Saturday, September 11, 2021

Around the Tubes: September 11, 2021


I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting.  This post includes blurbs on Dexter: New BloodBaker's DozenEddie Vedder, Chelsea Cutler, Tasha, Bob Marley, Desert OneJacintaand The Ms. Pat Show.

SHOWTIME has released the official trailer for its upcoming special event series DEXTER: NEW BLOOD, starring Emmy nominee Michael C. Hall as America’s favorite serial killer. DEXTER: NEW BLOOD will premiere Sunday, November 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME. Joining Hall is returning original DEXTER star Jennifer Carpenter as Dexter’s sister Deb in a new iteration. Jack Alcott stars as Dexter’s teenage son Harrison, who mysteriously returns to Dexter’s life after 10 years apart. The cast also features Julia Jones (The Mandalorian), Alano Miller (Sylvie’s Love), Johnny Sequoyah (Believe) and Clancy Brown (The Crown, BILLIONS®). Reuniting Hall with original series showrunner Clyde Phillips, DEXTER: NEW BLOOD consists of 10 one-hour episodes.

Get ready for fresh-baked pies and insta-worthy cake pops with Hulu's "Baker's Dozen" on October 7th! You can expect 13 new contestants (...a fresh baker's dozen) each episode. With a mix of both home-taught and professional bakers, this season's 104 contestants prove anyone can be a star in the kitchen! Please see attached for the list of contestants.  In addition to hosts Tamera Mowry-Housley and Bill Yosses, a new guest judge from the culinary world joins each episode. The eight guest judges are Joshua John Russell, Robert Lucas, Leanne Pietrasinski, Rachel Teufel, Lauren Ko, Gemma Stafford, Teri Cellutto and Loria Stern.

Eddie Vedder releases a brand-new solo single entitled “Long Way” via Seattle Surf/Republic Records. The song is the first song off Vedder’s forthcoming solo album Earthling.  Listen to “Long Way” HERE and watch the official lyric video HERE.  In creating the song, Vedder worked with producer Andrew Watt in their first collaboration together. Vedder’s iconic vocals shine through as Watt’s production drives home the emotions of the track.

Platinum Certified singer, songwriter, and producer Chelsea Cutler reveals her anxiously awaited sophomore album, When I Close My Eyes, will be released on October 15th—pre-save it now HERE. To celebrate the announcement, Chelsea teams up with friend and fellow “Stay Next To Me” tour mate Quinn XCII on her new single, “Calling All Angels,” out today—listen HERE.  Chelsea Cutler wrote “Calling All Angels” with Quinn XCII, ayokay, and Hazey Eyes during a writing trip to Newport, RI, where much of the album was written and recorded. The song rides a dreamy bass line and steady cymbals towards a fingersnap-laden hook. Chelsea says, “My mom used to always say, ‘Calling All Angels’ to me as a kid. It always made me think of protection. The song is a well wish to other people.” Quinn XCII chimes in, saying, “Chelsea and I have been collaborating on each other’s projects for years, and I’m always so honored to be a part of her journey. Every time we make a song together, it feels particularly special because it is always effortless and something we feel our fans will always love. I can’t wait to play this together every night on tour the next few weeks.”

Chicago-based artist and poet Tasha is pleased to announce her forthcoming album Tell Me What You Miss The Mostthat will be released November 5th via Father/Daughter Records, with the physical edition out December 3rd. In addition, Tasha has also shared the stunning second cut “Perfect Wife” and its striking, lovely accompanying video, directed by coool.  Speaking on the track the directors say: “When Tasha approached us with the song, we knew there had to be flowers and there had to be dancing. It's this pure, magical love song that, for all of us, felt like those 'too good to be true' moments that occur when you're really falling for someone. It was important for us to not tell the story of the date itself, but rather the aftermath, when you've come home to your apartment. How can you not just want to throw yourself around the room and move your body when you feel that elated? It's that feeling that gave us the idea to inject visual language and choreography that felt reminiscent of mid-century films like Funny FaceBreakfast at Tiffany's and Singin' in the Rain.”

As the last year's celebrations commemorating the legendary Bob Marley's 75th birthday continue, "Rebel Music," the eighth episode of the Webby-nominated 12-part documentary series Legacy, premieres today, September 9 at 7am PT/10am ET on Bob Marley's Official YouTube Channel. The episode features twenty-nine luminaries and family members sharing insights about the history and impact of Bob Marley's political and social activism.  "Rebel Music" presents a global conversation about the importance of Bob Marley's work as a political and social activist. Featuring Marley family members, grandson Skip, and children DamienZiggyJulianCedella, and Stephen, this episode explores what Bob Marley fought for, who he influenced and why. Also offering insights are modern-day political activists and musicians such as influential Jamaican singer, member of the I-Three's and activist Judy Mowatt, iconic scholar and activist Dr. Cornel West, music greats Bobby Sessions, Beanie Man, Bujo BantonCee-Lo GreenChuck DNe-Yo, Otis WilliamsSmokey RobinsonTropkillaz and more. Watch/share "Rebel Music," beginning September 9, HERE.

The HISTORY® Channel will premiere the documentary feature film, “Desert One,” from two time Academy Award®-winning director Barbara Kopple (“Harlan County USA,” “American Dream”) this Sunday, September 12th at 8pm ET/PT.  The film tells the story of the failed US rescue attempt of American hostages being held at the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran in 1980, and features interviews with senior members of the Carter administration, including President Jimmy Carter and the late Vice President Walter Mondale, journalist Ted Koppel, former hostages, members of the Delta Force team involved in the rescue attempt, and Iranian hostage-takers and witnesses to the rescue attempt.

Hulu has added JACINTA, a powerful and intimate documentary from ABC News and Impact Partners, to its Originals slate. The film follows a young woman who struggles to find stability amid years of addiction and reconnect with the daughter she left behind.  The documentary is being released on Hulu following an impressive festival run at DOC NYC, AFI Fest, IDFA, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, where it won Best Documentary, and MountainFilm, where the film won Best Feature. Premiering on Oct. 8, the film will be eligible for awards consideration this season.   Hulu Original Documentary JACINTA will premiere on Hulu and in select theaters on Oct. 8.

OBIE Award-winning, 26-year-old trailblazing creative Jordan E. Cooper’s new BET+ sitcom “The Ms. Pat Show” has been renewed for a second season. Cooper serves as the showrunner, creator and executive producer for the comedy series.  The 10-episode first season of “The Ms. Pat Show” premiered August 12th on BET+ and set records for viewing and audience engagement on the platform.  The R-rated sitcom is filmed in front of a live audience and based on Patricia “Ms. Pat” Williams’ stand-up comedy and memoir. Created & executive produced by Jordan E. Cooper and Ms. Pat, this grown folks comedy follows a former convicted felon turned suburban mom as she tries her best to navigate family, her comedy career, and a new all-white neighborhood.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Previewing American Rust

Last month I lamented the timing of Nine Perfect Strangers which premiered days after another rich annoying people at a resort show, The White Lotus ended.  But we have had  dueling project with similar premises going back to two we gotta destroy an asteroid heading towards earth movies in the late nineties.  But those were from two different movie studios and Nine Perfect Strangers is airing on Hulu while The White Lotus aired on HBO.  What makes American Rust different is that it comes less than a year after Your Honor, another show about a gatekeeper of the law who bend the rules for someone close to them who was caught up in a murder investigation where drug dealers are involved and like Your Honor, also airs on Showtime.


Like past shows and movies with similar themes, there are some subtle differences.  Brian Cranston played a judge in a big city of New Orleans while Jeff Daniels plays a small town sheriff in Pennsylvania that is “more West Virginia than Pittsburg.”  Then where Your Honor was an adaptation of an Israeli television show, American Rust is based on a book that predates all of the shows. 


The book is twelve years old now, and the show may take place during that time as there are really no date markers that I noticed other being mildly surprised that a bunch of twenty-somethings getting weirdly excited for a Kool and the Gang song got played at a wedding.  But this is the type of town that time forgot so it could be take in a year closer to now, though thankfully it avoids COVID all together.  One of the main characters still sports a mullet to go with his letterman jacket despite being old enough to purchase alcohol and works as the linebackers coach at his old high school.  Granted, with twelve percent unemployment, you get whatever work you can get.


We first meet Daniel’s character, he is splitting pills in a way to ween him off what we know is the very addictive opioid.  It is a small town (though not Easttown), and he is the sheriff, so naturally, it does not take him too long to find a dead body.   But he also sees something familiar at the crime scene and has to make a split decision that affects the case and the whole town.


The mulleted football coach somehow managed to land himself a very attractive girlfriend who moved to New York City sometime after graduation and now is engaged to some Spanish businessman.  If this were real life no way this guy has any shot rekindling their relationship when she comes back home after the brother that had been taking care of their wheelchair bound father skips down.  But hey, they gotta fill ten episodes with some sexual tension.  But where I think I would have enjoyed Nine Perfect Strangers more had I watched it before The White Lotus, I wonder if I would have enjoyed American Rust more had it aired before Your Honor and Mare of Easttown.  Watching it now just feels like I have seen it before, and in the case of Mare, I have seen it done much better.


American Rust airs Sundays at 10:00 on Showtime.

Sunday, September 05, 2021

57 Channels and Only This Is On: Septembers 5, 2021


The Walking Dead:  I was right; Maggie pulled a Glen and went under the train.  Although, last week it looked like she fell into a swarm of walkers, but this week, itt looked like just one was pulling her.  But I just do not understand the layout of the subway, just how did the people who left last week to go back then get ahead of everyone.


Only Murders in the Building:  This show shot to the top of my most anticipated list the moment it was announce Selena Gomez would be joining the cast in August of last year.  Instead of tempering my expectations I just spent the full year since building it up in my head more and more.  C’mon, Selena Gomez joining two if the three amigos.  What could possibly go wrong?  And yet, the show somehow managed to live up to my hype.  The show is goofy and fun while Selena pulls off these great dry wit one-lines all the while hiding a deep, dark secret.  And honestly, I really want to see Splash! The Musical.  But this is a murder mystery and I am going to make a bold prediction and say the cat did it.


Stargirl:  What is going on?  Two episodes in a row that were actually entertaining?  And this was ostly because of Sportsmaster and Tigress breaking out of prison just to see their kid’s tryout and then breaking back in.  They wisely announced the duo will be season regulars next season and it is clear why they are keeping them around after this episode.  Surprisingly their kid is not which may be telling for the rest of this season as Shiv recruits her new JSA.  But we did learn what I assumed lvst week, The Shade did not actually kill Dr. Mid-Nite… butt where exactly is he now?


Supergirl:  Um, why exactly did Supergirl take off the dampeners of the criminals?  They are criminals that escaped.  That just seemed stupid.


Nine Perfect Strangers:  like I have been saying all season, the show gets better the weirder it get and nothing is weirder than Michael Shannon singing Grease tunes to his family half-naked.  That will be tough to top.  Sure, Luke Evans giving birth to Bobby Cannivale’s kids is close.


The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies: Well, fork.  Michele was really the only person worth rooting for this year.  It is a shame they were not doing skulls this seasons.  I wonder how that would have shook up deliberations.  But if there is a bright side, the Big Brother alliance imploded.  Hopefully they just vote each other in until they lose.


In the Dark:  So the Blind Chick is all by herself again.  Joy, the first episode was so bad, why not do it again.  But does the nerd come back?  No matter how rude she was, that is just cruel, at levst towards Pretzel.


Titans:  Is there any woman on this show Nightwing has not forked yet?  Is it just Starfire’s sister at this point?  I guess the new assassin may not be keen on him after he killed her boyfriend.  And just how does a vicious assassin not be able to kill someone who is just in a wheelchair?  But I have to say, Starfire’s sister is highly entertaining and not what I was expecting at all.  She will get Connor to be her sex slave sometime this season I suspect.