Thursday, December 31, 2020

The 100 Best Songs of 2020


1. Blinding Lights - The Weeknd 

2. the 1 - Taylor Swift 

3. Sad Girl Summer - Maisie Peters 

4. Joke's On You - Charlotte Lawrence 

5. exile - Taylor Swift feat. Bon Iver

6. Sometimes - H.E.R. 

7. Supalonely - BENEE feat. Gus Dapperton

8. Everywhere I'm Goin' - Maddie & Tae 

9. Send You My Love - Liz Longley 

10. Gaslighter - The Chicks 

11. Moral of the Story - Ashe 

12. ooh la la  - Run The Jewels feat. Greg Nice & DJ Premier

13. Thought vs Everybody - Black Thought 

14. cardigan - Taylor Swift 

15. Ice Cream  - BLACKPINK with Selena Gomez

16. Levitating - Dua Lipa 

17. Maybe Don't - Maisie Peters feat. JP Saxe

18. Say Peace - Common Feat. Black Thought & PJ

19. Boyfriend - Selena Gomez 

20. Good Times - The Lone Bellow 

21. rock bottom - MisterWives 

22. Love On Top (from the cast of Pitch Perfect) - The Bellas 

23. Neon Cross - Jaime Wyatt 

24. Hero - Michael Kiwanuka 

25. Forget - Nikki Yanofsky 

26. Oh Yeah! - Green Day 

27. Be Afraid - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit 

28. My Own Soul’s Warning - The Killers 

29. Strong Enough - Ray LaMontagne 

30. betty - Taylor Swift 

31. Ring - Selena Gomez 

32. And It Breaks My Heart - LÉON

33. decide to be happy - MisterWives 

34. Kyoto - Phoebe Bridgers 

35. Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa 

36. Johnny - Sarah Jarosz 

37. Feel The Way I Want - Caroline Rose 

38. Texas Sun - Khruangbin 

39. Starting Over - Chris Stapleton 

40. Chasing A Feeling - LÉON

41. Salt And The Sea - The Lumineers 

42. Complicated - Eves Karydas 

43. Moment - Dagny 

44. The Steps - HAIM 

45. The Curse - Will Hoge 

46. willow - Taylor Swift 

47. Shameika - Fiona Apple 

48. Let Me Tell You Something - Lera Lynn 

49. Can't Fight - Lianne La Havas 

50. Shine A Little Light - The Black Keys 

51. Another You - Elle King 

52. 21 Days - Brian Fallon 

53. Rolling - Michael Kiwanuka 

54. Ring - Phoebe Ryan 

55. Charlie - Mallrat 

56. Conversations in the Dark - John Legend 

57. Bluebird - Miranda Lambert 

58. Only Time Makes It Human - King Princess 

59. Say So - Doja Cat 

60. Rare - Selena Gomez 

61. Bitter - FLETCHER 

62. the end - MisterWives 

63. Bigger Love - John Legend 

64. Oh, What a World 2.0  - Kacey Musgraves 

65. If I Hated You - FLETCHER 

66. Surrender - Will Butler 

67. Put Me Back Together - Caitlyn Smith 

68. Physical - Dua Lipa 

69. Letter To You - Bruce Springsteen 

70. Dead Horse - Hayley Williams 

71. If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) - The 1975 

72. Stay With Me - Margaret Glaspy 

73. Lilacs - Waxahatchee 

74. circle the drain - Soccer Mommy 

75. I Don't Wanna Lie - Yola 

76. Sleep at Night - The Chicks 

77. 3 Crow - Liz Longley 

78. Friend - Gracie Abrams 

79. Under The Table - Fiona Apple 

80. Honeybee - The Head and the Heart 

81. Ride  - Lenny Kravitz 

82. Bathroom Floor - Maddie & Tae 

83. I Know Alone - HAIM 

84. bon iver - mxmtoon 

85. Private Lives - Low Cut Connie 

86. Cold - Chris Stapleton 

87. Wild - John Legend feat. Gary Clark Jr.

88. It Ain’t Easy - Delta Spirit 

89. Ohio - King Princess 

90. Shot In The Dark - AC/DC 

91. Heartless - The Weeknd 

92. Can I Believe You - Fleet Foxes 

93. Don't Wanna - HAIM 

94. Pearl Cadillac - Gary Clark Jr. feat. Andra Day

95. Miss You - Gabrielle Aplin 

96. It Must Be Someone Else’s Fault - Courtney Marie Andrews 

97. You Have Stolen My Heart - Brian Fallon 

98. Fire - Waxahatchee 

99. Kool - BENEE 

100. Czar - Busta Rhymes feat. M.O.P.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

57 Channels and Only This is On: December 27, 2020

Shameless:  Once again Carl’s day on the job was the most entertaining part, though I thought maybe he would end up losing another partner who would get suspended for police brutality.  But once again, that was really the only entertaining part of the episode.  Worse was that it really got dark this week with the kid that had a hole in his heart and Lip calling Debby a bad mother.
Your Honor:  Good thing the judge knew what was going on because I was lost when they switched out the guards at the funeral.  Though I do not understand why.  Did momma send her son to avenge the other son?  Why have him kill someone with only two weeks on his sentence.  Why not send low level thugs.  Was that not what the people in infirmary doing?  Though Kofi is kind of just Schroeder’s Cat right now because we do not know if the brother actually kills him or not.  Maybe momma just wants her son to deliver another type of message.
His Dark Materials:  So there are no real rules in the middle rule?  The specters were supposed to kill adults.  But Snake Dude and Lyra’s mom were just able to walk through, Lyra’s mom can now control them, and even the English professor can walk freely.  But I did laugh when the one girl asked to hug her after admitting to attempted murder.  That is the point I turn and run from those psychopaths.  But I have to wonder, if all the adult went up to the mountains, why did they not take their children with them?  But I feel that will just be added to the already long list of answers to questions we will never get.  Number one right now is what ever happened to James McAvoy?  Is he just not going to be in this season?  Lyra went into the gap after him and he just disappeared.
A Teacher:  My favorite scene in this show, okay, the only one that I probably did not hate was when the FBI chick from Mr. Robot said the student did not look old enough to be buying alcohol.  C’mon, that dude looks like he is pushing thirty.  Him looking way old enough to buy beer is what keeps this from being the worst show of the year.

The Challenge: Double Agents:  I know we are in the middle of a pandemic, but c’mon, they really could not find anyone else besides Josh to fly to Iceland for a chance to win a million dollars?  They were able to get an Olympian, a WWE wrestler, a bunch of people from European shows I never heard of, but they still had to call Josh to fill out the cast?  It is a shame this episode did not happen a decade ago because that CT eats Josh whole and spits out the bones.  But what was LeRoy thinking?  After Fessy wimped out what was obvious a physical competition against someone half his size, LeRoy wimps out against probably the second weakest guy there.  There are only five skulls going out to dudes this time, might want to get one sooner than later.  I really hope TJ sends people home skull-less this season to teach people not to wait.