Sunday, March 11, 2018

57 Channels and Only This Is On: 3/11/2018

Homeland: C’mon, did they really have to kill a dog? And how do you let the militia sneak up on that FBI agent like that? They were out in a field. But we did get a poetic comeuppance to O’Keefe who used to run a Russian disinformation farm and then he gets caught and his militia buddies all die because of disinformation.

The Walking Dead: Did we really need the name cards? Sure I did not know the name of half the characters, and will probably forget them by the start f next episode, but that seemed to have no purpose. But at least they killed off almost all the trash people. They were completely worthless. But I do wonder what the leader does now without her flock. Teaming up with Rick against the Savior seems like the play but he clearly wants nothing to do with her. I guess there is always the lady tribe in the woods.
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The Chi: So Sunny was not dead, did dude just knock him over the head? There was a lot of blood. Then on the flip side, I actually thought the doctor was going to pop right up at some point up until his wife went to look for his pulse.

Lucifer: Wait, they killed Abel already? Are they done with him or are they just going to kepp bringing him back but in different bodies.
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The Alienist: Well that was the second time John was chloroformed and nothing that bad happened to him, this time he woke up to a friendly(ish) face. Bad for him the Swede may be bringing more chloroform. Except he may have gotten knocked out again at the end of the episode too except this time the old fashioned way. Oh and that was a creepy way to start the episode with Lazlo stabbing the corpse. I am beginning to realized that maybe most alienists need an alienist of their own.
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Good Girls: Oh, creepy manager was not actually dead, they just hilariously tied him up in a treehouse. I guess good old fashion blackmail to stop a blackmailer is a good plan.
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The Challenge: Vendettas: I never understood why no one beside Wes ever went up against Johnny. On Survivor winners get targeted instantly but Challengers just let Johnny slide every season and he rarely even sees an elimination. Hopefully this is the sea change know that everyone sees him as vulnerable. But it was weird the anti-bullying angle of the episode. The show was built on bullying. Getting punched by CT was like an initiation.
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The Path: Alright, all the cards are finally on the table. Well, I guess Vera did conveniently leave out the whole Eddie has to die thing. But everyone does finally knows that Vera’s mother was an original Mirist member who wants credit for the movement. Also that Steve is her father. Wait did we know that before? It may have been hinted at but I think this is the first confirmation. Which makes thing complicated between her and Cal, not only does he now know they knew each other, but her father got a little too handsy with Cal. But what was with that final scene? Vera’s mom wants to talk with Eddie but she does not answer only for us to see her motionless and eyeless in a chair. Was she dead? Was she having a vision?
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The Looming Tower: Wait, they fired Saarsgaard already? Sure he was a bit prickly but the guy is right. In the first couple episodes it seemed like Jeff Daniels was the protagonist, but Saarsgaard is right in his predictions. And the thing that got him fired, it sounds like the famous story of the time a sniper had Osama bin Laden in the crosshairs but President Clinton called it off because there were roytals there at the time. But I still do not care about Daniel’s personal life and his newest girlfriend maybe moving to New York City while his other girlfriend wants to get married.
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Survivor: Ghost Island: So they need a unanimous vote to send people to Ghost Island or they draw rocks? That means they will be drawing rocks until the merge. Lame. Then when dude gets to Ghost Island, there is no advantage again. Double Lame. And speaking of Ghost Island advantages, the first one is switching hands again as the third straight person I actually liked got voted out. Triple Lame. If Kellyn gets the boot next week I may stop watching this season.
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Gotham: I still miss the old Ivy. And by the old Ivy I mean the middle Ivy.
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Blindspot: Whenever there is a Groundhog’s Day episode I fully expect a death montage, but this episode was still entertaining enough.
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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: I appreciate the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man reference. When they first said this new portal was a manifestation of their fears. It was the first thing I thought of. But for the big one hundredth episode, all they could get back was Deathlok? They even had Gemma play a LMD instead of getting Ada. That was kind of lame. But we did get the big reveal that Deke is Fitz-Simmons’s grandson(?). I put the question mark there because he does not seem to know who they are to him. So maybe great grandparents. But if that is the case, they really need to get started at making a family.
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