Wednesday, April 11, 2007

First Impressions: Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno III

The Good GuysSince I have long been out of the MTV demographic I haven’t watch the channel (except for a few episodes of the current season of The Real World because Brooke LaBarbera is clinically unhinged, and I mean that in a good way) since the last Real World/Road Rules Challenge ended so I was completely unaware that that latest started up until a buddy of mine asked me if I was going to watch it last night. Of course I was going to watch the last great bastion in the MTV reality crown.

This time around we get the third installment of The Inferno hosted by some X-Game athlete, whom like most of these hosts, despite participating in death-defying trick is uber-stiff. But really who need an interesting host when your cast is full of nut jobs? The teams are divided into Good Guys and Bad Asses for I believe the second time in challenge history. There was one questionable selection with Davis Mallory playing for the good guys yet every time I happen upon his season of The Real World he is belligerently drunk and throwing around racial slurs. Even in the commercial for the next episode he goes all mean girls of the females of the house which of course leads to Brooke having a hissy fit. Sadly she wasn’t one of the four Denver cast mates in the Inferno.

The Bad AsasesThe rest of the cast is primarily made up of casts from the last five years with Susie Meister (RR Down Under) and Tim Beggy (RR 2) being the lone old school contestants. And in spite of just being kicked off the latest season of Road Rules for fighting, his second time getting kicked off a show for throwing a punch, Abram Boise returns sporting a clean shaven and Barry Bonds sized dome. But for those who had Chris “CT” Tamburello (RW Paris) getting drunk and belligerent at twelve minutes into the season in your office pool, congratulations, collect your money. And as an added bonus it is actually CT that got thrown off first for throwing a punch. In the highest of high comedy, he punched Davis after he answered yes to if he could take a punch. The best is when Davis said he punched him out of nowhere. Um, Davis, he asked you if you could take a punch. For future reference, if a drunken psychotic meat head asks you if you can take a punch, say no if you don’t want to be punched.

But it looks like it will be a long season for the Good Guys as they lost the first two challenges and it doesn’t look like they have a chance to win anything. It is not a good sign that Alton Williams (RW Las Vegas) voluntarily goes into the Inferno as he may be the only dude on his team has any chance of winning one. Plus they have three of the weakest chicks, Susie, Paula Walnuts (RW Key West), and Cara Zavaleta (RR South Pacific). Really there only hope if there competitor become unhinged much like CT and with Abram and Tonya Cooley (RW Chicago), who apparently since the last challenge has gotten married and taken up soft-core porn, on the team that could be very likely.

Verdict: Unfortunately no Brooke or Casey Cooper, the two most entertaining MTV reality stars in years, but looking from the season promo, this season will still be thoroughly entertaining (really, why can’t the MTV promo monkeys work for Veronica Mars) and if I’m not mistaken I think I heard one of the contestants say she was pregnant. The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno III airs Tuesdays at 10:00 on MTV (and naturally will be repeated constantly throughout the week) and you can stream full episodes over at


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