Sunday, December 20, 2020

57 Channels and Only This Is On: December 20, 2020

Shameless:  I would have never thought Carl’s boring first day at work would be so entertaining.  Unfortunately none of the other storylines this week were.
Your Honor:  Just a lot to unpack here with someone so stupid about stealing a car he runs a red light, dirty cops torturing a kid yet no one asked why he does not need an inhaler, the dog is still trying to get that blood covered rag that he inexplicably was able to get under that table, a judge stripping a seventeen year old in court, all this seems like it is going to start a gang war, just straight up bird murder for no apparent reason, but really all I want to talk about is that the kid turned out to be forking his hot teacher.  And they were doing it before school?!?  Somehow that is already infinitely more interesting than A Teacher.
His Dark Materials:  Just what does Snake Dude do in the real world that he is able to just amass that much valuable artifacts?  And he can just shut down the park with security at a moment’s notice?  Granted not the best security if he is just letting anyone in with any actual ID.
Big Sky:  I did all the eye rolls when a silly fly fishing memory mad the PI think that there may be a basement only to come back shortly after the girls were moved.  And why did no one think to check for DNA in the creepy shipping container that was underground for no apparent reason?  But as stupid as that was, another random epiphany lead the PI to the diner where she shockingly shot Drew Carey’s brother right between the eyes.  Killing off what was presumably the main character was shocking enough butt to follow that up a couple episodes later by killing off the big bad was just as shocking.  If only anything in-between was entertaining.  So what happens now?  They have to get the creepy partner, but how long could that take, an episode or two?
A Teacher:  So not only do we not get to see the arrest, we do not even get to see prison time?  Ugg.
The Flight Attendant:  The gay best friend turned out to be in the CIA?  I guess that makes the scene where Cassie took him to the wake funnier.  Though, maybe instead of hooking up with the help, maybe he should had spent more time following her because she almost got herself caught.  And maybe he should have followed up on the shredded stuff she stole.  But I guess that was an FBI matter and as we know they do not really talk with each other.  But Cassie helping the CIA may make the second season interesting.  Unfortunately every show that has gone past its source material does not really have the best track record.
The Mandalorian
:  Sooooo, is that it for this show?  That was my first impression, it does not seem like there is a show without Mando and Baby Yoda.    So with Yoda to go train with Luke and… um, Ben Solo, there does not really seem like a way to get those two back together unless Jedi Adolescent Yoda and an older Mando are traveling around the galaxy.   Bu then was the Book of Boba signaling that Boba will be the focus of season three as the show transitions into a sort of anthology about different Mandalorians?  There was a lot of debate after the show whether that was a tease for a spin-off or season three  and surprisingly no word from Disney yet.