Sunday, July 14, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: July 14, 2019

Big Little Lies: The random, bizarre interactions between Reece’s husbands have been the best part of this season. One of them has to die, right? There seems to be an increasing amount of shots of that bridge, I am beginning to think something has to happen there. A car accident? Someone jumps off (Zoey Kravitz has to be the leading candidate there). But back to weird scenes, we finally got someone of a payoff from the weirdest part of the season premiere where the chick stops Adam Scott to talk about her boob job. Clearly she wanted to get back at her husband, but then we get to see the husband watching his wife hit on Adam Scott. If that his penitence to his wife, he has to watch his wife have sex with the husband of the girl he cheated on with? This show is its most entertaining when it gets pretty weird.

Claws: Oh yeah, Desna and Dean have a father. I do not even remember him being referenced before, just their time in foster care. But the power struggle between the casino and Desna just is becoming cumbersome. Didn’t she inherit a bunch of other properties from the Jamaican? I do not know, if someone almost kills me and my loved ones and have other properties to fall back on, I would go ahead be a silent partner like they want.
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City on a Hill: I did not even realize that there was not a “previously On…” montage before, instead the show opts for a couple title cards to remind people what is going on. I do think actual moving images and voices helps reminding what happened better.

Fear the Walking Dead: I fell as I missed something. There was just a disconnect of having two episodes end with the Lord of the Flies. Then we got what Al has been up to for the last couple weeks ending with her finding Morgan. Then without explanation, Lord of the Flies kids start off the episode just chilling. It just seems like I missed an episode or three. But I did love the absurdity of the episode ending with the giant beer hot air balloon.
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Legion: Um, so this kind of just like Intersteller but without the Wormhole?
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The Handmaid’s Tale: So Aunt Lydia became the horrible person she is today because she got blue balled? Alrighty. But I do wonder if the mother is around somewhere now. You know Gilliad is in need of child bearing women. And I do wish they would do more flashbacks, Lydia’s was long overdue, but as they struggle where to go after the books, maybe going backwards and show how we got to the book could be more interesting. Talking about present day, what is Ofjoseph doing? I understand she feels untouchable because they need her to get her daughter back to Gilliad, but what happens if that happens? She just might het her tongue cut out.
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Krpton: Oh wow, so Lyta died. Of course I have watched way too much television to believe she is dead. Or at the very least she will stay dead. She has not even given birth to or gotten strangled by her son. I cannot remember the show, but I vaguely remember a character getting their throat cut and then the next week, they were like, oh, it was not that deep (Hannibal I think). So it could be that. Could be a hologram. She could just be resurrected. All I know is I just do not believe we have seen the last of Lyta alive and breathing.
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Swamp Thing: Just when you thought Avery being Matt’s daddy was going to be the biggest shocker of the episode, it was a plot between both of Avery’s lover to kill him. The least shocking moment was the reveal that Avery is not dead yet. But the big question now is has the swamp changed him much like Swamp Thing?

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: So May shot not-Coiusen after all that. But since he is alien, I guess it is possible that he can survive human bullets. But it is weird that May shot first and did not bother to even ask questions. Maybe she knows something we do not yet. And there were some cryptic things between weird bat lady and not-Coulsen. Something about remembering her name and now she will help him remember his. There was also something about new skin. Could that really be Coulsen and the alien took a recently dead person’s body when he transported to this world and may still have some of Coulsen’s memory deep down? Speaking of weird bat lady, just where did she go? I thought for sure she did something to the pilot when he passed out, he just stayed passed out and no one seemed to be at all worried. Maybe nothing really happened to him and he just cannot hold his alcohol very well.
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