Saturday, February 20, 2021

Around the Tubes: February 20, 2021


I have gotten a plethora of cool press releases have been flooding my inbox recently that you may find interesting. This post will include blurbs on After the Murder of albert Lima, Lord Huron, John Mellencamp, ariana Grande, Greta Van Fleet, Lily Rose, and The Kelly Clarkson Show

Award-winning documentary AFTER THE MURDER OF ALBERT LIMA tells the story of a son obsessed with capturing his father’s killer. Paul Lima has spent over a decade seeking justice for his slain father, Albert. Though convicted, Albert’s murderer has remained free in Honduras. After years of the legal system failing him, Paul takes the unorthodox step of hiring two bounty hunters to travel with him to Honduras to track down and capture his father’s killer. This riveting, and, at times, darkly comedic documentary explores both the importance of family and the dangers of taking the law into your own hands.  A CRACKLE ORIGINAL MOVIE - PREMIERING EXCLUSIVELY ON CRACKLE IN THE US ON THURSDAY, MARCH 18.

Lord Huron have revealed a new single and official music video for Not Dead Yet.”  Listen to “Not Dead Yet” Here!  The video finds the band performing in the Whispering Pines studio, where time seems to blur and the long-lost musicians who previously occupied the studio merge with present day.

John Mellencamp announces he’s set to unveil his new live album and documentary titled: The Good Samaritan Tour this spring. The documentary, which will be narrated by Academy® Award winner Matthew McConaughey, chronicles Mellencamp’s historic free tour in 2000 when he performed on street corners and in public parks across the country.  In addition, Mellencamp will soon return to the studio to finish recording his 25th album. Prior to the onset of the Global Pandemic, he had already cut ten tracks and plans to record another 17 for the project. Teasing what’s to come, he shared a clip of one new tune, “I Always Lie To Strangers.” Listen to the new track here. Look out for more news on the release date and touring information soon.  The new music is just one of many new projects Mellencamp has been working on including original plays, paintings and more.  His documentary It’s About You  is now available to be viewed in full at The documentary, which came out in 2012, highlights his 2009 No Better Than This tour with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson.

ARIANA GRANDE Positions (Deluxe) ALBUM OUT NOW  LISTEN HERE:  INCLUDES NEW SONGS “someone like u (interlude)” “test drive” “worst behavior” “main thing”

Greta Van Fleet presents a brand new music video for the song “Heat Above” from the band’s upcoming sophomore album, The Battle at Garden’s Gate, produced by Greg Kurstin (Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Adele) and due out April 16 (Lava/Republic Records).  According to the band:  “‘Heat Above’ is theatrical, eloquent, and exaggerated.  This is a dream in the clouds, a moment of peace in the storm.  Thematically, we are dead center in the cult of Heaven, surreal, strange, alive and free.”

Captivating newcomer Lily Rose releases an all-new acoustic video for her conflicted and regretful anthem “Better Than That” available here. The release comes just weeks after the “Villain” singer announced she signed with Big Loud RecordsBack Blocks Music and Republic Records for a joint record deal.  "'Better Than That' is about that one relationship where you just can't seem to let them go," Rose shared with PEOPLE, along with an exclusive premiere of the video yesterday. "You keep telling yourself, 'Man, no more chances!' But you two keep letting that door stay cracked open."

Kelly Clarkson, host of the Emmy Award-winning syndicated talk show “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” will sit down with First Lady Jill Biden for what will be Dr. Biden’s first solo broadcast interview as the First Lady of the United States. The intimate one-on-one, socially distant interview on daytime’s destination for humor, heart and connection will take place later this month at the White House.   “The Kelly Clarkson Show: White House Edition with the First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden” will air on Thursday, Feb. 25. “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” produced and distributed by NBCUniversal Syndication Studios, airs in syndication in 100% of the country. 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

57 Channels and Only This is On: February 14, 2021


Your Honor:  So last week we had one sole person wearing a mask in the middle of a pandemic in all of New Orleans and this week the judge is worried about social distancing?  If you are that worried, put on a forking mask and require them in your courtroom.  But I feels like this show has gone on forever yet with one episode left, it feels like nothing is close to being resolved.  Except it looks like the end of the teacher student relationship.  Yet that felt anti-climactic, it feels like she may come back all Fatal Attraction next week. But at least that will be it.  Hopefully this is not another mini-series call that mostly for award show fraud and get renewed anyway.


Snowpiercer:  I really thought the daughter was going to go with Jennifer Connelly to the station.  Really bizarre that she is going alone.  Plus I am not entirely sure what happened at the end.  Were they supposed to just dumb her like that?  Wasn't something supposed to take her to the station?  But when is Layton going to exchange Mr. Wilford frostbite ability to cure his friend?  And just what is he going to give up for it?


Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist:  Ooo, a very special episode.  But really, Tobin doing Tracks of My Tears may be the second best thing this season after Zoey rapping.  And the new girl is starting to grown on me, give her some more screen time and some ninties angst heart song to go with her vibe.


Big Sky:  Man, things went off the rails from the trucker and quick. The walls are closing in on him for kidnapping the girls and what does he do?  Kidnap another kid… and kills a priest.  Not to mention the whole Norman Bates homage in his freezer.  Might be time to hit the rode buddy and move to Maine.


The Challenge: Double Agents:  Amber on Amber violence!  But Amber M, is the clear winner as she got the best line of possibly the season when she backhandedly called Amber B. a bench.  But as great as that was, how did they manage to ruin trivia?  C’mon T.J., you do not give them a fifty-fifty chance of getting it right even if they have no clue.  But a lackluster really sums up what has been a season of lackluster challenges.


Wandavision:  Awesome, Kat Dennings got sucked into Wandaland.  If she does not show up next week working at the local diner in a hideous mustard uniform, I will be irate.  But boy, are the writers toying with us with one of the kids saying “kick-ass,” followed by Wanda lingering on the phrase.  Kind of makes me wonder is Kick-Ass, who also played the MCU Quicksilver, will actually show up before the end of the season.  But this Quicksilver is still a big mystery.  I originally thought someone at S.W.O.R.D., or maybe a yet to be seen villain, sent him in to mess with Wanda.  Or did Wanda conjure him back and is taxing her powers too much (the people furthest from her are just on super slow-mo) that she cannot control him like everyone else?


The Blacklist:  Oh yeah, the DMV guy died in real life.  But this was a pretty good send off for him.  But they ruined the Huey Lewis surprise by putting his name on the guest star list at the beginning of the episode.  They really need to do away with that.