Saturday, August 22, 2009

57 Channels and Only This Is On vol. XCIV

Quote of the Week: Oh, Eric with a “C”, nice and friendly. Erik with a “K”, evil. (Parker, Leverage)

Song of the Week: Pony (It’s OK) – Erin McCarley (When in Rome trailer, see Video of the Week below)

Big News of the Week: The Beatles Break Up: Or at least that is what constitutes big new over at Rolling Stone as their cover story this week is Why The Beatles Broke Up. Almost forty years after the fact. Very timely guys. I wonder how much the Rock Band guys, who will be releasing The Beatles edition next month, paid for a Beatles cover story (and yes there is an ad for the game in the edition). And people wonder why print media is dying. Another sign comes in the other periodical I subscribe to, Newsweek, who released two double issues in a row. When I first subscribed, they only released two a year, in the summer and the year end edition, both you could tell by the six were double issues. The last two you wouldn’t know unless you saw the fine print that it was. If you are going to keep on releasing multiple double issues, at least double up the content if you want me to continue to subscribe.

Coalition Links of the Week:
This week, Jace had an exclusive interview with True Blood's Anna Camp, in which they discuss Sarah Newlin, Camp's original audition (for the role of Sookie, no less!), the love triangle between Sarah, Jason, and Steve, Sarah's darker side, Camp's theatre work (opposite Daniel Radcliffe in Equus), whether the Newlins are gone for good, Mad Men, and lots more.. (Televisionary)

Taking a page from the CW's controversial ad campaign for The Beautiful Life comes our gift to Smallville fans. (The TV Addict)

TV Fanatic doesn't care if FlashForward is a rip-off of Lost. Each preview looks better than the one before. (TV Fanatic)

It may be summer vacation, but TiFaux was back in high school this week with three separate posts about the new DeGrassi: The Next Generation. For one, Marisa provided a "Where Are They Now?" for some of the more notable DeGrassi alumni. (TiFaux)

Buzz is thrilled to see some new pics from the upcoming season of How I Met Your Mother! (BuzzSugar)

This week, Sandie took at first look at Wil Wheaton guest starring in Leverage's new episode "The Two Live Crew." (Daemon's TV)

GMMR has been sucked into summer reality shows in a big way this week. Big Brother has been crazy, America's Best Dance Crew has been hot, and now we get new episodes of Project Runway - a blessing or a curse? (Give Me My Remote)

It's not TV related but Vance loved the new production of A Streetcar Named Desire at the Donmar Warehouse in London starring Rachel Weisz. (Tapeworthy)

Rescue Me: One thing the show likes to do is have absurdly long scenes and when they work, like when the ghosts started to revisit Tommy this season, there is nothing better on television. Then you have the bedroom scene this episode which was just excruciatingly painful to watch. And is there anywhere I can bed that the chick Franco ends up fighting is his ex-girlfriend? You can stream current episodes over at Hulu.

Rescue Me on iTunes

Leverage: It looks like another television show might be tapping my phones as I had the theory that people putting “K” in their names where “C” should be as being evil for over a decade. If the show ever brings up my theory of chicks who put “I” at the end of their name instead of “Y” I may have to call my lawyer. You can stream current episodes over at You can also download Leverage on iTunes.

Free Download of the Week: Spectacle: Elvis Costello With... Elton John and Diana Krall (iTunes)

Deal of the Week: Movies as Low as $6.99 (Shaun of the Dead, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Friday Night Lights: The Movie)

Video of the Week: As a dude, I am preconditioned to not like romantic comedies, and for the most part I do with a few exceptions that mostly involve John Cusack. But from the look of the trailer, When in Rome may join that list. C’mon, it features Veronica Mars and Ned the Piemaker as old flames. Throw in Gob Bluth and Danny DeVito as guys who have a love spell put on by Ronnie. Although does guy really need some magic to fall for Vee?

When in Rome trailer HD

Next Week Pick of the Week: Leverage, Wednesday at 9:00 on TNT: Please note that many outlets have this week as the Leverage Summer finale, but TNT announced this week that they were extending it two more episodes so make sure you mark your calendar for September 2 and 9 as there will be new episodes on those days.

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  1. Yeah, um, I am going to have to see When In Rome. I just love Kristen Bell too much. And Josh Duhamel. And the Piemaker.