Thursday, October 02, 2008

First Impressions: Pushing Daisies Season Two

Pushing Daisies on iTunesWhere Chuck took the approach to a lengthy layoff after a quick minute recap before starting something new (see Previewing: Chuck), Pushing Daises took the opposite approach and devoted almost half of its premiere to recapping the first season. The Pushing Daisies approach may be better to in bringing in new viewers, but they could have recapped a little faster.

Giving so much emphasis on the narration and the flashback, my boy Emerson Cod seemed to get the short stick in terms of a storyline. But they planted a couple more seeds about his missing in action daughter which he is apparently trying to find via a pop up book, a new hobby he picked up last season.

Then there is the head scratching plot twist with Olive heading off to a nunnery because she hated hiding all the secrets she accumulated in the first season. I totally did not get why Olive had Aunt Lily take her to the nunnery if she was one of the people she was trying to escape. I wonder if there is a deleted scene out there somewhere that explains this. Or explain why Lily stuck around to keep her tabs on her.

The mystery of the week with the bees may have been the weakest of the series, but that could have been because it didn’t have the usual twist and turns due to all the time dedicated to bring people back up to date. Hopefully now that everyone is caught up, Pushing Daisies can get back into the groove starting next week.

Pushing Daisies airs Wedsdays at 8:00 on ABC. You can stream recent episodes over at You can also download Pushing Daisies on iTunes or through Amazon Video on Demand:

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