Saturday, January 01, 2022

57 Channels and Only This Is On: January 1, 2022


Dexter: New Blood:  Uh oh, Dexter breaking his code once again leaving a lot of DNA in the campground.  There is a reason why he does his kills in plastic, which is going to be a lot to clean up.  I wonder if he shows Harrison the body and how to clean it up next week.  Then his girlfriend is on his case linking him to two needle pricks.  Will they dust the drug maker’s house for prints now?  The last time Dexter broke his code; he broke into dude’s house, and then put his gloves on.  His prints should still be on the window.  But what will she do with the information about the pricks?  Is Dexter going to have to move again?  Maybe head back to a warmer climate.


Claws:  So Desna is already on the out with no longer Quiet Ann, things seem to be fracturing with Jennifer.  Is that going to be this season, Desna just becoming estranged from everyone on the show and then the inevitable reunion for the finale? 


Yellowjackets:  Oh wow, I did not have Van very high on my who will die first power ranking.  Actually that list was just Coach Ben and no one else.  But what is with Tai sleepwalking up trees?  Is this where it started and that traumatic experience has caused her to do it again?  And how did Tai get the totem that Lottie gave to Van?  Is the totem how Tai got safely into the tree to avoid the wold attack?


What I found most interesting was the talk in the car when Natalie was talking about how everyone did some bad things, Shauna disagreed and she should not drag everyone into her “pit of despaired.”  Interesting choice of words because we know there was a literal pit out in the Canadian wilderness.  Was Shauna not part of that whole thing?  I wonder if there will be a split in the groups between the cannibals and non-cannibals.  Could Nat be part of the pit group and Shauna part of a different group?  Then could Shauna and Jackie be part of two different groups because that will be a rough relationship going forward?  How do you read someone else’s diary?  Bad form Jackie.  


Back in present day, Misty is going full Citizen Detective by any means necessary in this week’s Misty psychopath watch.  So the reporter says that Travis’ back account was emptied shortly after he died.  That has to be Javi.  Who else could do it but a family member?  Unless, maybe, the account was not that big and Nat had his information.  Though the show has been very stingy up to this point with who is still alive outside the four main women and the already dead Travis.


Now it is time for my favorite part of the show: fashion watch.  So, not only did Jackie bring one argyle sweater vest, she brought multiple sweater vests to a soccer tournament for no apparent reason.  Not to be out down Mari, who seemly got more screen time this week than the previous seven episodes combined, went full eighties prep school villain wearing a polo shirt with a sweater wrapped around her neck.  Awesome.  Then poor Van, dies in a Coed Naked Soccer shirt.  How did our parents actually let us wear those, or the Big Johnson shirts (though I was not allowed to get the Big Johnson “Liquor in the front, poker in the back” shirt), back then?


The Book of Boba Fett:  Well that premiere left me feeling… whelmed,  I realized fairly early, that I do not really care that much about Boba’s backstory.  I enjoyed the old PlayStation 2 game, but do not really see it.  Nor do I care that much about the Tuscan Raiders stuff though it seems like we will be getting a duel timeline show for at least another episode or more.  Sigh.  Maybe we will see Obi-Wan at some point to set up his series.    


The Challenge: All-Stars: It is too bad Jodi did not order a milkshake so Ayanna could have gone full Daniel Plainview and tell Jodi she drinks her milkshake, she drinks it up.  But I wonder just how long this challenge took. Having to run a mile while remembering things had to take quite a few trips.

Friday, December 31, 2021

The 100 Best Songs of 2021

1. Funeral - Maisie Peters feat. James Bay 

2. Hate Myself - dodie 

3. drivers license - Olivia Rodrigo 

4. doomsday - Lizzy McAlpine 

5. Elevator Boots - Counting Crows 

6. jealousy, jealousy - Olivia Rodrigo 

7. Making a Fire - Foo Fighters 

8. good 4 u - Olivia Rodrigo 

9. How Not To Drown – CHVRCHES feat. Robert Smith 

10. Broken Horses - Brandi Carlile 

11. Like a Ship - Leon Bridges and Keite Young 

12. Wilder Days - Morgan Wade 

13. John Hughes Movie - Maisie Peters 

14. A-O-K - Tai Verdes 

15. Elvis Song - Maisie Peters 

16. Steam - Leon Bridges 

17. deja vu - Olivia Rodrigo 

18. Volcano - Maisie Peters 

19. A.M. RADIO - The Lumineers 

20. Circles - Wyn Starks 

21. brutal - Olivia Rodrigo 

22. Renegade - Big Red Machine feat. Taylor Swift 

23. Hypotheticals - Lake Street Dive 

24. Dried Up River - The Lone Bellow 

25. Redemption - Nathaniel Rateliff 

26. justified - Kacey Musgraves 

27. Better Man - Taylor Swift 

28. For Your Consideration - Maggie Rose 

29. Harshest Critic - Allison Ponthier 

30. What You Say - Cold War Kids 

31. Diamond Studded Shoes - Yola 

32. Halfway - Mimi Webb 

33. Dustland - The Killers feat. Bruce Springsteen 

34. Stand For Myself - Yola 

35. Vermillion Park - Emily Wolfe 

36. All Too Well (10 Minute Version) - Taylor Swift 

37. Valentine - Snail Mail 

38. Open up the Heavens - Jade Bird 

39. BIG SHOT - The Lumineers 

40. Shapeshifter - Alessia Cara 

41. Silk Chiffon – MUNA feat. Phoebe Bridgers 

42. Excuses - Audrey Mika 

43. rubberband - Tate McRae 

44. Bad Posture - Abby Anderson 

45. Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home) - Elle King and Miranda Lambert 

46. The War Inside - Tom Morello feat. Chris Stapleton 

47. Back in Ohio - Lucero 

48. Last Resort - Natalie Hemby 

49. You Signed Up For This - Maisie Peters 

50. Woman You Got - Maddie & Tae 

51. Dancer - Léon 

52. Bath Salts – DMX feat. JAY-Z & Nas 

53. Now is the Time - Jade Bird 

54. Crawling Kingsnake - The Black Keys 

55. Last Day on Earth - beabadoobee 

56. Feels Like - Gracie Abrams 

57.BRIGHTSIDE - The Lumineers 

58. Solar Power - Lorde 

59. The Bottom - Gracie Abrams 

60. simple times - Kacey Musgraves 

61. bad ones - Tate McRae 

62. I Don't Live Here Anymore - The War on Drugs feat. Lucius 

63. wish i loved you in the 90s - Tate McRae 

64. Seventeen - Léon 

65. Hush Money - Lake Street Dive 

66. Not Dead Yet - Lord Huron 

67. Scarlett - Holly Humberstone 

68. Psycho - Maisie Peters 

69. Mess It Up - Gracie Abrams 

70. no body, no crime - Taylor Swift feat. HAIM 

71. Motorbike - Leon Bridges 

72. Enter Sandman - Alessia Cara and The Warning 

73. Beggin' - Måneskin 

74. Ain’t Lookin’ - The Wild Feathers 

75. Phoenix - Big Red Machine feat. Fleet Foxes & Anaïs Mitchell 

76. Last Train Home - John Mayer 

77. breadwinner - Kacey Musgraves 

78. Friendly Fire - Holly Humberstone 

79. Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) - Elton John and Dua Lipa 

80. Shouldn't Matter but It Does - John Mayer 

81. Oh My God - Adele 

82. I Bet You Think About Me - Taylor Swift feat. Chris Stapleton 

83. coney island - Taylor Swift feat. The National 

84. Leave The Door Open - Silk Sonic 

85. Sugar and Spice - Jocelyn & Chris Arndt 

86. Poor Boy a Long Way From Home - The Black Keys 

87. Family Farm - The Hold Steady 

88. Cologne - beabadoobee 

89. Girl From Rio - Anitta 

90. Next - Olivia Holt 

91. Skate - Silk Sonic 

92. It’s time to go - Taylor Swift 

93. Bed Head - Manchester Orchestra

94. How Low - Heartless Bastards 

95. Overpass Grafitti - Ed Sheeran 

96. Backburner - Maia Sharp 

97. If I Was a Cowboy - Miranda Lambert 

98. Witchoo - Durand Jones & The Indications, Aaron Frazer 

99. We're Good - Dua Lipa 

100. Bad Habits - Ed Sheeran

Sunday, December 26, 2021

57 Channels and Only This Is On: December 26, 2021


Dexter: New Blood:  So Kurt got off on a technicality; I guess Dexter will have to kill him.  Though I wonder if the big twist this season is that Dexter continues to keep up his non-killing ways (well, aside for Kurt’s kid and the drug dealer) and finds a way to catch Kurt red-handed.  Or maybe Harrison will do the killing for Dexter.  Dexter really needs to have a sit down with that kid sooner than later.


But just how does Kurt know Dexter killed his kid?   I questioned just how drunk Kurt was that night when Dexter took him home shortly after Dexter cremated the kid and Kurt claimed his son called him.  Did Kurt see him do it?  If so, why not turn Dexter in?  If he lied about the call to keep the police from searching the caves where he hid his victim, turning Dexter in would have stopped the search too.


Claws:  The last episode aired in August of 2019 and that “Previously On” did nothing to help remember what happened.  Roller is gone?  Okay, do not remember why.  Desna had a casino?  I guess I vaguely remember getting an inheritance from the dude who died on their wedding night but do not really remember a casino.  And was Quiet Ann always this chatty?  This is going to be a rough season to get through.But I guess it will be quick if they continue to do two episodes a week.


Yellowjackets:  So, Lottie can see into the future.  Cool.  Was all that talking about blood in French last week tied to the lady issues everyone was having or something else?  And that hallway and stairs, is that somewhere she is going to go at some point or just a manifestation of being baptized?  It seems like she can see way into the future because she seemingly saw Tai in the tree eating dirt twenty-five years later.  So, Tai is the person in the tree her kid is seeing?


But finally, young Tai is the first to think, hey, we are in the Canadian wilderness, all we have to do is walk south until we hit civilization.  Seriously, they are athletic teens, should not that be too hard.  We will have to wait and see if anyone joins her, or if someone stops her (which will likely happen because they do not get rescued for nineteen months).   But when she talked about winter coming soon, it got me wondering; shouldn’t it be pretty cold by now?  The plane had to crash around late November maybe early December.  It gets pretty cold here in Ohio around Thanksgiving and that is with the global warming.  Higher north it gets colder and the days are shorter.  More poetic license I guess.


Misty psycho watch this week:  She steals drugs from works, uses them to drug Tai’s fixer who was posing as a reporter to see if anyone else talked, and is now keeping her chained up in her basement (oh, and younger Misty thinks the coach is her secret boyfriend).  Awesome.  Does the fixer spill the beans on Taissa?  And then does Misty set her free after that?  But we did get confirmation that there are other survivor than the main four (and Travis) but they still keep it extremely vague who survived. 


Then Shauna has a disturbing dinner with Jackie’s parents.  I am not sure what was more awkward, Shauna admitting she hates her kid (who we got confirmation is 16, which means she was born in 2005; the girls should have been rescued by July 1998; so she is not Shauna’s wilderness baby; unless they are in some weird dimension where time moves differently… hey Lottie can see into the future) or Jeff admitted he was forking Shauna while dating Jackie.  Then Shauna sees Jackie again and Jackie tells Shauna it was not her fault.  What is not her fault?  My first thought was hooking up with Jeff while they were dating.  But then I thought what if she was talking about something that happened in Canada, possibly how she died.  Though I am still clinging to my theory Jackie and Shauna’s kid are sending the postcards.


Hawkeye:  The finale was enjoyable mostly because Hailee Stienfeld and Florence Pugh are just a delight (give them a spin-off) but goodness, you really need to turn off your brain to get through it.  I still do not get why Maya was so quick to trust Clint’s word and just what happen to her father.  I am kind of unclear of who killed him.  It seems like he did, but I do not understand Kingpin and Kazi’s involvement.  Is all that going to be resolved in the Echo spin-off?  Though Kazi is dead and Echo shot Kingpin (though he did take an arrow to the chest earlier so maybe he survived by some silly comic book logic).


Okay, Clint’s wife was an agent of SHIELD, but why was the watch so important and why did Kingpin want it?  I never got why Yelena was so mad at Clint.  She knew of Clint and Nat’s relationship, but Valentina just telling het Clint killed her sister was enough for her.  Huh?  No how or why, she is ready to kill someone that she knew was her sister’s friend just like that made no sense.  With that said, give me a Kate / Yelena show next Christmas.


The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles: Oh hey, an Eric Neis sighting.  Nice to give him some time since he could not be at his reunion. But Tami missed out, that trip to Joshua Tree seemed much nicer than the first one especially those castle suites.


The Challenge: All-Stars: I am no medical doctor, but declaring a pregnant woman not medically cleared to compete seems kind of sexist.  Serena Williams won the Australian Open at 20 week, seems like someone in the first trimester would be find.  How about letting the expecting mother decide?  Melissa competed while pregnant for a final a few seasons back and the Senior Tour final did not seem that bad last season.  A little run up a mountain seems like it would be good for an expecting mother.  Ugg, I finally got Casey back on my television screen and now she might not be bac for a while (though there have been a few mothers with very young children on this first two seasons so maybe she could be back as soon as season four… hey, they only film for two weeks).  But poor Cohutta. Laterian loses his partner last week and was able to fight to stay in and steal Tyler’s partner but was not awarded the same chance this week.  At least we was able to go out on a great line, without missing a beat, saying, “It’s not mine.”