Saturday, February 27, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 2/27/16

Shameless: One thing I have learned from watching the Gallagher's i that even when things start to be looking up, things will still end up being worse. Except for Lip, dude continues to fail upwards. First, he is the only Gallagher that was able to get out and this week he gets fired from his Resident Assistant job and managed to land a better gig as house boy at a sorority. And yet he still messes it up but pining over the old married woman while blowing off the hot sorority sister. You are living the dream Lip, why are you messing up for the rest of us? So instead of participating in a pillow fight, the best scene of the week ended yup being Frank giving another impassioned speech during a suspension hearing (there was one with Carl a couple seasons ago which was just as good). But a close second goes to whoever decided to put subtitles when Carl was talking to his homies. Now I know what is "poppycock" is translated to in urban.

The Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne... who saw that coming? I guess they have been living together for a while now and she treats Carl like a son so it i not that surprising. I guess the big question is which one of them will die in the season finale. You know there is no way they are going to end up happy. Okay, that is probably aa stupid question, of course it will be Michonne they kill of, like a wise man said, always bet on black, especially when it comes to who will die next on this show.
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Billions: What a great line about Chuck and Brody sniffing each other and not liking the smell. It was at that point I knew neither would back down even though Wendy pointed out to both of them this could easily go away. The big question as both looked to be willing to sit at the table would be which would be first to go back on their word. Despite saying he would never admit guilt (though how is forfeiting over a billion dollars not an admission of guilt?) Brody still ate it so it was Chuck who went over the line first (or twice if you include the admission of guilt thing) by demanding Brody never trade on the stock exchange ever again leading Brody to rip up the check, throw it in Chuck's face, and listen to more Metallica. But lost in the long game of chicken between Brody and Chuck was another great scene with the guy from the attorney General's office calling out Chuck for going too soft on Axe because of his wife before saying he was going hard after Brody because of his wife. Great question, just how much of this is about his wife, we do know they both enjoy pain.

Mercy Street: With historical dramas I tend to wait until the end of the series to look up really happen because I do not want to look up what happened in the real Deadwood only to find out someone was probably going to die soon. So I do wonder if there really was an attempt to blow up the hospital or was that just added for poetic licence. I am guessing that is the latter because how would anyone know what did not happen? I doubt the guy went home and rote in his journal about almost assassinating the president but did not go through with it to keep a friend from being collateral damage.
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Supergirl: Of course the day I post about the absurdity of Irish names a Sloboden (but sounds like Chevonne) shows up on television that night, though the actress does not look to have any Irish in her. But anyway. A couple of off comments this week which are kind of annoying. First there was a conversation between Hank and Alex mentioned the villain of the week was a bounty hunter but not THAT bounty hunter. My mind first went to Boba Fett but that is not going to happen. I take it they were probably talking about Lobo butif so, just say his name. I guess they did not because they do not have permission to use the charachter which is getting kind of annoying on the comic book shows. Then Kara said there was another city that has people with masks, which again just name the city. Stop being coy. Again I have o guess she was referring to one of the cities depicted on one of the half dozen crappy CW shows. Meh.
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The X-Files: After the drag of the season premiere, I actually enjoyed the following episode, unfortunately, and inevitably, they had to end the season with the same story line. And had to bring back Agent Reyes who apparently was been the Cigarette Smoking Man's personal servant for the past decade. I Do not even want to know what the T-1000 was up to since then. Then they just had to end on a cliffhanger. Hurmph. So what was in the spaceship? Scully and Mulder's kid. If it come back, just wrap that story line up quick and just focus on monster of the week cases after that.
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Castle: Really, everyone know of the sociology experiment from years ago, but not one person thinks of Saw? Alrighty. And I really should be consulting for the NYPD, because I had that dude pegged early on as the guy running the experiment. C'mon, he had no loved one on the other side. But then again, it was a good thing I was not trapped in the room because my first instinct when the gun showed up was to shoot the bullets in the wall so no one could shoot me later. That would have backfired miserably, quite literally.
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Pretty Little Liars: I have long known that none of these girls are Veronica Mars so I have accept their utter stupidity from time to time, but c'mon, when the hole in Sara's hotel room gets plastered up, seriously, no one thought to show Allison the back door to Radley?
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Marvel's Agent Carter: Obviously Vinnie Van Lowe is great, but I really wanted more of his mother. The dance sequence at the start of the second episode was a nice touch too. Great ending with Rose saying she was not good enough for the fake talent agency. Too bad they did not work that into the show more often because the fake talent agency was comedy gold in the first episode.
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Survivor:Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty II: Maybe the most annoying part of Survivor is when everyone knows who is going home and yt the editors plant the seed of someone else may also be on the chopping block just to have some suspense at Tribal only for the obvious pick goes home ninety percent of the time. After flubbing last week's vote, obviously the Brawn tribe would actually get rid of Barbie this week. Sure an all-girl alliance seemed like a good idea (especially considering three tribe seasons get mixed up pretty early) so that actually seemed like. Except not only was it not the obvious pick that went home, or even the alternative that producers float to add a little suspense to Tribal, but maybe for the first time ever (not including Idol canceling votes) a third option was the person that went home. Wow, I cannot think of a worse Tribal performance in the history of the show except maybe the dude who basically handed a million dollars to the porn star in Thailand when he attacked the jury. This girl somehow managed to get three people to change their votes at tribal. People changing their votes at Tribal probably happens less than once a season (again, without an Idol in play or being threatened) and here it happened three times at the same Tribal. I did not think any tribe could be as dysfunctional as the last Brains tribe, but this season's Brawn tribe is trying hard. They are really one rice dump away. Seriously, how did they lose that challenge? Is there any bigger lay up for a Brawny tribe than carrying a sixty pound log a half a mile? I was expecting a drop off from the epic last season, but we are off to a strong start. Really my only gripe so far is the cat lady needs to go home sooner than later.
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The Blacklist: So what was in the envelope that Red burned? It has to be info on Lizzie's mom right? But why burn it? And why destroy something on screen that we the viewers will now never know what the contents were?
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Friday, February 26, 2016

Around the Tubes: 2/26/16

I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on The Circus, A Year in Space, Penny Dreadful, Deadbeat, America's Greatest Makers, 2016 MTV Movie Awards, They Will Have To Kill Us First: Malian Music in Exile, Dangerous Men, America’s Next Top Model, Bunbury music Festival, and Smurfs™ Epic Run.

- This week, Showtime announced that MSNBC analyst Alex Wagner will be a guest contributor to the Feb. 28 episode of The Circus airing this Sunday at 8:00. Wagner will join the team on the campaign trail in South Carolina this week in the final days before the Democratic primary.

- Scott Kelly, whose current 12-month stay on the International Space Station is testing human limits for space travel and laying the groundwork for a manned mission to Mars, is featured in the first installment of A Year in Space. Scheduled to air on PBS on Wednesday, March 2 from 8:00 (check local listings), A Year in Space is timed to air within a day of Kelly’s planned return to Earth.

- Showtime has released the official trailer for the third season of its hit drama series Penny Dreadful, which premieres on Sunday, May 1 at 10:00 on-air, on demand and over the internet. Starring Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton and Eva Green, Penny Dreadful is a frightening psychological thriller created, written and executive produced by three-time Oscar® nominee John Logan (Hugo, The Aviator, Gladiator).

- Yesterday morning Tyler Labine and Kal Penn announced all episodes of Hulu Original Deadbeat season three will return on 4/20.

It's lit. Deadbeat season 3 premieres 4/20, only on Hulu.
Posted by Deadbeat on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

- Emmy®-winning producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, Shark Tank, The Voice) and TBS, a division of Turner, have brought together a panel of celebrity judges for this spring's exciting new tech competition series America's Greatest Makers, created in collaboration with Intel. The roster includes sports legends Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Smith; Emmy-nominated actress Mayim Bialik, who co-stars in the hit series The Big Bang Theory; and Massimo Banzi, maker and co-founder and CEO of Arduino, which makes popular development boards for inventors to create. America's Greatest Makers is set to premiere on TBS Tuesday, April 5, at 9:00.

- Global box-office powerhouses and stars of the upcoming action comedy, Central Intelligence, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart today announced via this video they will host the 2016 MTV Movie Awards. This year’s show will tape at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, Calif. on Saturday, April 9, to air on Sunday, April 10, at 8:00. For the first time ever, MTV will take the telecast entirely outdoors and onto the backlot to capture the essence of movie making magic against a dramatic nighttime backdrop. Performers and presenters will be announced at a later date.

- Since 2007, March 3 has been declared Music Freedom Day around the globe. With unique musical events and initiatives in more than 30 countries, the day commemorating freedom of expression and human rights continues to captivate millions. This March, BBC Worldwide North America will release They Will Have To Kill Us First: Malian Music in Exile, a feature-length documentary which bowed at 2015's SXSW Film Festival. Directed by Johanna Schwartz and featuring an original score by Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), the film - hailed by Indiewire as a "gripping, powerful documentary" and "social journalism of the highest order" by The Austin Chronicle - will open at New York City's Village East Cinema on March 4 and Los Angeles' Laemmle Santa Monica Theater on April 1 and other markets. The commissioned soundtrack, featuring some of Mali's most exciting artists, also releases on March 4.

- Drafthouse Films, the curatorial force behind exceptional repertory releases such as the ninja-blasting synthrock monolith Miami Connection, the psychedelic sci-fi brain-melter The Visitor, and the most dangerous movie ever made, Roar, have announced the their latest cult sensation, Dangerous Men arriving on Blu-ray/DVD for the first time ever this April 5th.

- The most successful fashion show in TV history America’s Next Top Model will rightfully return to the world’s fashion capital New York City for a reinvented debut on VH1. CBS Television Distribution (CTD) and VH1 are partnering on a new season of the iconic franchise for a new generation. Details on the premiere date and a new, re-imagined cast of host and judges will be announced at a later time.

- PromoWest Productions announced today the 2016 lineup for Bunbury Music Festival, set to take place in downtown Cincinnati’s Sawyer Point and Yeatman’s Cove June 3-5. The festival will feature an eclectic lineup spanning three days. Bunbury Music Festival celebrates its fifth year in 2016 and will transform the banks of the Ohio River into a vibrant music festival experience. PromoWest Productions’ Scott Stienecker, festival owner, says, “We are very excited to host the festival again this year. This lineup is the best yet! We are also looking forward to implementing the latest fest technology with RFID wristbands which should alleviate any challenges that we came across in 2015.” Tickets are on sale now at For ticket information and pricing visit

Ubisoft today released an update to its mobile hit, Smurfs™ Epic Run. The update, titled, “Ancient Forest,” is a new zone full of Smurfy content, 15 levels to complete and a new hero to unlock – Pilot Smurf! Smurfs Epic Run is FREE to Download. Here are the links:

- iOS:
- Android:
- Amazon:

Monday, February 22, 2016

I Want My Music Television: 2/22/16

Cherry Wine - Hozier

It is nice to see Saoirse Ronan finally get some recognition with all the nominations she has racked up for her work in Brooklyn, I thought she was one of the greatests child actors ever after Atonement but she kind of faded into the background after that aside from an attempt at action stardom with Hanna. I had the theory that it is hard to become a superstar when everyone is afraid to even try to pronounce your name. Even when she told Stephan Colbert it is like "inertia" while discussing absurdly spelled Irish names recently. Now she has teamed up with fellow Irishman Hozier for a powerful music video that brings to light domestic abuse. Proceeds from the single download of Cherry Wine will benefit a series of domestic abuse charities worldwide. Please visit for more information about this campaign.

Upside Down and Inside Out - OK Go

The kings of viral videos are back with maybe their best yet as they claim is completely real and filmed in zero gravity. Lots of replayability trying to figure what was going on. My favorite part is the paint balls. But again, the biggest problem with their video is OK Go made a song that is not very good.

Cosmic Love - Mayer Hawthorne

Mayer Hawthorne is going Trapped in the Closet for his upcoming album in the sense that all the music videos will be part of a detective series, and with his throwback style, of course it is a noirish type story. I think I may just wait until the whole story is release before watching another one.

Golden Gal - Animal Collective

And here is another trippy video from Animal Collective.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 2/21/16

Shameless: So the Gallagher family ends up only spending one episode "homeless." I do have to side with Gus, seriously, if you want something Fiona, you got to at the very least give the ring back. But that also means Carl is the one fronting the money for the house and of course, like everything else on this show, I do not see that going well.

The Walking Dead: So Daryl just has a bazooka taking up space in his newly commandeered truck. Awesome. Just as awesome, they killed off that annoying kid. Not only the kid, they just went ahead and kill the entire family. That is just cold. Unfortunately somehow Carl survived a gunshot wound to the eye. And I thought Bushwick Bill was the only human being that could do that.
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Billions: So Brody was scamming everyone all along with his Metallica induced midlife crisis, almost had me fulled. I also though the arrest warrant was going after Brody, not Dollar Bill, kind of petty to make sure they haul away Bill before Brody left the country, and while his wife was playing hooky. I am begininng to think Chuck is actually going to screw up first and let his wife know some classified information before he can nail Brody. And did Chuck and his wife meet in a sex dungeon? Seems like it and not they learned after the fact they were both into domination. I was waiting for someone to pull off the mask to reveal the farmer they just conned. You have to have feeling Chuck will run into someone at some point.

Mercy Street: So Mary Todd Lincoln is going to show up at the hospital next week. That may be a little weird considering Ramona Flowers actually played her previously. I wonder if this Abraham will be killing any vampires on his visit. One can only hope.
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The X-Files: I was a bit harsh on the reboot but the last three episodes have been really good and the country music montage was one of the best in the show's history which was only enhanced by it being placebo induced. And if they do more episodes, they can go ahead and add Lauren Ambrose to the cast. Unfortunately her partner is about as interesting as cardboard. I understand they were going for younger versions of Fox and Scully, but Mulder has dry wit, he is not just dry. Maybe it was intentional, they have the same set up of believer vs. skeptic but this time around the skeptic is the more interesting one while the believer is the wet blanket.
You can download The X-Files on iTunes

Lucifer: I came to the realization what it is wrong with the show. Though I am not sure why it took me so long because it airs after The X-Files, the problem is that it should be more like The X-Files with weird cases. Instead it is more like Castle but instead of a writer being in-bedded in the police department it is the devil. But if Satin is walking around the show, shouldn't these cases be more magical instead of cases you could see on any other cop show? How about throwing in a rogue demon perp every once in a while?
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Pretty Little Liars: So the hole in the wall just a secret way out of the hotel and not a secret evil lair? Meh, kind of boring.
You can download Pretty Little Liars on iTunes.

Marvel's Agent Carter: Having back to back episodes really made it very noticeable that Peggy's impaled injury conveniently went away in between the two episode even though maybe two or three days had passed since the injury. And I know she was distracted by Mrs. Jarvis, but oh Peggy, you do not leave a Russian spy along with a rent a cop. But it is interesting to have Whitney and Wilkes together. So is Whitney able to create Zero Matter while Wilkes can destroy it? Is that is what is going on between them?
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Survivor: Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty II: Early in the episode the real estate agent on the "Brawn" tribe tried to make a explanation to her inclusion despite her Barbie doll looks. Later we meet a gay Asian on the "Beauty" tribe who straight up wondered aloud why was included on that tribe. It was at that time I began to wonder if they intentionally put one tribe member who did not belong on purpose and that would be a twist. The problem with that hypothesis was the "Brains" tribe. The person there that sticks out like a sore thumb is the social media consultant except she does not really fit on the other two tribes either. So maybe the better theory is that cast the season and decide to split by characteristics afterwards. Which is kind of silly and really defeats the purpose of splitting them in the first place.

The big draw for this season is that it is supposed to be the most grueling season ever with multiple medical and it looked like we were almost going to get our first one right off the bat. The social media consultant came down with a bit of the heat stroke while someone else had a bug crawl into her ear. I knew that was not going to be pulled from the game serious but c'mon, at what point does the medical team show up with a pair of pliers? Since we did get a good look at the people who get pulled in the trailer, the question is do you go back and rewatch it now that you know the contestants better? I think I am going to avoid those spoilers and just wait for them to leave when it gets to that part of the season.

We probably will not see a season as epic as last season with blindside after blindside, but there were off to a good start with a shocker right off the bat: instead of booting the obvious Barbie doll who should have never been on their tribe in the first place, they got rid of the black dude before I could make a The Waterboy reference (he looked and sounded just like the waterboy's buddy in the film right?). Another big shocker was the Brains actually won the first challenge after being disastrous the first time they played this game. And that is why I am going to make a very premature prediction that Lizzie is crowned the sole Survivor. And I am not just saying that because she looks like Lizzie from The Blacklist. Okay, maybe a little.
Survivor: Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty II on iTunes

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines: What a horrible end to what may have been the worst season ever. The first leg of the final last week was kind of cool, but the last four this week were all sorts of lame. I hate all eating challenge as a rule because I hate watching people puke. Then they had them stand for a train that never came all night. Alrighty, that was useless. The last two were fine but nothing special even though that math problem should be one of the easiest; since it is the middle number, five has to be in center square, then one and nine have to be across from there, it should be just process of elimination from there. And the thing is, this should have been a great season. I am actually looking forward to watch the Reunion because there were some big moments this season. Okay, not excited enough to stay up to 12:30 to watch it or even watch it the next day, but much more than I was to watch the finale.
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Vikings: I sometime I have trouble remember things that happened on last week's episode let alone something from last season which probably ended about nine months ago, but I could haccw sworn that Ragnor was pretty much dead at the end of last season. Oh well, at least we got someone saying "arsehole" in French in the season premiere.
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