Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Now That it's Raining More Than Ever

Good Girl Gone Bad - Rihanna

With her previous two albums released over the previous two years, Rihanna was always good for at least one great summer jam that most people have forgotten by the time the leaves began to fall. For the third straight summer, the Barbados native attempts the three-peat of summer anthems but unfortunately Umbrella falls way short of Pon de Replay and SOS. Not surprisingly, the song was rumored to be passed on by artists such as Hilary Duff among others, but the song actually could have been as catchy as her previous hits if it wasn’t for that annoying chorus (“Umbrella-ella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh”). Seriously, how could no one, from the writer, producer, anyone at the label or Rihanna herself not hear that chorus and think, “yeah, that doesn’t work.”

But even though the highs are not as high as previous outings, Rihanna’s latest album, Good Girl Gone Bad is the most solid as a whole that her previous. This is thanks to a diverse range of songs that range smooth R&B (Hate That I Love You with Ne-Yo which is a much better anti-love song than Unfaithful) disco (Don’t Stop the Music), rock (Shut Up and Drive), Caribbean (Lemme Get That), and old school R&B with a modern twist (Say It). And with the success of the Tainted Love sampling SOS, Rihanna has dug into the eighties hit to be the basis of a couple songs on this album including Running with the Night on Push Up on Me, Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, and Blue Monday on Shut Up and Drive.

That’s not to say there aren’t some clunkers, Breakin’ Dishes is a Ring the Alarm wannabe but without the siren in the background or even the sound of breaking dishes. Plus you could tell Beyoncé was legitimately pissed, Rihanna sounds like she is singing just another song. Then the three Timbaland tracks, Sell Me Candy, Lemme Get That and Rehab just song like cookie cutter filler. And sadly Rehab isn’t even an Amy Winehouse cover instead the rehab in the song is just a cheesy metaphor because “you’re my disease.” Yawn. But what can you really expect from a song written by Justin Timberlake? If you are asking me if you should download that song then I say, “No, no, no.”

Song to Download - Shut Up and Drive

Good Girl Gone Bad gets a Terror Alert Level: Guarded [BLUE] on my Terror Alert Scale.


  1. It's such an annoying song but this too (like That Thing You Do) has totally gotten into my head, and all I sing is that ella-ella-eh-eh-eh-eh portion but I actually LIKED THAT part of the song cause it reminded me of Zombie from the Cranberries (I actually thought it was a sample at first listen).

    Still, I know I'll hate it in about a month.

  2. Well I never really cared for Zombie either, I much prefer my Cranberries when they are more mellow (Linger, Ode to My Family), but I do like the part in the song where she goes, "and their guns and their bombs and the guns" or whatever she is saying there.

    As for Rihanna, all of her songs have about a month self life. Remember loving SOS and to a lesser extent Pon the Replay over the last two summers but I don't think either cracked the top 50 when I did my end of the year lists.

  3. So true about her month long shelf life. She's like Pink and post No-Doubt Gwen Stafani to me that way. I'll get hooked right away and then hate it before the next single even has time to roll around. haha!