Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First (and Second) Impressions: Eli Stone

The cast of Eli StoneThere are four types of shows I do not watch: shows about doctors, cops or lawyers and anything on Fox. But from the promos for Eli Stone, you could get the sense that the show was going to be the greatest thing ever, or the worst. The show is definitely the latter. And I mean that in a good way. I mean you really can’t expect a lawyer who is haunted by George Michael songs to be the next Wonderfalls; at most you can hope for the next Sledge Hammer!.

Julie Gonzalo - I'd hit thatWhat the show excels at is its impeccable casting with a handful of “it’s that guy (gal)” moments in the first two episodes. My list includes Ms. Hendricks, Dr. Abbott (have I mentioned I met him?), Ed Stevens, The Shredder, and Mac’s roommate Parker (who definitely looks better with the short brown hair). Seriously, if Andrew from Buffy The Vampire Slayer shows up I may have to check to see if I also have an aneurysm. That is not to say the cast is perfect, I mean, the chick from Species? Certainly there was someone else out there that does not tower over the lead and is a more convincing human than alien.

George Michael out of a restroomSurprisingly the star of the show isn’t the title character Eli Stone, who really seems too nice and a push over to be a successful lawyer, but instead George Michael is the true star. Or at least his music is as his songs, Faith and Freedom were featured in the first two episodes with every episode being named after one his songs. Next week you can expect a Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go themed episode. Although considered that Stone is engaged to the boss’s daughter, I am a little weary for when Father Figure shows up.

Victor Garber singing for FreedomThe father in question is Victor Garber, finally out of the stuffy father role in Alias and can show his impeccable comic timing especially when he was the on Eli saw singing Freedom. But who could end up being the big scene stealer amongst so many of them is Eli’s acupuncturist who fakes his Chinese accent to get patients. Not so stellar is the writing that goes from hilarious, like when Eli asked his one night stand from college’s son was his for her to respond, “Yeah, I was pregnant for eight years,” to down right boring, like his voice over. It is almost as if the show was written by someone from Friday Night Lights but edited by a staff writer from One Tree Hill.

Verdict: Enjoy it why it last because I rank the chance of Eli Stone filming more episode than it has just slightly above Cavemen’s. But decent idea, great casting, suspect writing, and the post-Lost jinx does not bode well for the show. But as long as cheesy George Michael songs show up I’ll be watching. Eli Stone airs Thursdays at 10:00 on ABC. You can stream recent episodes at or download the show on iTunes.

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  1. Sledge Hammer! - now that was a show before its time.