Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Best Television Shows of 2008-2009

Last year’s television season felt weird because the writer’s strike took a big chunk out of that season and the ripples were still felt this year as there were no new great shows and the shows that had been gone since December 2007 returned to a resounding thud in terms of ratings. And this year is when Saturday is becoming the new Friday with networks running off episodes there after canceling them. But anyways. Here are the best television shows of the past twelve months.

1. Friday Night Lights 3.x (NBC)

2. Chuck 2.x (NBC)

3. The Big Bang Theory 2.x (CBS)

4. Pushing Daisies 2.x (ABC)

5. Tool Academy (VH1)

6. Lost 5.x (ABC)

7. Greek 2.x (ABC Family)

8. The Middleman 1.x (ABC Family)

9. Leverage 1.x (TNT)

10. Survivor: Tocantins (CBS)

A nice even split among the networks this year with cable getting a larger share of the pie this year. Below is a breakdown as well as a running tally of the shows that led in numbers of Quotes and Songs of the Week from my weekly 57 Channels and Best of the Week rundowns:

Quotes of the Week

Chuck (6)
The Big Bang Theory (5)
Lost (5)
The Middleman (5)
Pushing Daisies (3)
How I Met Your Mother (3)
Eli Stone (3)
Pardon the Interruption (3)
Friday Night Lights (2)
Greek (2)
I Love Money (2)
Gary Unmarried (2)
My Name Is Earl (1)
Leverage (1)
Survivor (1)
Ten Items or Less (1)
Cupid (1)

Songs of the Week
Chuck (12)
My Name Is Earl (6)
How I Met Your Mother (3)
The Big Bang Theory (2)
Eli Stone (2)
Tool Academy (2)
Lost (1)
Pushing Daisies (1)
Cupid (1)
Saturday Night Live (1)
Trust Me (1)
30 Rock (1)

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