montage win… yawn. Will we get to ever hear her for more than two deconds or will she get Rebekah Samarined?

29. Emily Luther (Team Adam): Montage win… yawn.

30. Kathrina Feigh (Team Jennifer Blake): Oh Blake, why? I have a feeling if I were to do a list of the worst Steals in the History of The Voice; Blake would have half of them.

31. Jeremiah Millerr (Team Jennifer): Montage win… yawn.

32. Red Marlow (Team Blake): These two were at the bottom of my Blind Audition Power Ranking; good new, one went home, bad news, the other stayed.

Oh my, as much as I scoff at Miley, she is clearly the best team, here worst is at seventeen and that was a Steal. Her second worst is someone who was montaged, the others were in my top 13. But let’s put these numbers in my patent pending formula to see who really has the best team:

Miley: 189
Adam: 128
Jennifer: 118
Blake: 93

Usually I come out saying that Blake may have had a weak team coming out of the Blinds but he always pit his best vs his worse and picks correctly and comes out of the Battle with the strongest team. Not this season. He did not have much to care about from the Blinds and added a pretty bad Steal and a mediocre one to boot. He would be wise to Steal someone from Miley in the Knockouts who has two strong pairings teased by the promo (Ashland vs. Chloe and Karli vs. Janice). Of course it does not matter what I think because Blake has shown he can win with boring country singers and he still has Mitchell, Adam and Keisha, at least two of those three make the semi-finals easily unless something funky happens. In fact here is how the iTunes buying public ranks the Battles:

1. Addison Agen & Karli Webster (32)
2. Mitchell Lee & Dennis Drummond (147)
3. Eric Lyn & Ignatious Carmouche (147)
4. Keisha Renee & Noah Mac (151)
5. Jon Mero & Brandon Brown (167)
6. Ashland Craft & Megan Rose (208)
7. Brooke Simpson & Sophia Bollman (209)
8. Janice Freeman & Katrina Rose (227)
9. Adam Cunningham & Natalie Stovall (242)
10. Brandon Showell & Hannah Mrozak (265)
11. Shi'Ann Jones & Stephan Marcellus (275)
12. Adam Pearce & Whitney Fenimore (280)
13. Anthony Alexander & Michael Kight (363)
14. Lucas Holliday & Meagan McNeal (395)
15. Moriah Formica & Shilo Gold (424)
16. Davon Fleming & Maharasyi (438)
17. Chris Weaver & Kathrina Feigh (522)
18. Red Marlow & Ryan Scripps (545)
19. Emily Luther & Gary Carpentier (769)
20. Ashland Craft (880)
21. Anna Catherine DeHart & Kristi Hoopes (1316)
22. Addison Agen (1379)
23. Esera Tuaolo & Rebecca Brunner (1389)
24. Karli Webster (1392)
25. Dave Crosby & Dylan Gerard (1402)

See, Mitchell and Keisha are in the top four from Battle placements. Although what I find interesting I further down that list, only three people recharted their Blind Audition songs, all three original Team Miley members. Are these your front runners? I did look back at last season which only had three recharters, Chris Blue, the eventual winner; Hunter Plake, who many people thought was a lock for the finals for much of the season until an unfortunate song selection in the semi-finals; and Casi Joy, an early frontrunner who flamed out in the Playoffs. Let’s take an average of the peak of each singers Battle and Blind Audition and see how they rank now.

1. Karli Webster (109.5)
2. Addison Agen (119.5)
3. Ashland Craft (156)
4. Brooke Simpson (168)
5. Jon Mero (175.5)
6. Noah Mac (234)
7. Anthony Alexander (302)
8. Moriah Formica (378)
9. Davon Fleming (390)
10. Adam Cunningham (395.5)
11. Whitney Fenimore (416.5)
12. Mitchell Lee (425)
13. Chris Weaver (435.5)
14. Keisha Renee (524)
15. Megan Rose (546.5)
16. Lucas Holliday (550.5)
17. Hannah Mrozak (565.5)
18. Emily Luther (622)
19. Dennis Drummond (725)
20. Esera Tuaolo (945)
21. Red Marlow (957)
22. Dylan Gerard (992)
23. Anna Catherine DeHart (1306.5)

(Janice, Shi-Ann, Kathrina, Eric, Adam P., Stephan, and Katrina all did not chart their Blind Auditions while Chloe and Jeremiah did not chart their Battles, those were actually the only two Battles that did not chart). Again, there are the names Karli, Addison, and Ashland. Thrown in a fourth Team Miley original for that position too. While the three Blake singers I mentioned earlier are middling thanks to poor Blind Audition peaks. The most surprising is the last name on the list Anna Catherine who managed to chart both her songs while there were seven singers advancing singers who failed to chart at least once. Let’s see who has the strongest team according to the iTunes average.

Miley: 93
Adam: 78
Blake: 53
Jennifer: 52

Having three of the top four makes it no surprise Miley is on top, but outside those top five, it is kind of dire, she really needs to choose her time wisely for the Live Playoffs. But if the five-some is Karli, Ashland, Brooke, Moriah, and a good Steal (especially if she can get Addison back) that could be one of the bestselling Playoff teams ever. Though she really should ditch the silly themes and just go with great songs.

Really, I am just going to go ahead and make that my prediction for Team Miley. The other teams are harder to guess (especially since the promo only showed six of the sixteen Knockout pairings). Here are my other predictions:

Team Adam
Addison, Jon, Hannah, Dylan (Steal Noah)

Team Blake
Keisha, Mitchell, Adam, Esera, (Steal Chloe)

Team Jennifer
Lucas, Shi’Ann, Davon, Chris (Steal Janice)

Team Miley
Ashland, Brooke, Moriah, Karli, (Steal Megan back)

Sunday, October 29, 2017

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 10/282017

Ray Donovan: When Ray was talking about setting up Avi for the Fed’s death, I thought, um, he blackmailed the Fed to arrest Micky, why not just make Micky look like he did it since he was actually there. But Ray pulled a fast one on me and actually did throw Micky under the bus. But I wonder why the dive team did not find the chopped up sensei down there too. I figure he will be important to freeing Micky. Hopefully Micky was not bluffing when he said he would never trust Ray again because the show is much better when they are going at each other instead of helping each other. Micky vs. Ray, one last time, feels like a final season. With next season being the sixth, it may be time.

The Walking Dead: I am not entirely sure what happened in the episode because I spent most of the time wondering if Future Rick was really listening to “Weird Al” Yankovic.
You can download The Walking Dead on iTunes.

Good Behavior: Is it too obvious that Javier’s childhood friend who showed up to the wake is the one who tried to kill him and actually killed Silk? Suspicious timing showing up. Speaking of good timing, Apple just happened to see Javier convince a dud to jump off a cliff. It will be interesting to see if they skip town next episode r stick it out. I kind of want them to stay because Caren with a “C” has really spiced things up this season. But I wonder who will hire a hitman to kill their spouse first Caren or her husband. That would be a very interesting episode Javier being hired to kill someone it turns out he knows.
You can download Good Behavior on iTunes

Supergirl: Wow, two Barenaked Ladies songs in less than a week. But them soundtracking a lesbian wedding shower seemed a little too on the nose.
You can download Supergirl on iTunes.

The Gifted: Um, if you have screws in your leg, aren’t they kind of important? And how was there no metal on the bus to manipulate? This show is getting kind of stupid.
You can download The Gifted on iTunes.

The Challenge: Dirty 30: Well that wack a mole challenge was stupid. And what I do not understand is that instead of wacking someone you hope does not win, why not just stand in front of them so they could not see and just make them keep on moving?
You can download The Challenge: Dirty 30 on iTunes.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers: Bad move Turtleneck, way too early to turn on your tribe for absolutely no good reason. But seriously, instead of letting Ali think you were going on with her plan, why not ask if maybe it would be smarter to target the lone Healer, an original tribe that had not lost anyone yet. Dude is overplaying and that usually gets you sent home early.
You can download Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers on iTunesr.

Mr. Robot: Oh great, the what was going on with Tyrell in season two episode I never really wanted.
You can download Mr. Robot on iTunes.

The Good Place: Sure, seeing Janet’s beginning was fun but I was most interesting in finding out what was with all the frozen yogurt.
You can download The Good Place on iTunes.

Gotham: When Lee popped back up last week at an illegal fight club I just assumed she was still evil. Okay, it was mostly the bangs, if you get bangs it usually means you are turning evil, or just possibly have bad judgment in general. Except she is using her illegal money to host a clinic out of her apartment. Alrighty.
You can download Gotham on iTunes.

Blindspot: So they finally got rid of Sandstorm except Jane’s brother kidnapped her and put on translucent tattoos that are more complex than the original? I was going to roll my eyes at that but I am just excited to get more Rich Dotcom. And then there was a big montage at the end where everyone had a new secret: Roman knows something about Kurt during Jane’s exile in Berlin! Zapata is tied to one of the new tattoos!! Jane has a stash of foreign cash!!! Patterson… wait, she hooked up with Rich Dotcom?!?! Did I miss Reade’s big secret or is just too boring to have one?
You can download Blindspot on iTunes

Marvel’s Inhumans: Wait, they killed off the horse guy? Sure having hooves for feet has to be the lamest of all the superlame Inhuman powers, but at least he was the most fun of the bunch. Ugg, how could this show get any more dour?
Marvel's Inhumans on iTunes.