Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I would write 1000 posts…

…And I would write 1000 more just to be the man who wrote two thousand post to fall down at your door. It was exactly three years and two days ago that I wrote the very first post here at the 9th Green back before it was even called the 9th Green. (Fun Fact: This place was originally called Scooter’s Blog.) And today marks the big 1-0-0-0. Know it was approaching I was thinking of something profound and the best I could come up with was to announce my retirement from the 9th Green. Well that is until I saw this video:

After seeing this, I want to use my one thousandth post to announce that I am now supporting Barak Obama. No, I am not supporting him because of his national heath care plan, not because he was against the war from the beginning, not because he wasn’t a corporate lawyer for WalMart, not even because he would appoint Mitt Romney the Secretary of Lookin’ Good. No, I am now supporting Barak Obama because he is Ashley Banks approved. But I wonder if this is going to put strain on the Banks household because you know Carlton is a Republican. Either way am invigorated to write another 1000 posts.


  1. I was going to write something negative, but I do not want to stoop to such a level. I do want to congratulate you on your 1000th post, although at this point I truly doubt I will be returning.

    Why on Earth would you be so negative and so against a blog, against someone no different than any other human being? You may not like the show, which is fine, it is not a show for everyone. The blogger on this blog has put her heart and soul into this blog since Oct 2006. The disrespect you show her is what is truly sad. You won't even post a comment to open the possibility to a discussion of your intense dislike of this mother of 8 in Kentucky who just does this for fun.

    You are obviously a very little man who needs to do such things.

  2. Um, I am not sure if this is a case of mistaken identity or something I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I haven't made negative comments on any blog, at none that I can think of lately. I am sorry that you think someone made such an egregious comment, but I doubt it was me.

    And for someone who doesn't want to stoop to such a level of being negative, you really were quick to call me a little man. As someone who has had their fair share of unfairly negative comments, you may want to take a page out of the Jesus playbook and turn the other cheek and not attack random people on the internet. Or maybe take the advice of the video above that inpsired me and that "Yes We Can" be more positive.

    And thanks for congratulating me on the milestone and hopeful you will reconsider the whole not returning thing. I will even give an olive branch and offer you a chance to win a copy of Dirt on DVD if you just enter the contest you can find on the sidebar.

  3. Hey, congrats on the milestone. The next thousand just won't be the same without Hawksdomain, though.

  4. True, I will surely miss Hawksdomain and their crypitic, out of nowhere comments.