Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Previewing Battlestar Galactica

Unfortunately I have not been able to watch any television lately let alone write anything, the Gnarls Barkley review I wrote last Monday was the last I had time to do so. So instead of accepting the screener for the first episode of the last season of Battlestar Galactica, the good people at the Sci-Fi Channel, like Courtney, were kind enough to send my copy to Jo, who could definitely do a better job hyping the premiere, which you can see on April 4 at 10, than I could. And here is what she has to say about it (anyone else interested in doing a guest post, shout me a holla):

Battlestar Galactica amazes me. Every season has ended in jaw dropping fashion- last season especially. And the beginning of the final season promises a whole new direction. This episode is just the tip of the iceberg and I refuse to ruin it for you with spoilers.

The great news:
Starbuck is back!
No season can begin or end with the giant battle scene.
More Anders this year!

Some things haven't changed.....
- Gaius is still a slimy weasel. He gets whisked off to a cult dedicated to himself, so you know that'll take him about 3 seconds to learn to love. I wonder how long it will take him to manipulate them. Honestly, Caprica Six has more of a soul than him.
- Helo is still the open minded one while Roslin's first instinct is AIRLOCK! This is why I love both of them.
- Those that love and trust Starbuck still do, despite the evidence pointing to the weird and the unexplained.

Some things are very different....
- Starbuck doesn't seem to be all right in the head...and not in the usual Starbuck way.
- The four new cylons will probably take different paths through their upcoming identity crises. That's my personal guess.
- Apollo! Oooh Apollo. I'm very eager to see Apollo's new civilian take on life.

Scooter Update: As I mentioned weeks ago, those in NYC and LA, you can get a free pizza for watching the fourth season premiere. All you have to do is call or walk into a participating pizza joint and say "I want to order a frakking pizza", answer a question about the episode and you get a free pizza with one topping which comes with BSG branded boxes, while supplies last. I do not have the numbers, check your phone book, but here are the adresses:

Adriana - 253 3rd Ave
City Pie - 166 W 72nd St
Crispy Pizza - 114 7th Ave
Fat Sals - 730 10th Ave
Fat Sals - 217 W 14th St
Freddy Peppers - 303 Amsterdam Ave
Little Italy Pizza - 55 W 45th St
Maffei Pizza - 686 6th Ave
Mike's Due - 415 2nd Ave
Pizza Joint 2 - 70 W 71st St
Rays St. Marks - 2 St Marks Place
Stroko's 2 - 1090 Amsterdam Ave
Torino Pizza - 22 W 56th St
Mariella - 151 E 60th St
Joes Pizza - 7 Carmine St
Stroko's - 888 10th Ave

Asparagus Pizza - 1809 N Cahuenga Blvd
Checker Cab Pizza - 750 S Flower St
Cheech's Pizza - 2116 Hillhurst Ave
Damiano's Pizza - 412 N Fairfax
Fratellis Pizza - 20929 Ventura Blvd #11
Lucia's Pizza - 1732 1/2 Westwood Blvd
NY Pizza Pasta - 11078 Santa Monica BLvd
Junior pizza - 3520 N. Figueroa
Jinas Pizza - 4551 Centinela Ave
Enzos pizza - 10940 Weyburn Ave
Italian Express - 10845 Lindbrook Dr
Mulberry Street Pizza - 17040 Ventura Blvd
Ciccero Pizz - 1536 S. La cienga Blvd
Grecos Pizza - 6814 Hollywood Blvd


  1. Huh. On one hand, free pizza. On the other hand, you have to say "frakking" in public. Do we get free pizzas for wearing signs saying "I am a huge nerd"? Because I pretty much should have been getting pizza for free for life at this point....

  2. Well you could have called it in. And the thing about saying "fracking" the people wouls have to know BSG to know that it is nerd related. For me, free pizza is free pizza.