Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It Started with a Whisper and That Was When I Kissed Her

Picture Show - Neon Trees

It is a shame that Neon Trees did not form fifteen years ago because they are making the catchiest pop-rock music since bands like Smash Mouth ruled the radio and MTV with McG directed videos. Their ultra catchy Animal found its way onto pop radio and had anyone who heard it singing along but the time the second chorus came around but they were a band that no one really talked about because the acts that surrounded them were bigger than life personas than actual musicians.

The band is back with their sophomore album Picture Show with a just as catchy lead single Everybody Talks which may not be as easy to sing along with as Animal was but it should get your head bobbing whenever it comes on the radio. If Moving in the Dark is not slated to be the second single, it should. The song sounds like a Brit Pop band trying to create an anthem out of the early Bruce Springsteen catalogue and as weird as it sound, somehow succeeds. Mad Love shows that the band can even pull off a sweet synch-pop song.

Unfortunately much like albums by those pop-rock bands of the late nineties, once you get past those three or so obvious singles the rest of the album becomes less and less memorable or sticks out for the wrong reasons. The bridge of Hooray for Hollywood just consists of the lead singing listing a bunch of famous people that died because of their drug use and ends with him weirdly saying, “Amy, Whitney” back and forth way too many time. But when they hit stride, you will not find anything catchier. Maybe they can even inspire a Fastball comeback.

Song to Download – Moving In the Dark

Picture Show gets a Terror Alert Level: Elevated [YELLOW] on my Terror Alert Scale.

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