Saturday, February 12, 2005

We On Award Tour

Grammy Awards are tomorrow so here are my predictions and more importantly who should win:

Album of the Year
Ray Charles & Various Artists - Genius Loves Company
Green Day - American Idiot
Alicia Keys - The Diary Of Alicia Keys
Usher - Confessions
Kanye West - The College Dropout

Who will win: Genius Loves Company
Who should win: The College Dropout
Should have been nominated: Heavier Thing

Record Of The Year
Let's Get It Started - The Black Eyed Peas
Here We Go Again - Ray Charles & Norah Jones
American Idiot - Green Day
Heaven - Los Lonely Boys
Yeah!! - Usher Featuring Lil Jon & Ludacris

Who will win: "Yeah!"
Who should win: "Yeah!"
Should have been nominated: "All Falls Down"

Song of the Year
John Mayer - "Daughters”
Alicia Keys - "If I Ain't Got You”
Kanye West - "Jesus Walks
Tim McGraw - "Live Like You Were Dying”
Hoobastank - "The Reason”

Who will win: "If I Ain't Got You"
Who should win: "Jesus Walks"
Should have been nominated: "American Idiot"

Best New Artist
Los Lonely Boys
Maroon 5 Joss Stone
Kanye West
Gretchen Wilson

Who will win: Kanye West
Who should win: Kanye West
Should have been nominated: Jet

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
Björk - "Oceania"
Sheryl Crow - "The First Cut Is The Deepest"
Norah Jones - "Sunrise"
Gwen Stefani - "What You Waiting For?"
Joss Stone - "You Had Me"

Who will win: "The First Cut Is The Deepest"
Who should win: "You Had Me"
Should have been nominated: "If I Ain't Got You"

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance
Elvis Costello - "Let's Misbehave"
Josh Groban - "You Raise Me Up"
John Mayer - "Daughters"
Prince - "Cinnamon Girl"
Seal - "Love's Divine"

Who will win: "Daughters"
Who should win: "Daughters"
Should have been nominated: "Clarity"

Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal
Evanescence - "My Immortal"
Hoobastank - "The Reason"
Los Lonely Boys - "Heaven"
Maroon 5 - "She Will Be Loved"
No Doubt - "It's My Life"

Who will win: "My Immortal"
Who should win: "She Will Be Loved"
Should have been nominated: "Sunday Morning"

Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals
Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer - "Redemption Song"
Ray Charles & Elton John - "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word"
Ray Charles & Norah Jones - "Here We Go Again"
Paul McCartney & Eric Clapton - "Something"
Stevie Wonder & Take 6 - "Moon River"

Who will win: "Here We Go Again"
Who should win: "Redemption Song"
Should have been nominated: "Diary"

Best Pop Vocal Album
Ray Charles & Various Artists - Genius Loves Company
Norah Jones - Feels Like Home
Sarah McLachlan - Afterglow
Joss Stone - Mind, Body & Soul
Brian Wilson - Brian Wilson Presents Smile

Who will win: Genius Loves Company
Who should win: Genius Loves Company

Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance
Ryan Adams - "Wonderwall"
Steve Earle - "The Revolution Starts Now"
Melissa Ethridge - "Breathe"
Bruce Springsteen - "Code Of Silence"
Tom Waits - "Metropolitan Glide"

Who will win: "Code Of Silence"
Who should win: "Wonderwall"
Should have been nominated: "If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day"

Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal
Elvis Costello & The Imposters - "Monkey To Man"
Franz Ferdinand - "Take Me Out"
Green Day - "American Idiot"
The Killers - "Somebody Told Me"
U2 - "Vertigo"

Who will win: "Vertigo"
Who should win: "Vertigo"
Should have been nominated: "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"

Best Hard Rock Performance
Incubus - "Megalomaniac"
Metallica - "Some Kind Of Monster"
Nickelback - "Feelin' Way Too Damn Good"
Slipknot - "Duality"
Velvet Revolver - "Slither"

Who will win: "Some Kind Of Monster"
Who should win: "Megalomaniac"
Should have been nominated: "Pain"

Best Rock Song
Green Day - "American Idiot"
Velvet Revolver - "Fall To Pieces"
Modest Mouse - "Float On"
The Killers - "Somebody Told Me"
U2 - "Vertigo"

Who will win: "American Idiot"
Who should win: "American Idiot"
Should have been nominated: "Pain"

Best Female R&B Vocal Performance
Janet Jackson - "I Want You"
Alicia Keys - "If I Ain't Got You"
Teena Marie - "I'm Still In Love"
Jill Scott - "Whatever"
Angie Stone - "U-Haul"

Who will win: "If I Ain't Got You"
Who should win: "If I Ain't Got You"
Should have been nominated: "Me, Myself and I"

Best Male R&B Vocal Performance
Anthony Hamilton - "Charlene"
R. Kelly - "Happy People"
Brian McKnight - "What We Do Here"
Prince - "Call My Name"
Usher - "Burn"

Who will win: "Burn"
Who should win: "Call My Name"
Should have been nominated: "Musicology"

Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocals
Destiny's Child - "Lose Your Breath"
Earth, Wind & Fire Featuring Raphael Saadiq - "Show Me The Way"
Floetry - "Say Yes"
Alicia Keys Featuring Tony! Toni! Toné! - "Diary"
Usher & Alicia Keys - "My Boo"

Who will win: "My Boo"
Who should win: "Diary"
Should have been nominated: "Maybe"

Best Urban/Alternative Performance
Mos Def - "Sex, Love & Money"
Musiq - "Are You Experienced?"
N.E.R.D. - "She Wants To Move"
The Roots - "Star"
Jill Scott - "Cross My Mind"

Who will win: "Cross My Mind"
Who should win: "Star"
Should have been nominated: "Don't Say Nuthin'"

Best R&B Song
Usher - "Burn”
Prince - "Call My Name” Prince
Usher & Alicia Keys - "My Boo"
Usher Featuring Lil Jon & Ludacris - "Yeah!"
Alicia Keys - "You Don't Know My Name”

Who will win: "Call My Name"
Who should win: "You Don't Know My Name"
Should have been nominated: "Diary"

Best R&B Album
Anita Baker - My Everything
Al Green - I Can't Stop
Alicia Keys - The Diary Of Alicia Keys
Prince - Musicology
Jill Scott - Beautifully Human: Words & Sounds Vol. 2

Who will win: The Diary Of Alicia Keys
Who should win: The Diary Of Alicia Keys

Best Rap Solo Performance
Lloyd Banks - "On Fire"
Eminem - "Just Lose It"
Jay-Z - "99 Problems"
Twista - "Overnight Celebrity"
Kanye West - "Through The Wire"

Who will win: "Just Lose It"
Who should win: "99 Problems"
Should have been nominated: "Jesus Walks"

Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group
Beastie Boys - "Ch-Check It Out"
The Black Eyed - "Let's Get It Started"
The Roots - "Don't Say Nuthin'"
Snoop Dogg & Pharrell - "Drop It Like It's Hot"
Terror Squad - "Lean Back"

Who will win: "Let's Get It Started"
Who should win: "Drop It Like It's Hot"
Should have been nominated: "Got It Twisted"

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration
Jadakiss Featuring Anthony Hamilton - "Why"
Christina Milian Featuring Fabolous - "Dip It Low"
Twista Featuring Kanye West & Jamie Foxx - "Slow Jamz"
Usher Featuring Lil Jon & Ludacris - "Yeah!"
Kanye West & Syleena Johnson - "All Falls Down"

Who will win: "Yeah!"
Who should win: "All Falls Down"
Should have been nominated: "Bridging the Gap"

Best Rap Song
Snoop Dogg & Pharrell - "Drop It Like It's Hot"
The Black Eyed Peas - "Hey Mama"
Kanye West - "Jesus Walks"
The Black Eyed Peas - "Let's Get It Started"
Jay-Z - "99 Problems"

Who will win: "Jesus Walks"
Who should win: "Jesus Walks"
Should have been nominated: "Through the Wire"

Best Rap Album
Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs
Jay-Z - The Black Album
LL Cool J - The Definition
Nelly - Suit
Kanye West - The College Dropout

Who will win: The College Dropout
Who should win: The College Dropout
Should have been nominated: The Tipping Point

Best Short Form Music Video
Franz Ferdinand - "Take Me Out"
Green Day - "American Idiot"
George Michael - "Flawless"
Stereogram - "Walkie Talkie Man"
U2 - "Vertigo"

Who will win: "American Idiot"
Who should win: "Vertigo"
Should have been nominated: "All Falls Down"

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Deja Vu All Over Again

Back at the beginning of the current T.V., I was drawn into the new show, Lost. It had the making of a great show, good writing, comic relief, one of the hottest token hot chicks in T.V. history, and some shocking plot twists (Locke was in a wheelchair? Wow). But lately the plot twist have been predictable (Boone hooks up with his "sister") or just lame (Walk can summon animals). But yesterday, Lost used one of the worst plot devises of all time amnesia. Doing a little research, jump the shark had 58 different shows that had the amnesia episode/story arc including such time-honored shows as Golden Girls, Alien Nation, Knight Rider and the kings of T.V. clichés Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place and Star Trek not mention every single daytime soap opera. The worst aspect of the amnesia trend is the inevitable magical return of the memory. I think Vegas set the line at the end of the season. I'm currently leaning towards the over because I don't think she will make it to next season.

The truly bad omen of Lost's future is amnesia was the second of the three worst plot devises in T.V. The first was the "it was all a dream" episode. You find 63 show on
jump the shark, many whom would also find under amnesia. (Twin Peaks and Dynasty being clichéd? No, not them.) Also if you were counting, that episode brought up the "they aren't really dead) up to two.

Lost might as well go for the trifecta as shown in next week's preview, "Coming soon to Lost. Charlie bets Hurley he turn anyone Hurley chooses into 'Miss Deserted Island.' Watch as Hurley pass up the only girl on the island fatter than he is only to select a girl with frizzy hair and glasses, who is, in her own way, extremely cute. But after the token hot chick gives homely girl a makeover, thus making here a token hot girl herself, former homely girls finds out about Charlie and Hurley's bet and dumps Charlie. But in the end Charlie learns a lesson in love." The only think worse than this type of T.V. episode is when some one gets the horrible idea, to make the storyline 4 times longer and make it into a movie. I'm currently in court trying to get the hour and a half of my life back from the producers of "She's All That."

But I still have faith that Lost can salvage the rest of the season. That metal door must have something really cool. Maybe next week will be when they get it back. I want to call it right now that Sawyer killed or had a part in Jack's dad's death. But whatever happens next week, please, no betting.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Harder Now That it's Over

After all the ranting yesterday, I forgot the worst aspect of the Super Bowl - no football for six months. Not to mention with no hockey and Artest's suspension ruining my fantasy basketball team (thanks John Green) there is no sports worth following until the March Madness brackets come out in about 6 weeks. So I guess the only thing to watch until then is the "new" MTV2. Although the "new" MTV2 seem a lot like the old MTV2 but with 50% less videos and more shows that have already been shown on MTV 100 times. Oh wait; there is a new two-headed dog logo too. Great programming choice guys. But then maybe I can catch the funniest TV promo in recent memory where Ashlee Simpson tells her mom, "I don't care about the business side; I only care about the music."

Monday, February 07, 2005

Worst. Super Bowl. Ever.

From the start pre-show until the end of American Dad and everything in-between, this was the worst super bowl that I can remember. Thanks Janet. Here's a running tally of everything that happened yesterday.


Seeing Charlie Daniels dancing with the Black Eyed Peas was possibly the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. Nonetheless, Black Eyed Peas have performed at every event in the last 2 years. Super Bowl, Awards Show, Democratic National Convention. (There a many reasons why Kerry lost the election, but I would put having a group perform "Lets Get Retarded" "Lets Get it Started" has to be near the top.)

Alicia Keys was one of the few bright spots all day. Then again, it seems she can't do any wrong. Well barring hanging out with Usher. It was too bad Ray Charles couldn't be them himself because he always did do a great version on "America the Beautiful." I would highly recommend "Ray Charles Sings for America" if you don't have it already.

OK back to the bad stuff. Did anyone else notice that the coin "flip" didn't actually flip at all? I don't know if that kid didn't know how to flip a coin or if was trying to rig the outcome. It's time to bring back the legends to do the flipping.

The Game

I'm not going to restate the reasons why I don't think Belachick is not a genius, but I'd like to add that he went to the wrong bench to start the game. How does anyone lose to this guy? I'd resign in shame if I were Andy Reid. The real test of Belachick's "wisdom" will be next year when both coordinators are gone. By the way, Romeo Crennel meet Jeff Garcia. Have fun next year.

Did anyone find the irony in T.O. being guarded by some one named Randle Gay? But you have to give it up to T.O. for putting up triple digit yards, even if most of his catches were short out patterns. Although for a guy who once said if you don't want to see me celebrate, keep me out of the end zone, he did seem to break out the eagle flap about 30 yards away from said end zone. Which then led to Mike Vrabel to mocking him. Twice. This seems to be a start of a trend. If you remember 3 weeks ago, FredEx (the only time you will see his name) did the reverse moon twice. Doesn't this count as excessive celebration? But back to T.O., can you imagine what would happen if T.O. was 100%. Well, most likely, McNabb would have underthown him. Worst. Super Bowl performance. Ever. Three interceptions, not to mention one that was called back due to a penalty away from the play, and a fumble that was called back due to instant replay. Ouch. And as bad as McNabb was, the Eagles only lost by three.


Paul McCartney is your anti-Janet this year perform good wholesome Beatles songs about illegal drugs. When I first saw McCartney going to the piano, I thought, "Oh, no, it's the obligatory ten minute version of Hey Jude," but was instead saved but "Live and Let Die" (which I believe he stole from Guns 'n' Roses). Another great message. Then it finally came, the obligatory ten minute version of "Hey Jude." I remember seeing McCartney doing this song on SNL once I swear at one point during the NaNaNa's he went, "OK 5 more times." Um, yeah, bathroom break time. At least this year's Super Bowl alleviated the major problems that have been plaguing most halftime shows, having someone perform than no one in the stand would enjoy. Sports fans tend to be middle aged white guys, so a former Beatle was a good choice. Do you think anyone who was at or watched the Orange Bowl listens to Ashlee Simpson? The problem with most halftime shows is they try to bring in a TV audience that would not normally watch the game itself. And that, in turn, is why most of them get booed. That and Ashlee Simpson is tone def. On another musically not "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" was not the best choice for a theme song. Although it wasn't the most out of place that song has been played this year. That award would go to the Clinton Library Opening.


Here's my top 5:

5) Diet Pepsi (P.Diddy) - Nice social commentary on how people will do anything copy anything to be cool. Bonus points for putting the youngest Desperate Housewives in the spot. it is also interesting that that "Pimp My Ride's" own Xzibit has no problem selling himself for money. Honorable Mention for there other ad with the guy waking down the street turning every women's head including Cindy Crawford and one of the Queer Guys.
4) Mustang Convertible - If I had a convertible, I'd have it down at all times too. While I'm talking about car, I can't remember which one is was but why did some car maker drop 2.4 million on a car that doesn't come out until the end of 2005. Buzz doesn’t last that long as proven by how I can't even remember it's name.
3) NFL Network (Everyone is undefeated tomorrow) - One of the best sports ideas ever. Unfortunately it won't take the Brown's too long change that. My only problem is that I only recognized 3 people in the ad, Joe Montana, Ben Rothhngfhnkslflituebuger, and Dante Cullpepper, whom I only recognized him because he was singing with a Viking.
2) SBC (Wonderful Tonight) - Anyone who has had to wait an hour for a girl to get dressed can relate to this ad.
1) MBNA Credit Card - Charlie Daniels dancing with Black Eyed Peas, disturbing. Gladys Knight playing rugby, freaking hilarious.

Sadly it wasn't too hard to come up with this list because most of the ads were boring or just lame (LeBron, I’m taking to you). Seriously, two companies picked M.C. Hammer as their spokesmen. For those keeping track $4.8 million were spent on the selling power of M.C. Hammer. One ad even pointed out his poor money management. Did no one realize this in the pitch meeting? Also the only erectile dysfunction didn't air until 9:05. Thanks Janet (no sarcasm this time)

Another recent trend is the summer movie trailer during the Super Bowl. Here are the one's I will most likely see.

5) War of the World - I'm not actually see this movie since I've already seen Independence Day, but it was either this or Robots. Ever notice that the little girl in this movie is the new go to kid. I have a feeling Hailey Joel Osmont is rueing the day he went threw puberty.
4) The Pacifier - Even though it has Vin Diesel in it. Even though I saw it back when it was called Kindergarten Cop (Governor Diesel? shiver.) This may end up as a rental solely on the appearance of Brittany Snow who make "American Dreams" watchable each week.
4a) xXx - Ice Cube for Vin Diesel - upgrade.
3) Be Cool - Pulp Fiction meets Swingers via Get Shorty, I'm in.
2) The Longest Yard - It has Adam Sandler, but it also has Nelly. It has Chris Rock but it has Brian Bosworth. It has Michael Irving but it has Bill Romanowski. This could be the best or worst movie of the year.
1) Batman Begins - One word, Scarecrow. Best. Batman villain. Ever. But I'm not sold on the American Psycho as Batman and I like the Bat mobile as a sports car rather than a Hummer.

Post Game

Did anyone notice that the "Under 5" Post Show went almost 30 minutes? Oh well. Nothing hurt more then when Chris Collingsworth said, "There is not a person in Cleveland not scratching their heads and saying 'can you believe what we're seeing?" Ouch. As for the Simpsons, the show seemed a little dated touching on all most of the topics that shaped LAST year. At least the Comic Book Guy gave me a title for this commentary.

To cap of the Worst. Super Bowl. Ever. was Fox's newest show, American Dad, which apparently was from the makers of Family Guy. Did they really need to tell us that? Let's look at the families: Idiot Father - Check. Loving Mother - Check. Nerdy Son- Check. Smart Daughter - Check. Talking Pet - Check. Member with a weird accent - Check. Oh, what the heck, one for the road - Worst. Post-Super Bowl Show. Ever.