Thursday, August 27, 2009

Previewing 9/11: Science and Conspiracy

9/11: Science and Conspiracy

I rarely talk about it here on the 9th Green, but I spend a lot of time following politics. Whenever I need a good laugh, I’ll watch Fox News, if I want to be agitated I’ll watch MSNBC, and if I want the closest thing that passes as credible news today I’ll tune into CNN. Last fall during the conventions I spent most of the time on MSNBC because their talking heads legitimately hated each other and I thought there was a good chance someone would punch Keith Olbermann live on television.

Unfortunately that never had, and even more disappointing was during Hardball there was some nutjob with a megaphone who would repeat “9/11 was an inside job.” The liberal communists like to portray George Bush as the dumbest person ever to walk the Earth, yet somehow some actually believe he was able to pull off the conspiracy in history just so he could invade Iraq. And somehow George Bush is the moron; anyone who actually thought he blew up the towers is the idiot.

This coming Monday at 9:00, the National Geographic Channel looks into these conspiracy theories and runs forensic investigations to see if any of them have weight and then sit down three of the most prominent “truthers” (why do all the nutjobs put ‘er’ at the end of some absurd idea?) and prove once and for all if their claims have any validity. Below is a preview of one of the test to see if jet fuel can actually reach temperatures to damage the integrity of the steel beams enough to collapse:

Not to spoil their finding, but let’s say hypothetically National Geographic finds, beyond a reasonable doubt, that it was two planes flying into the towers that brought them down, it is clear no matter the findings, a few of the Truthers are never not going to believe 9/11 was some diabolical plot which leads into the second, and more interesting part of 9/11: Science and Conspiracy where the program looks into the psyche of Truthers and other conspiracy theorist as to why, despite conclusive evidence, they still believe that they are being lied to.

9/11: Science and Conspiracy airs Monday at 9:00 on the Nation Geographic Channel, to get more information and Director’s Diary videos, visit the National Geographic website.


  1. Big surprise that a channel owned by Fox News will create a program that supports the "official theory". Why won't anyone air 9/11: Blueprint For Truth? Or Loose Change? They don't want to open that many peoples' eyes to different possibilities? Why is it that the truly independent studies on the subject are never aired? I trust scientists that are not being paid and are risking their reputations by coming forward far more than anything I will ever see on the NGC. I will watch, nevertheless, to see what they have come up with this time.

  2. How Meta, a conspiracy theory about a show on conspiracy theories. Actually Fox Cable Networks has a fifty percent stake in National Geographic Channel and I doubt Fox News has much of a say in what goes on for other Fox Cable Networks or they would have had Rescue Me canceled off FX years ago.

    This program doesn't support the "official theory" it takes theories by the Thruthers and puts them through scientific trials to see if their theories are valid.

    And what exactly is "truly independent" means to you, just ones that you agree with? Because this is what I would considered independent and trustworthy. They even give the Truthers the last words on all the trials they run

    The truth of the fact is, if 9/11 was really an inside job, then there would be a cast of thousands, if not millions to pull it off and someone by now would have had a change of conscience and came clean.

    But I am glad you are checking and hope you pay close attention to the last half hour when they look it exactly why people cannot believe reality despite overwhelming evidence and cling to their conspiracy theories.

  3. Anyone who puts any credibility in the 9/11 conspiracy theories is quite frankly hopelessly clueless. I state this based on one simple thing...since when can ANYONE in the U.S. Federal Government keep their mouths shut about a single thing? How could any rational adult think that the amount of people that would have been required to pull off this alleged inside job could keep their mouths shut for 8 years??!! Not to mention, President Obama appears to be on a personal crusade to prosecute just about the entire Bush administration for blowing their noses in a manner that may have been against policy. Don't ya think the Obaminator would be licking his chops to nail Bush and his cronies for 9/11 if there was even a scribbled note on a napkin for evidencde against them? Come on people. Lets wake up. America was the big bully that got punched in the mouth by the little skinny kid, and our pride and arrogance are the only things fueling the belief in such moronic conspiracy theories. Now lets tackle issues that matter right now, like President Obama's complete disregard for the U.S. Constitution...

  4. Thanks for standing up for my anti-conspiracy theory thoughts, but actually Obama has gone out of his way to not prosecute anyone in the Bush administation which currently at 0. And though I haven't agree with much on the Obama agenda so far, I wouldn't go so far as to say he has completely disregarded the Constitution. Yet.

  5. WTC7 collapse was controlled demolition

    WTC7 was the third building, which collapsed in 11th September at 5:20 pm

    and it was obvious controlled demolition
    to prepare for controlled demolition takes days and weeks, it means 9/11 was an inside job

    and CIA had offices in WTC7

    MAINSTREAM MEDIA lied from 11th September and they are continuing do it now

    that movie was pure propoganda and lies

    independent scientists found thermite in WTC dust

    and more than 800 architects and engineers
    think that WTc7 collapse was controlled demolition

    please visit

  6. Did you miss the part in the program that talked about thermite? It wouldn't have been able to bring down the World Trade Center. Plus what does the National Geographic Channel have to gain airing propaganda a year after the Bush administration left office. Wouldn't they benifit more if they were able to prove beyond a resonable doubt that it was the government that in fact brought down the towers, not jihadists?

  7. You are all missing something... Nothing has EVER proved that planes can take down a building... EVER.. in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD... so.....

  8. So what? Because there is such a large sample size. Just how many times, in the history of the world has there been large airplanes with full tanks slam a building head on at full speed in two side by side skyscrapers? There has been a first time for everything. So when your sample size is one, you really cannot make your arguement for why it couldn't happen. And as this program showed, it was indeed possible.

  9. why didnt they shoot down all the planes before they crashed into the world trade center?

    how did terrorists who failed flight school with small planes manage to redirect 757s in mid air

    how come there was no damage to the lawn infront of the pentagon's crash site? how come the telephone lines were still up? how come the hole where a plane crashed through was circular?

  10. Why would they shoot down the planes? Terrorist have hijacked planes before, but none actually crashed them into building before. Plus I doubt they have fightre planes at the ready when they realized it was a possibility.

    I must have missed the memo on the terrorist failing flight school. But is it really that hard to fly a plane after it is off the ground? The hard part is getting off the ground and landing.

    About the Pentagon crash, watch the program, it talks about these theories. And if it wasn't a plane that crashed into the Pentagon, where exactly is American Airlines Flight 77 and all the people that were on it?

  11. I am responding to the lie you just tried passing off as truth.
    9/11: Science And Conspiracy
    It was poorly done and in no way should be considered a true Doc, rather more of the same from the corporate media. I and many other's I'm sure will have lost faith in your channel.

    Truly dissappointed

    take a poll and ask if canadains believe it was done by there own government and international bankers to make and steal,oil,money ,peoples rights and land (through there own terror campaign and unjust wars). You'll be supprissed how many truthers are living north of the border!!!

  12. Again I ask, what does The National Geographic Channel to release a poorly done documentary on 9/11. They could make much more money if they could definately prove that 9/11 was a government conspiracy. And who cares what Canadiand think, they cannot even pronounce "about" correctly.

    p.s. I kid because I love.

  13. I do know this to be a fact
    WHEN I was 9 years old and 11 years old the whole year of both those years at a time when we did not see many airplane in the sky nor did I ever see a very tall building I was this woman standing in front of this window and after seeing a plain crash in the tall building next to where I was there was plane heading right at me

  14. Hey Scott, have you seen the youtube video "the great thermite debate"? It demonstrably proves the National Geographic episode on whether thermite can metal steel is crap. The woman involved in making it and defending it is Skye Earl. Skye is a friend of the Bushes and actually worked for the GOP covering the 2004 election. She went to Presby. University and was editor of the school newspaper when George and Laura visited the school and spoke. Do you think they might know each other?
    What is your response to the video? It's listed on 911 blogger.

  15. The video "the great thermite debate" also demonstrates why some of the structural steel found at the WTC site was paper thin and razor sharp with swiss cheese holes. FEMA and NIST both agree that it's mysterious and they haven't explained this. The engineer who does thermite tests gets similar results. I also looked at a patent for a linear thermite cutting device. I believe it was made of ceramic. It's a similar design to the one in the youtube video.
    I'm also curious as to why Patrick Gallagher, the director of NIST would want to keep the numbers that were punched into the simulator software a secret. The memo where he explains that the numbers shouldn't be made available was secret and was leaked by a NIST employee to cryptome. I've asked him and the pr people there to confirm or deny the document. No comment.
    So, the numbers are to be kept secret and the memo explaining this....secret as well.
    How many people here have seen NIST employee John Gross lying about molten metal found at the site?

  16. Scott, have you seen the website

    What do you think about these people?
    Also, what's your opinion about the Operation Gladio operations that were conducted by NATO?

    By the way, I like your website. The grass is super mellow. Like the color palette your chose as well.

  17. As for the Purdue simulation, a lot of the modeling data is being withheld for 'SAFETY' purposes. We'll just have to trust the old dude. We'll trust National Geographic as their bit on whether thermite can cut steel was soooo realistic.

  18. Honestly, I tend to side with old dudes with degrees on the subject rather than random people on the internet with a YouTube account. And I just have a really hard to believe that one of the most incompetent presidents ever was able to mastermind just a plot just so he could invade Iraq to avenge his father. Such a plot to bring down the Twin Towers would have taken a cast the size of Ben Hur and yet a decade later, no one with a guilty conscience has come forth.