Monday, April 16, 2018

The Voice Season Fourteen Knockout Round Power Rankings

I got a press release this week that season three’s Amanda Brown will be releasing her debut album soon. She was a staple in my Best of the Voice list until the best orginals list since she had not released anything despite her season aring in 2012. It is nice to see she is finally releasing her own music.

I bring this up now because nothing that happening on the current season of the show is worth mentioning. Yeah, I am officially out on this season. I am kind of surprised I made it this far. But before I go, here is my final ranking of this subpar season.

1. Spensha Baker (Team Blake) – Can we just advance her to the finals? I fear America’s dislike of black chicks may hurt her. But if anyone can do it, Blake probably can.

2. Terrence Cunningham (Team Alicia) – He was so subtal on Stars it seemed like he went way too far in the other way this week. And that song is too repetitive for a singing competition.

3. Tish Haynes Keys (Team Kelly) -After all the RnB singers who over did it this round, Tish was actually kind of understated, at least at first.

4. Kelsea Johnson (Team Alicia) – Kind of boring, but let’s be honest, no one really stuck out this round.

5. Kyla Jade (Team Blake) – I have liked Kyla, but that was a bit much.

6. D.R. King (Team Kelly) – Again, a way bit too much.

7. Rayshun LaMarr (Team Adam) – Again, just way too overdone.

8. Gary Edwards (Team Adam Blake) – Kind of boring.

9. Mia Boostrom (Team Adam) – I have been waiting for Mia to sing a song that did not suck and while this song is not bad, it is repetitive.

10. Brynn Cartelli (Team Kelly) – Sure, good for fourteen, but I do not grade on a curve.

11. Sharane Calister (Team Alicia Adam) – Wait, who was she again? Did she just show up this round? I have no idea what songs she did in the first two rounds. Or why Adam used his Steal on her.

12. Jackie Foster (Team Kelly Adam Alicia) –I believe this is the second or third time Evanescence has been on this show and yet no one has done My Immortal which seems like it would be great for a singing competition. As for Jackie, she did nothing to take this away from boring karaoke and anything worthy of a Steal.

13. Johnny Bliss (Team Alicia) – Alive is one of those songs that is alright the first time you hear it but gets annoying with every successive listening. And Johnny did nothing to improve it. Actually he made it worse by screaming at the end.

14. Britton Buchanan (Team Alicia) – That was kind of breathy. And nothing more annoying than someone leaving their instrument during the middle of a song. Nothing says this I just a prop than that.

15. Dylan Hartigan (Team Kelly Blake Kelly) – Did he really try to turn a Ray LaMontange song into a slow jam baby-making song? Weird.

16. Christiana Danielle (Team Alicia) – The most overrated this season, I was right for Alicia to cut her loose.

17. Alexa Cappelli (Team Kelly) – Maybe one of the least memorable singer to ever make the Live Shows. I am not saying Jorge was good or anything, but at least I remember him.

18. Drew Cole (Team Adam) – Drew really needs to be banned from picking the songs he sings. Dude just has horrible taste in music.

19. Pryor Baird (Team Blake) – His weakest performance but lucky for him he was going up againsta lay-up.

20. Kaleb Lee (Team Blake Kelly) – When the Caleb / Justin was announced I thought it was going to a bloodbath with Kelly’s vaunted Block going against someone who did not even deserve a Steal. And though Caleb did not really deserve to advance on its own merit, wow, did Justin bomb.

21. Reid Umstattd (Team Adam) – Montage win… yawn.

22. Jackie Verna (Team Adam) – Well that was boring.

23. Wilkes (Team Blake) – What the flying fork was that? Sad thing is I do not even think he was the first dude to sing this shirty song on the show. Hopefully he is the last.

24. Austin Giorgio (Team Blake) – When the Steal was introduced, Blake made some of the most dumbfounding Steals, but eventually started Stealing some worthy contestants. Now with the introduction of the Save, he is back to making dumbfounded decisions again.

But who cares what I think, here is how they ranked by their highest iTunes ranking.

1. Brynn Cartelli (58)
2. Kyla Jade (81)
3. Caleb Lee (94)
4. Reid Umstattd (107)
5. Kelsea Johnson (129)
6. Spensha Baker (135)
7. Johnny Bliss (181)
8. Britton Buchanan (180)
9. Christiana Danielle (197)
10. Wilkes (205)
11. Rayshun LaMarr (250)
12. Dylan Hartigan (272)
13. Terrence Cunningham (280)
14. Mia Boostrom (280)
15. Pryor Baird (281)
16. Tish Haynes Keys (318)
17. Jackie Foster (321)
18. Drew Cole (323)
19. Sharane Calister (333)
20. Austin Giorgio (338)
21. Jackie Verna (406)
22. Alexa Cappelli (422)
23. Gary Edwards (492)
24. Livia Faith and Terrence Cunningham (513)
25. Brynn Cartelli – Beneath Your Beautiful (866)
26. Britton Buchanan and Jaclyn Lovey (836)
27. Brynn Cartelli and Dylan Hartigan (933)
28. D.R. King and Jackie Foster (1227)
29. Terrence Cunningham – My Girl (1357)
30. D.R. King (1306)

And if you average the peaks in each round (of those that charted all three of their songs):

1. Brynn Cartelli (121.3)
2. Terrence Cunningham (138)
3. Britton Buchanan (155)
4. Christiana Danielle (164.6)
5. Drew Cole (226)
6. Rayshun LaMarr (301.6)
7. Reid Umstattd (312)
8. Kelsea Johnson (324)
9. Dylan Hartigan (341.3)
10. Pryor Baird (343.3)
11. Wilkes (353.5)
12. Sharane Calister (400.6)
13. Spensha Baker (433.3)
14. Kaleb Lee (450.5)
15. Jackie Foster (524.5)
16. Jackie Verna (538)
17. D.R. King (801)

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