Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The 100 Greatest Television Shows of the 00's

1. Veronica Mars (UPN/CW)

2. Friday Night Lights (NBC/DirecTV)

3. Wonderfalls (FOX)

4. Ed (NBC)

5. Rome (HBO)

6. Arrested Development (FOX)

7. Pardon the Interruption (ESPN)

8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (WB/UPN)

9. Chappelle's Show (Comedy Central)

10. Survivor (CBS)

11. Rescue Me (FX)

12. Chuck (NBC)

13. Deadwood (HBO)

14. The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

15. Pushing Daisies (ABC)

16. Angel (WB)

17. Dead Like Me (Showtime)

18. Freaks and Geeks (NBC)

19. Sports Night (ABC)

20. My Name Is Earl (NBC)

21. The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)

22. Contest Searchlight (Comedy Central)

23. Lost (ABC)

24. Leverage (TNT)

25. Eli Stone (ABC)

26. American Dreams (NBC)

27. Kings (NBC)

28. The Job (ABC)

29. Boston Public (FOX)

30. Everwood (WB)

31. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)

32. Firefly (FOX)

33. Dexter (Showtime)

34. Keen Eddie (FOX)

35. The Middleman (ABC Family)

36. Tool Academy (VH1)

37. Greek (ABC Family)

38. Undeclared (FOX)

39. Made (MTV)

40. How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

41. Joan of Arcadia (CBS)

42. Project Greenlight (HBO/Bravo)

43. Big Love (HBO)

44. Everybody Hates Chris (UPN/CW)

45. Rich Girls (MTV)

46. Real World/Road Rules Challenge (MTV)

47. Bands Reunited (VH1)

48. A Minute with Stan Hooper (FOX)

49. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)

50. Beauty and the Geek (WB/CW)

51. Ego Trip's (White) Rapper Show (VH1)

52. Ice-T's Rap School (VH1)

53. South Park (Comedy Central)

54. Dateline NBC (NBC)

55. The Lone Gunmen (FOX)

56. Late Show with David Letterman (CBS)

57. The Osbournes (MTV)

58. Charm School (VH1)

59. Busted (MTV)

60. X-Play (Tech-TV/G4)

61. The Norm Show (ABC)

62. Alias (ABC)

63. Star Wars: Clone Wars (Cartoon Network)

64. Bands on the Run (VH1)

65. CMT Crossroads (CMT)

66. Sorority Life (MTV)

67. Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

68. Storytellers (VH1)

69. Meet the Press (NBC)

70. Attack of the Show (G4)

71. Cupid (ABC)

72. I Love Money (VH1)

73. Jim Rome Is Burning (ESPN)

74. Late World with Zach (VH1)

75. HardBall with Chris Matthews (MSNBC)

76. Saturday Night Live (NBC)

77. The Surreal Life (WB/VH1)

78. The Drew Carey Show (ABC)

79. Monday Night Raw (USA/Spike/USA)

80. Locked Up Abroad (National Geographic)

81. The Philanthropist (NBC)

82. The Office (NBC)

83. Sportscenter (ESPN)

84. Gary Unmarried (CBS)

85. Beat the Geeks (Comedy Central)

86. Castle (ABC)

87. Undressed (MTV)

88. Smallville (WB/CW)

89. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Bravo)

90. Weeds (Showtime)

91. The Inside (FOX)

92. Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Showtime)

93. Listen Up! (CBS)

94. Trust Me (TNT)

95. Journeyman (NBC)

96. Love Monkey (CBS/VH1)

97. Austin City Limits (PBS)

98. Dogtown (National Geographic)

99. Pasadena (FOX)

100. My Boys (TBS)

(Scooter’s Note: Only shows that completed at least one full season between September 1999 and August 2009 were eligible for this list. For a complete breakdown on the list, check out Breaking Down the 100 Greatest Television Shows of the 00's)


  1. No surprise V.M. is #1. Very thorough list. Glad to see Freaks and Geeks made the cut.

  2. Who are you for not putting HBO's The Wire on that list. Google the wire, and count how many times a critic/magazine/independent blogger, etc uses the phrase "best show in the history of television".

  3. I am someone who is too cheap to subscribe to HBO. So I can only watch shows on premium channels as fast as they get through my queue. Until there is someone who will actually pay me to watch television, certainly there will be shows that I miss out on. Maybe I will get to The Wire eventually.

    But I find it hard to believe there has been a show ever in the history of television that was greater than The A-Team.

  4. Thank you for the list. It's given me a lot to think about and a bunch more shows in my queue, especially all those one-and-dones.
    There's a bunch I'd add to the list, including more pay-cable stuff. And where are Project Runway and America's Next Top Model? Top Chef and Good Eats? Futurama and 30 Rock?
    Again, thanks so much.

  5. Dashm, thanks for taking time to take a look at the list and considering taking a look at some at my suggestion. Here are some clarifications.

    Pay-cable: As I said in the previous comment, I am too cheap to subscribe so I can only watch them as quick as I can go through my queue.

    Project Runway, Top Chef, Good Eats, Futurama: Never seen an episode.

    America's Next Top Model: Watched a a season or two but there is something to say about a show that features half naked hot chick that can't keep my interest. Once Mr. and Mrs. Jay became no longer entertaining, I just stopped watching.

    30 Rock: Watched one episode and didn't care much for it. Tracy Morgan is just one of the most annoying and least funny people ever. He is just to big of a hurdle to get into the show for me.

  6. Does a show like Buffy for example only count the seasons that occurred after 1999? Or does it also include the first and second seasons which aired in 97 and 98?

    Glad to see someone like Veronica Mars as much as I did. I can support that.

  7. For shows that predate 1999, only seasons that started Fall 1999 or after were considered. So for instance, Buffy seasons 4-7 were considered for this list.

  8. I've just started watching Veronica Mars and can't get enough of it. I definitely agree with your #1 ranking! I don't agree with Jim Rome is Burning being on your list though - I can't stand him, and I have a soft spot for PTI and other shouting sports shows.

  9. I understand that Rome can come off as a tool some of the time (well most) but it is enjoyable to me most of the time. But I am glad you have gotten into Veronica Mars.

  10. Futurmama, Fmaily Guy, The Simpsons, Robot Chicken etc. You missed all the good stoner shows!

  11. You got me, I am not a stoner, so none of these shows on the list, though I never have even heard of "Fmaily Guy".

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Never seen an episode of The Sopranos, The Wire, Six Feet Under, or The Shield. Just started watching Mad Men which has cured my insomnia. I guess I am just not pretencious enough for your tastes Wojtky.

  14. This list is totally flawed without 30 Rock in the top 5, let alone completely omitted just becuase of a bloggers unwillingness to watch it! Veronica Mars, Arrested Development, Wonderfalls, Alias and 30 Rock would all be in my top shows of the '00s!

  15. So we agree on three of the top six shows of the decade, yet it is flawed because I left off one show. And I was willing to watch it, but I didn't think it was very funny so I stopped.

  16. Not having the wire on the list just makes this list utterly pathetic

  17. Put The Wire at the #1 spot...Now...

  18. Homicide: Life On The Street

  19. Homicide: Life On The Street was canceled in 1999, thus making it inelegible for this list.