Sunday, September 10, 2017

57 Channels an Only This Is On: 9/10/2017

The Strain: The good news, everyone is finally back together. The bad news, apparently that includes Zach. Clearly his dad will take him back but if that brat turns his back on human kind again, I am throwing something at my television. But it looks I was right that Setrakian did not come away scott free from the Nazi. At least he got a hero’s death but still sad he did not live long enough to get rid of The Master.
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The Challenge: Dirty 30: Wait, weren’t Camilla and Tony a team on Rivals? And didn’t they get kicked off for fighting each other? And this is why I stopped getting drunk a long time ago. But it was kind of disappointing that they pretty much skipped a bunch of the guy’s trivia.
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