Sunday, December 13, 2020

57 Channels and Only This Is On: December 12, 2020

His Dark Materials:  So angels exist, they have been interfering in human existence and the reason is… vengeance?  Although, I whatever is speaking through that computer could be lying about what dust really is.  Another thing I did not quite understand was why Snake Guy was going through the world with the adult attacking specters at night when he could have just waited until it was daytime when there were no specters. And while I am nit-picking, so the witches can avoid machine guns pointed right at them, but the all the other witches could not survive the slow moving fire-bombing?
Big Sky:  I get a lot of press releases, one group keeps sending me ones that attack this show for featuring two hot blondes when it is a very real problem of indigenous women getting kidnapped and sold into sex trade in western states.  I wonder if the radio at the beginning and the indigenous woman talking about her daughter were added after the attacks to quell these people.  They certainly seemed tacked on.  Though this episode did not stop the negative press releases.
A Teacher:  So the hot teacher got arrested off screen?  Meh.  Boring.
The Challenge: Double Agents:  I think TJ needs to look up the phase “double agent” because how they are using it was a stretch.  My first thought at the new twist was, no one is going to switch.  But later I realized, if Natalie does not pouch Fessy she is really stupid.  Although, where would that leave Aneesa?  Does she get to pick between Wes and CT?  And what happens to the odd man out?  Did they become immune for the next challenge because they have no partner?  Do they have to compete by themselves?  Oh, I am thinking too much about the new stupid rule, I should just go watch the GIF of Wes getting hit in the face with a random shoe again.
The Flight Attendant:  So Miranda has not been trying to kill the flight attendant this whole time?  Instead Miranda is also on the hit list with her and her fork buddy is the actual assassin?  Certainly did not see that coming.  Though seems like there is a better way to get the assassin than what Miranda came up with.  The flight attendant does know where he lives.
The Mandalorian
:  So Bill Burr is not needed in the rescue of Baby Yoda next week?  And they did not even need him to pass the facial recognition at all?  Does that mean Mando was part of the Empire?  Or can anyone that is not on the Empire’s hit list access their computers?  That would seem like a pretty big security flaw.

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