Saturday, March 05, 2011

Best of the Week - 2/5/11

Quote of the Week: How much of a bad guy is her brother-in-law? Heads in a duffel bag or just an (expletive deleted)? (Raylan, Justified)

Song of the Week: I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor (as sung by the Gallagher Family, Shameless)

Big News of the Week: Charlie Sheen is a Bi-Winner: Charlie Sheen was in rare air this week, he haven’t seen a public meltdown this big since Britney Spears circa 2007. But Sheen is much bigger, he is like Spears, Mel Gibson, and Lindsay Lohan all mixed in one bag of tiger blood and Adonis DNA. The next question is what network ponies up three million dollars for a Charlie Sheen reality show with his goddesses? And will that give up are inevitable first on screen reality death?

Gratuitous Token Hot Chick Picture of the Week:

Yvonne Strahovski double fisting in black leather

Free Download of the Week: The Beat Goes On - Beady Eye (iTunes): The Gallagher brother from Oasis that was the singer but didn’t do the song writing has finally after decades of fighting has left his big brother behind for a new band featuring two other Oasis vets. Grab their first single for free.

Deal of the Week: 100 Albums for $5 Each: This month you can pick up albums from Beastie Boys, Counting Crows, R.E.M., Eisley and more.

New Album Release of the Week: Collapse Into Now - R.E.M.

New DVD Release of the Week: The Walking Dead: Season One

Video of the Week: As I mentioned earlier this week, Breakout Kings premieres tomorrow on A&E and you can check out the trailer for the show below:

Breakout Kings - Theatrical Trailer

Next Week Pick of the Week: The Event, Monday at 8:00 on NBC: It has been over three months since that last episode of The Event so hopefully there will be a lengthy recap before the first of two episode on Monday because I only have vague recollections of what happened in the first ten. I guess it may not matter as the promo for the show’s returns seems to have a couple of big spoilers, like what will The Event be? Bad Promo Monkeys.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Around the Tubes - 3/4/11

I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on Beast Hunter, Ultimate Factories, Saturday Night Live, the 50 Best Music Scenes in Movies, Army Wives, Breakout Kings, Big Love, Greeting Cards, Esperanza Spaulding, INXS, and Showtime renewals and premiere dates.

- New show alert: Beast Hunter on the National Geographic Channel staring Pat Spain. In each episode Spain goes in search of bizarre creatures that are a thing of legends. Tonight he will be on the hunt for the man ape of Sumatra. In future episodes Pat will be on the lookout for the nightmare of the Amazon, the Swamp Monster of the Congo, the Sea Serpent of the North, and the Mongolian Death Worm. Check out a preview below:

On Orang Pendek’s Path

- The National Geographic Channel recently also send me the greatest (and worst) bit of swag ever: a bottle of Jack Daniels in honor of the product being featured on Thursday’s installment of Ultimate Factories which will be followed the week after (3/17) with Jack’s natural companion Coca Cola. So be sure to tune in so more people are compelled to send me alcohol. Although I may regret that considering my track record with drinking Jack Daniels.

- Miley Cyrus is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend and here’s hoping she doesn’t ruin the best skit of the season, The Miley Cyrus Show. Check out a promo below where she uses her alter ego’s catchphrase.

SNL Promo: Miley Cyrus

- Moviefone recently released its list, and accompanying video, of the 50 Best Music Scenes in Movies and no need to discuses number one because it is obvious (if you need to look to figure that out, I am not sure we can be friends), but there are plenty of spots worth debated. Like how is Sister Christian from Boogie Nights only #25; that is a top 5 lock. And the song at the end of The Wedding Singer isn’t even the best Adam Sandler musical moment (that would be him serenading the old Asian lady in Happy Gilmore) or even the best in the movie (Love Stinks, Do You Really Want to Hurt Me).

- Army Wives returns this Sunday for its fifth season at 9:00 on Lifetime, here is a sneak peak:

Army Wives Season 5 Exclusive Sneak Peek

- In a story I broke yesterday, Breakout Kings premieres Sunday and A&E has launch a new Catch a Con contest to celebrate. If you live in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Chicago, there are people in orange jumpsuits roaming your cities and to “catch” them and win up to $5000, all you have to do is download GoldRun app on your iPhone and once you spot a con, take a picture and share it on Facebook for a chance to win.

- With only three episodes left, here is a tease of the next episode of Big Love:

- Who better than Gaddafi to tell that special someone how you feel. Head over to where you can have the dictator say things like “Live from Libya …Wish you were here! No, really, I could use some help” for a greeting card that will be sent to anyone you want.

- Esperanza Spaulding is a better person than I am because she made a very elegant response to the backlash to winning the Best New Artist last month on The Gayle King Show. I would have said, hey all you annoying twelve year old Justin Beiber fan: shut the frack up. The twerp didn’t even deserve to be nominated, so back into your little hole until the next award show to let stupid people vote on the awards. (And Mumford and Sons are the ones that deserved the award anyway.)

- Fans of INXS will want to head over to AOL’s Music’s Listening Party where you can stream their new album Orginal Sin where artist Ben Harper, Rob Thomas, Pat Monahan perform the band’s classics with the band.

- NBC just cannot find any sort of luck. Just as they were announcing her as a mentor on their new singing competition The Voice, Christina Aguilera get busted for public intoxication (insert your own Not Myself Tonight jokes here). That’s not what we call winning. Hopefully fellow coaches Cee-Lo Green and Adam Levine can stay out of the drunktank before the April 26 premiere.

- Showtime recently announced that both Shameless and Episodes have been picked up for a second season. Also here are the released the dates for its Spring and Summer premieres. Here they are:

Nurse Jackie – March 28 at 10:00

United States of Tara – March 28 at 10:00

The Borgias – April 3 at 9:00 (2 hour premiere, new episodes starting the following week will begin at 10:00)

Secret Diary of a Call Girl – April 7 at 10:30

Gigolos – April 7 at 11:00

The Real L Word – June 5 at 10:00

Weeds – June 27 at 10:00

The Big C – June 27 at 10:30

Web Therapy – July 19 at 11:00

Comedy Specials:

Caroline Rhea and Friends – March 5 at 9:00

Fierce Funny Women – March 10 at 8:30

Aries Spears: Hollywood, Look I’m Smiling – April 16 at 9:00

Jon Lovitz Presents – April 23 at 9:00


Ahead of Time – March 3 at 8:30

Behin the Burly Q – March 31 at 8:00

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Previewing Breakout Kings

The cast of Breakout Kings

Who would be better at catching someone who has broken out of prison better than someone who has actually done so themselves? Not that any correctional facility would let a criminal that has already escape leave it premises to do such a thing. Luckily television is restrained by such this as reality so we can get a show like Breakout Kings that has such a premise.

Laz Alonso of Breakout KingsThe show features two federal marshals who are tasked at apprehend a convicted murder who has broke out from prison. Laz Alonso (Leprechaun: Back 2 the Hood) is the straight laced former desk jockey eager to show he has the chops to be out in the field. While Domenick Lombardo (The Wire) is the shoot from the hip fed with a drastic idea of utilizing convicts that he previously hunted down after their successful breakouts from their respective prisons.

The crooks include Jimmi Simpson (Herbie: Fully Loaded), the mastermind of the group, a former professor that deals in psychoanalysis. Malcolm Goodwin (Leatherheads) is the street smarts. They are rounded out with some muscle and a former beauty queen turned con artist but do not get too attached to the characters because one doesn’t even make it to the end of the Pilot while the other doesn’t show up in the second episode (A&E send along the first and third episodes so I do not know if it is explained why the character is not asked back on the team.

Serinda Swan of Breakout KingsShowing up starting the second episode is Serinda Swan (Smallville’s Zatanna) as an expert tracker who learned the skill from her bounty hunter father and has extra motivation to help out because she has a daughter at home and her baby daddy doesn’t always get her to visitation time. The carrot at the end of the stick is for every escape they help capture is an extra month they get knock off their sentence at country club prison, but if one of them cuts and runs, they all get their jail time doubled at a maximum security prison.

Rounding out the cast, and bringing up the cop to con ratio to even, is Brooke Nevin (The Comebacks) the information guru who is find sitting behind a desk, and not so much anywhere else, which of course Simpson loves to psychoanalyze. Also be on a look out for Billy Riggins who show up in the third episode as the convict of the week.

Brooke Nevin of Breakout KingsBreakout Kings is really two shows, the marshals are your typically cop drama with Alonso and Lombardo (who is holding onto a big secret) playing up the good cop / bad cop dichotomy and Nevin dealing with deep issues of her own. While the crooks bring the comic relief reminiscent of conmen and women of Leverage and are never ones to turn down a good quip or good natured shot at their coworkers. That changes a little when Swan gets added to the cast as she is more serious that her handlers. But Simpson is clearly the breakout star (no pun intended, okay, maybe a little intended) of the show. His attention to detail and mommy issues (the cons get a cell phone while on the job which he uses to check in with his to humorous consequences) is the perfect mix of Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz but with a gambling problem.

Breakout Kings airs Sundays at 10:00 on A&E. You can download a sneak peak (and presumably future episodes) of Breakout Kings on iTunes.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Look at My Sisters, Brilliant Like Fireflies up in Their Bedroom

The Valley - Eisley

Major labels can be very helpful to a career because they have the money to get your music into the ears of potential fans, but sometime getting releasing the chains the bind from big corporations can be very liberating for a band. The first full length album from Eisley under Warner Bros. gave focus to their independently released EP’s but never sadly caught with a larger audience, then came their sophomore slump with Combinations which was kind of a dud.

Now free of the confines of a major label, the band sounds rejuvenated with the release of The Valley off the independent Equal Vision Records Label. When the band sings “I’m smarter than you think” during Smarter you cannot help but wonder if it is about its former label, but either way it is fun to sing along with. With the crunching guitar, the song also sets a rougher tone for the album.

With that tougher sound come more mature lyrics, gone are mythical themes of albums past replaced by songs based on relationships, some rocky (the band has been a few failed marriages and engagements in the four years since their last album) and you can hear them take those themes right on with songs like Watch it Die, Sad, and Please. But the music still swells with big orchestras, piano and guitars that adds to the weight to the growth of the band.

Song to Download – Smarter

The Valley gets a Terror Alert Level: High [ORANGE] on my Terror Alert Scale.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I Would Rather Starve than Eat Your Bread

Vitalogy - Pearl Jam

It seemed the less Pearl Jam wanted the spotlight, the more popular the band got. They refused to make anymore videos after Jeremy off their first album and their second Vs. had the biggest first week sales to date. Then they canceled their 1994 tour in protest of Ticketmaster’s service charges and their third album Vitalogy went on to be the second fastest album at the time after behind Vs. and like Vs. is being inducted into the Scooter Hall of Fame. Those two albums that chronicle the band’s tenuous rise of fame will rereleased as a three CD set later this month. Or if you have money to burn, you can also pick up the limited edition five LPs, four CDs, one cassette, an 80-page composition notebook and a memorabilia-filled envelope set. Vinyl hounds will have to trek down to your favorite independent record store when they will be sold exclusively.

Much like its predecessor, Vitalogy starts off with a one-two punch of guitar infused aggression with Last Exit and Spin the Black Circle, an ode to vinyl. I have a theory that the band loves vinyl that they made a CD that is guaranteed to scratch the CD. But in a time when the band was anti-music videos, they came up with some interesting packaging with the medical book theme of Vitalogy (which is the study of life) and the collector cards that were packaged with No Code.

In an age when the band wasn’t keen on self promotion, Better Man was still a commercial success despite never actually being released as a single and is up there with Black as one of the band’s best melancholy songs to date. But my favorite song on the album is Corduroy, a driving song that has an edge to it but remains as catchy as any pop song at the time.

Vitalogy also saw that band go into the bizarre musically whether it be Eddie Vedder singing about bugs around a poorly played accordion or the singer just repeatedly spelling privacy over and over again for a minute, or the vitrally wordless Spanish tinged Aye Davanita that just fades out as it did in. But it didn’t get any weirder than the album closer Hey Foxymophandlemama, That’s Me which saw more repeated phrases, this time about spanking. But the highs of Vitalogy helped Pearl Jam complete one of the best trio of first albums by any rock band.

Monday, February 28, 2011

I Want My Music Television - 2/28/11

There have been a couple of videos that have caught my eye lately so I thought I’d give them some love since the death of Musical Television left a void for a forum on the art form. If you are interested in buying the video through iTunes, click the title link (where available). If you are interested in buying the song, look for a link in the analysis.

I Need a Doctor - Dr. Dre featuring Eminem and Skylar Grey

After a decade long layoff, I really do not need an introspective Dr. Dre song as the second single (fifth maybe if the first four are bangers), I need Dre to be the soundtrack of me getting my drink on, my smoke on, then go home with something to poke on. And I do not even do two of the three (okay, I really do not do any of them).

Give a Little - Hanson

Seriously, they really need to put old people making out warning front of videos these days, first Parenthood and now Hanson. This trend really needs to stop.

Go Outside – Cults

MTV released their second “Supervideo” and juts like their first one it features a hot young actress (this time Emma Roberts subbing in for Anna Kendrick) and the video they made for Cults is just as nonsensical as the one they did for LCD Soundsystem.

Second Chance - Peter Bjorn and John

I always enjoy a good music video in reverce, and you can tell from the messy first frame that this would be a good one, but I wished Peter Bjorn and John would have at least tried singing backwards so it syncs up, that always makes a video in reverse.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

57 Channels and Only This Is On - 2/27/11

Shameless: The Gallagher family seemed a little too fine with helping faking their father’s death. Maybe wishful thinking. Then tonight there is even more family bonding when Frank actually goes sober. No, seriously. But of course it is for money.

Chuck: Holy Robin Givens Sighting! Did she just take the 00’s off? And working in Castle means we may be seeing more of her as she teases Casey with what is behind door number two. The rest of the episode was pretty obvious who the chick would turn out to be and the necklace being the key. But what exactly did she see? I am kind of hoping it is another Intercet. It is about time Chuck met his own match. You can stream recent episodes on Hulu. You can also download Chuck on iTunes.

Greek: Thankfully they cut to commercial after Catherine slapped Casey because I need the entire break just to stop laughing. I can’t believe it took five seasons to realized that Casey needed a good slapping. You can stream recent episodes on Hulu.

Greek on iTunes

Castle: There is nothing I hate more on television than the clichéd “x amount of time earlier” start. And this episode of Castle was even worse because it completely failed to live up to the intro. When the episode started I had thoughts of ET rolling through my head. But when the scene came rolling around again, we learn there was really no reason for Castle to be resisting. And to make matters more boring, they ended up being let go like that. No tests or anything. Hurmph. You can stream recent episodes on Hulu. You can also download Castle on iTunes.

Parenthood: Eww, they really need to add a warning whenever they are going to show graphic scenes of old people making out. That scene seemed to never end. I had to run to sink to wach my eyes out like Alex Dunphey. That aside, I do not know what Crosby is thinking but I would totally give up my first born to get Minka Kelly. You can stream recent episodes on Hulu. You can also download Parenthood on iTunes.

Lights Out: This is the reason why I tend to avoid fictionalized sports stories. So Lights hasn’t fought in five years and he is able to knockout a fighter who has never been knocked down before in the second round with a bad eye? Alighty. You can stream recent episodes on Hulu. You can also download Lights Out on iTunes.

Survivor: Redemption Island: I really have to laugh whenever Boston Rob talks down about his tribe mates calling them amateurs while he continues the same boneheaded moves that gets him voted out pre-jury. Sure he has seen the coupling alliance before as he utilized it for the closest thing to success that he has ever had in the game, but a couple is only a threat when your alliance gets down to four, and that are certainly not less than a week into the game. Yet he is repeating the same problem that got him voted out during his first go-around, an alliance means nothing if you cannot make it to the merge. And with the new twist in the game, I am certainly not blindsiding someone who could come back and haunt me. Now Rob has to shrink his alliance even more by getting rid of Andrea too because if Matt comes back and she is still around, they can both flip (not to mention he has to get rid of Kristina too because she would be easy to flip also).

But I cannot wait until next week (I wonder if this is going to be another season of Survivor where the previews are the best part of the episode). First my girl Andrea goes on a warpath and then the “biggest blindside ever.” I have a feeling that it is Russell that will be on the wrong side of the blindsided this time. You can stream recent episodes over at

Survivor on iTunes

Modern Family: Poor Alex, she never seems to come out on top of her far inferior sister. You knew somehow Hayley was going to get away with her lack of a waitressing job. You can stream recent episodes on Hulu.

Modern Family on iTunes

Justified: Most cop shows are better when the badge take on master criminals, not for Raylan Gibbons, he is at his bed when taking on the criminal inept, and his greatest adversary just may be Dewey Crow. This guy’s stupidity knows no bounds. Raylan questioning the witness was classic. Too bad Raylan’s deputy doesn’t come around more often, and I am guessing Oxy trafficking and impersonating a Marshall may keep him behind bars for a while. You can stream recent episodes on Hulu. You can also download Justified on iTunes.

The Big Bang Theory: Hopefully Sheldon’s new crew gets back together every once and a while because they were comedy gold. Can’t Sheldon make Thursday karaoke night? You can stream recent episodes over at

Outsourced: Instead accepting any of them, isn’t the correct answer to your least favorite Backstreet Boy be all of them? If you accept multiple answers, it was for the March question, because you should be able to also accept March Madness. You can stream current episodes on Hulu. You can also download Outsourced on iTunes.