Friday, December 23, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 12/23/16

Shameless: Odd they would end the season devoting the whole episode to Monica dying, leaving most of the season plotlines just hanging there. The biggest being that Svetlana still owns The Alibi with no retribution. Something to look forward to next season. I will be more interested in what is up with Fiona’s new building. Are she and the family (and Kev and Vee) going to move in? Even a building in progress is still better than what they are currently living in. Of course Frank will figure out a way to sneak in. But that is only if the building is really up to code, I do not really trust the guy selling.

The Affair: I thought we were going to get two wildly different accounts of Block Island. Instead Noah starts off his act in flashbacks with creepy Brendon Frasier only to flash forward to where Allison left off and then another flashback and back to the present. I wanted to see how Noah recounted Allison being the one who wanted to go into the hot tub. Oh well. But creepy Brendon Frasier is the best part of this season. Maybe we will get a creepy Brendon Frasier episode.

:Good Behavior: After an interesting plot twist, Javier killing the guy who hired him to kill his wife in the first episode, kind of a drag that the rest of the episode was dragged down but his over dramatic family. But at least we now know how he grew up to become a cold hearted hitman.
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Sunday, December 18, 2016

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 12/18/16

Shameless: By my count, this is the third chick who died after hooking up with Frank. But really, in the even seasons, it is Frank that pretty much dies and somehow survives. Then I pretty much figured that Ian would not go with Micky. Now my big prediction this week is that after finally getting a win with the laundromat, I think Fiona will some hoe get swindled by the apartment guy.

The Walking Dead: Geez, I thought Negan was starting to like the fat chick; that was cold. But at least he had the decency to shoot her in the head, he lead the douchebag mayor’s son bleed out from the gut so he would come back as a walker. Well at least the gang is back together (or at least those that are left minus Eugene). So I guess the back half of the season will be the planning and joining forces until the finally when they start their assault on Negan. Ugg, this show is as slow as the walkers on the show.
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The Affair: Cole has always been number four in the The Affair power ranking, but goodness that first act was a complete and utter bore. I would much rather have a Haddie Braverman centered act than another Cole one. Unless of course he was the incompetent stabber. Granted Allison’s was not that much better, but we did get the return of different recounting of events. And her interaction with the detectives was really weird in the way they were acting. And then maybe the most different of any two perspective with what happened after Joanie feel off the horse.

Timeless: Really, they kill Riddenhouse and we do not get to see how present day was changed, if at all. I was kind of hoping they would return to a post-apocalyptic present day, but hey, at least Lucy’s sister and boring white dude’s wife are now alive again! Instead Lucy gets kidnapped and no glace at present day which leads me to believe nothing changes even though they killed some dude who was supposed to sign some treaty in a couple years.. I liked the idea of Timeless but the execution is leaving less than entertained.
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:Good Behavior: When the promo focused on Letty looking for her son in the mega store, I first thought, oh no, The Killing went off the rails when the frumpy sweater lady spent an entire episode looking for her runaway kid. I guess this episode did not focus solely on searching for the kid, had some funny moments, and had a couple plot twists. Seriously, who expected seeing the Godmother’s husband getting rammed by another dude? And like almost every episode so far, I left the episode with no idea where the show goes from here.
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Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X: You had to have the sense Adam was going to win after they got down to the final three, but in my views, Hannah gave a significantly better case to be a winner at the Final Tribal so I was shocked that Adam won by a clean sweep. Really, Ken should have had a good argument, single father, won a bunch of challenges, cashed in the very first Legacy Advantage, loyal but knew when to turn on an alliance to help his game, lone Gen Xer in the finals; he just did not make it, or really any argument.

That Hannah did not get even one vote, I had to wonder that much like the nation that picked an incompetent man as president, are the Survivor contestants getting more and more sexist? Recently we had those two overtly chauvinistic seasons (Worlds Apart and Cagayan) so I looked it up and five of the last seven season were won by men and one was in an all-female final (Blood vs. Water II), the other being two girls and Tai (Kaôh Rōng). Granted before this stretch, there was a three women win streak. So I guess this just may be an anomaly.

But of course the most important part of every Survivor finale: the preview for the next season. And what a weird roll out. First there was a vague trailer and we were left to wonder if the people they were highlighting were actually going to be in the next season or not. Then I seemed like they were going to announce the cast, but then only brought out eight of them, including Michaela who was already on stage. So why fly in just those seven? Were they the only ones available? Were they on a budget and just picked them at random? Were they picked because they are going to go far? Making things weirder, Probst announces Michaela was in the cast, but not Zeke who spoilers say is also in the cast. I more disappointed that also only the spoiler list, Andrea, was not at the reunion and I do not even remember seeing her in the promo.

As for those that did show up, what a mixed bag. It started out horrible, Tony was one of the most annoying ever, Tai not that far behind. The third guy I even had to look up (apparently Caleb was the guy who got air lifted from the last Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty). Then Ozzy? Seriously, they let the porn star back for, what, the fifth time? Please stop with Ozzy. Does he know something about Probst? Did they film a porn together? Ugg. The rest were fine. Ciera is always a welcome edition even though I cannot imagine she will go far. Same for Cirie. But I wonder why Sandra came back after two straight wins. C’mon girl. Wait for an all winner’s season to come back. Coming back to battle the likes of Tai and Ozzy is beneath you.
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