Sunday, February 10, 2019

57 Channels and Only This Is On: February 10, 2019

The Passage: Some of these death row convictions just seem absurd to me. Last week the hot vampire is to be put to death because she murdered her child rapist and his protector, even if you do not particularly believe that defense, it should be enough to avoid the death penalty. Then this week the black dude is to be put to death because he drowned his lover? Again, that is a bit harsh. I understand the writers want them to come off as a little sympathetic, but c’mon can theynot be accused of something a little more gruesome than that?
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Manifest: The Church of The Returned? Just when you thought the show could not get any dumber. Plus did none of the writers see that horrible show The Returned? Not really something you want to compare yourself to.
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The Challenge: War of World: With Road Rules not airing for over a decade and Real World finally ending two years ago (on MTV anyway, supposedly there is a Facebook Watch reboot already in the works) and the show slowly working in MTV's other reality show, Are You the One before also including British shows and Big Brother, it is not surprising we are finally getting a full blown The Challenge vs. Other MTV shows. Though it is weird that one fourth of the vets started out on another show so MTV Americans are actually outnumbered ten to six. It is nice to finally have Nany back for the first time in four seasons, which is actually only a two and a half year absence. But the school yard pick was weird. In what world does Pauli get picked first and Zach gets picked last?
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Deadly Class: I had a theory that hot Asian chick was going to be related to the Asian headmaster and when they ran into each other while the cousins were taking her to her bother, I thought that was going to be the twist. But I kind of missed the layout of everything. Why go through a random restaurant while kidnapping someone. Is that were the secret entrance was. I vaguely remember a secret entrance.
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Blindspot: Finally, they cured Jane. That went on a little too long. Maybe should have found a cure by the midseason finale. Of course, this begs the question, now what? Is the Zapata storyline really going to carry the show for the rest of the season? Although, kind of annoying that the promo monkeys spoiled what they needed the hacker for.
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The Blacklist: Uh oh, Lizzie got caught. Although Ressler just let it slide despite being the boy scout of the group. But will he just let it be or try to figure out just what Lizzie was doing with the fake Red tip? Well, obviously it will have to be the latter.
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